Thursday, January 19, 2012

8 weeks

We found out I was pregnant on Dec. 30, after getting a negative result on Christmas.  I took the test after Kyle got home from work because we just couldn't wait until the next morning.  I left the test in the bathroom without looking at it.  I was certain it would be negative and was dreading the disappointment I would feel. When it was time to look, I started crying a little because I was sure it would be negative.  Kyle held my hand and walked in with me to look. I couldn't believe it was positive. We were dumbfounded and just hugged.

That day we told some friends and called Kyle's family.  Barbara's excitement is what first got me excited instead of just shocked.  She was at Carolyn's house in Amarillo because Carolyn had just had a baby (Julian, who we can't wait to meet! the first boy in the family!), so everyone thought it was hilarious that there's another grandbaby on the way.  Her first reaction (and Carolyn's) was "Are you serious?"  It's a good thing Grandma Barbara loooooves her grandkids.

Two days later my family came to town and we told them in person during 2nd Christmas.  Mom screeaamed. It was a really fun surprise for them.  Christy took a couple pictures right after they found out.


Then screaming.

I've decided it's much more fun to find out with Kyle.  With Ruby, I took the test while he was at work.  I spent all day freaking out, but not being able to tell anyone.  I had no idea how to tell him either.  I definitely prefer him knowing the same instant I do.

I am feeling fine. Very tired, occasionally nauseated, but nothing even close to when I was this far along with Ruby.  I haven't even thrown up yet! I am really grateful that I can take care of Ruby without extreme misery and needing help from everyone around me. I'm also grateful that I can eat!  Sometimes I feel so normal that I can't believe I'm pregnant. It's almost worrisome. I'm trying to just enjoy it while it lasts.

We are assuming it's a boy.  I feel so different from last time, and people say that boys make you sick later than girls.  Of course everyone and every pregnancy is different, but it's fun to think of a little boy in our family.  (But then I think about a little girl and that is equally exciting.) Kyle's mom and dad visited this weekend and bought her a little baby boy doll when we went to Blickenstaff's. He is so cute!  Ruby puts in his (magnetic) binky and pushes him around in the stroller they gave her. I hope she's so helpful when it's a real baby.  (Although I think I'll take over stroller duty for a while.)  Ruby LOVES babies right now so I hope that stays true.  She is so gentle with Christy's twins.  She is so excited to see them, but just pats their heads softly and talks to them instead of getting rowdy.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Long Lashes

Yesterday, my friend and co-sister-in-law Lindsay came over and gave me eyelash extensions!  She is training to get certified as an extensionist so I was the lucky guinea pig who got extensions for free. I have wanted to try it for a long time but was always too nervous/poor so this was just awesome.  And I LOVE IT!!!!

I keep looking at myself in the mirror and batting my eyelashes.  I am going to have to refine my flirtation skills to include coyly looking up at Kyle from under my lashes too.

I made these pictures small because it was freaky to see huge eyes on my blog, especially my own eyes. And no one wants to see my pores in that much detail.

Lindsay did awesome and I am really happy with the result.  I'm a real girl now!

Monday, January 9, 2012


I spent the week with my family, who were here to move in Christy and Danny. Their house in Salt Lake is super cute and I am so happy they are here!  Ruby is going to have so much fun playing with her cousins, and I finally get to shop with Christy whenever I want.

There is a strong possibility that I am going to get eyelash extensions soon and I am FREAKING EXCITED. I have the dumbest stubbiest little lashes, and I have always been bitter about it.

I just scheduled my first OB appointment with the doctor who delivered Ruby and I am thrilled because I LOVE HIM.  This guy cut me open and hefted my uterus so you could say that I trust him.

I don't feel pregnant still.  I'm not sick yet, praise heaven!  Just reaaaalllly tired.

Ruby discovered that snow is the Most Fun Thing Ever.  Today we spent nearly 2 hours outside playing. It was a welcome diversion from her other afternoon activity--throwing tantrums every 5 minutes.  Little punk.

Super excited for the New Hampshire primary tomorrow!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

20 Questions

Here are some things you may be wanting to ask me, even if you didn't know it yet.

1. Do you still like the purple in your hair?
Yes yes yes yes.  I'm liking it more and more. I'll probably keep it up.

2. What's your current TV addiction?
Obviously Voyager.  Kyle and I are in the 6th season and it's still awesome.  I also am secretly obsessed with Vampire Diaries but let's keep that quiet.

3. Who do you like in the GOP 2012 race other than Mitt Romney?
Tough--there are good and bad things about all the candidates.  Even when pressed, I think "Newt Gingrich--oh wait, no, there's that thing.  Okay how about Huntsman--except no, remember that one thing?  Ron Paul!, he is delightful but kind of crazy."  So basically, they're all better than Obama, but Mitt better win.

4. Are you pregnant?
Yes, yes I am.

5. What about--wait--seriously?

6. When is the due date?
August 30

7.  Did you plan this?

8.  Isn't Ruby a little young for you to be having another baby?
Well, yeah, but Katy and I are about the same spacing as Ruby and this baby.  It turns out that Kyle and I both feel pretty strongly about having kids close in age.  Me because I know how great it is to have close siblings, and Kyle because he wants to be an empty-nester as soon as possible.

9.  Aren't you a bit freaked out?
Understatement.  I'm terrified.  The memories of pregnancy and childbirth and those newborn months are still fresh in my mind.  But I decided I'm willing to sacrifice ease and comfort for a few years, for the next eternity of my kids being close--in age and hopefully relationship.

10.  Are you secretly hoping for a boy or girl?
Secretly, a boy.  I have a name I'm pulling for, and it'd be fun to have the first boy in my family.   He'd almost be the first boy in Kyle's family too, but Carolyn beat us to it on December 27th.  Of course, girls are awesome and less mysterious to me and we have a ton of girl stuff, so that would also be incredible.

11. What kind of birth are you planning?
I am having lots of thoughts about doing a VBAC or another C-section.  I don't want to talk about it in comments or the blog in general, it's way personal and not anyone's business but my own, and it's a highly charged subject that involves lots of feelings and opinions and I am easily bugged by it.  And I need to talk to a doctor anyways.  Plus that's months away.  PLUS it might not even be in my control. So let's just avoid it and everyone can be happy!

12. When did you decide you wanted to do this?
I didn't even start thinking about this until Victor from Rice King strongly encouraged us to have another baby a few months ago.  Um, it's pretty much a given that I will do anything Victor tell me--except try something on the vegan menu.

13. How do you feel?
Fine. I'm 5 weeks along, and with Ruby I started getting sick at 6 weeks.  I am making the most of this week and eating at all my favorite places!

Ok, 13 questions is enough.  We're very very happy and excited!!!!