Wednesday, January 31, 2007

at least i have my health...oh wait no.

I'm sick. :(
Classes were awesome today.
I was really cold.
Roommate meetings=awkward.
Today was all about homework.
I hate drinking Airborne--that stuff is nasty.
But I'm in love with Celia, Ashley, Coreyann, Carl, and Chris.

OH and Celia and I get to have floor seats during Elder Bednar's fireside! I'm way excited--I love having friends with important fathers. Hurrah for Chris Gong and his intimidating dad.

Monday, January 29, 2007

i'm trying to control myself

Sooo what's going on...

Celia freaked us all out on Sunday, but she's doing better. I get to go with her to the doctor this week, hooray! Actually I'm glad I can go, because there isn't a lot I can do for her medically, so any sort of moral support I can give is great with me. Otherwise it was a pretty dang good day, I did basically nothing besides church (got set apart for my nightmare calling, I'm starting to feel better though), hanging out with kids in my apartment, hanging out with kids next door, and playing Wolverines which I'm wild about.
Today Celia and Adam and I completely dominated our Folklore class by NOT taking our scheduled quiz that we weren't prepared for. We are smooooooth talkers...kind of. But I'm relieved because I hate failing things! I'd like to put that off for as long as possible. Ok guys you've gotta take a religion class from Brother Perkins! I look forward to Monday nights though for a reason other than 24!!! I know, ridiculous. But I have D&C from him, with Celia and Kurt and Donny, and dang it's awesome.

After a completely awkward FHE, I watched 24 and Seinfeld. That was a good time.
Now I have to read Edgar Allan Poe, the Bible, and go to Smiths. Hurrah.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

breakfast in bed

Oh man I am tired. Freaking Whitney just HAD to entertain us with scintillating conversation until QUARTER AFTER FIVE in the MORNING. Just kidding, it was really fun. I'm still in bed, talking to Ashley and Celia. Liz just came in and woke us up with PANCAKES! That's never happened to me before! It was like the nicest cutest roommate thing to do ever. Celia just about cried. Let me tell you, that is a sweet way to get woken up.

I had a bad dream, Celia had a good one. Hers involved Mulder, mine involved Lance. Jealous? Yes, yes I am.

Ok so last night was some hardcore kind of fun. I was freaking out during our Wolverines game. WHO CAN I FREAKING TRUST? Now I'll never know! I didn't realize how susceptible I am to the persuasion of others. That's bad, right? The party at Chris' had some good and some boring and some weird. It was GREAT to see a couple of those boys that I've always been partially in love with, and even some girls that I like. But...I'm wasn't down with some of the people and/or activities, so I ditched it--twice. My other options were just too attractive to pass up!

Now I have to actually start the day (now that it's one in the afternoon). If anyone wants Chinese food...we're lowkey going out tonight.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Ultimate happy song: Fidelity, by Regina Spektor

It seriously makes me rock out. What a song. One of the only things in the world that can make me want to dance. My lack of dancing skills/confidence/appreciation is a serious handicap. I just don't like to dance. It makes me feel awkward. I'm sure it's just self-conciousness. I'm so inhibited it's disgusting. I would really like to feel comfortable enough to enjoy dancing, even if I suck at it. Maybe that's a good goal for 2007.

My date last night was SO FUN. Jeff is a great guy, even if there's zero actual potential there. He and his roommate are so dang funny! And the play was a freakishly long kind of way. But that just lent a spirit of camaraderie to the evening. Sometime I hope I get asked out on a date that is actually exciting. Friend dates/cool dates are great...but how about an exciting in with a boy that I could like? That'll be the day.

Yesterday had some good things and some awkward things. Awkward thing: talking to Biz. I was wondering when that would have to happen...and it finally did. At least I don't have to dread seeing her on campus, because it's okay to acknowledge her now I think. Good thing: pretty much the rest of the day. Oh and sad thing: I almost got to pretend to have womanly wiles! The plan was to distract the target using my seduction skills while Kasey got him from behind...but the mission was aborted. Dang.

Today is a day when I have to do very little. One class at 3! I do have homework before then...and meeting some kids for lunch at 2 (but that's not a chore). Tonight will be fun, no matter what I do, but I should figure out my plans. I miss out on things either way, but hopefully everything will turn out cool.

And last night with Whitney was SO FUN. I hadn't seen that episode was creepyintense. I hope we just started a tradition.

I think I'll listen to Regina again.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

This is ridiculous

I feel so stupid doing this all over again. gah.

Today is a day when I am never home! School, library, dinner at Cafe Rio (still not as good as Costa Vida or Bajio), then hanging out at Marc's house til FOREVER. All I wanted to do was wash three pairs of jeans...too bad his dryer sucks hardcore and it took hours and hours. At least I got homework done.

I feel so socially awkward about some things that happened today. But that's not rare. But I definitely missed out on some things because I was with Chris/Carl/Marc all night, and that makes me sad. Freaking opportunity cost. But I am still in love with them, of course. I just hate not being able to hang out with everyone at the same time. I thought about that a lot today. I've been hanging out so much with those guys, I've missed out on a lot of the Concord kid fun. Hanging out with Cameron/Seth/Kait at dinner was fun, but I definitely wasn't on the inside as much as I used to be.'s also important for me to have ward friends...and The House of Montague friends...what am I supposed to do?

Take this weekend, for example. Friday is the ward activity, which I've been enthusiastic about because I'm so excited to have/make/enhance ward friendships. But now it's also Chris' birthday party, which I totally can't miss. I guess I'll just go to that late? It frustrates me though, because there are so many times when it feels like there is NO ONE to hang out with. Gah all it would take is some coordination, then I could have fun ALL THE TIME.

Jeff called and asked me out for tomorrow night--maybe awkward, maybe not. Class friends making the jump to real-life friends--that's always interesting.

ALSO I got to text with Katy today because she had to talk to me about 24! She finally saw Monday's episode. Texting to Spain is weird.

And Whitney, I totally want to watch X-Files with you! It just keeps not working! But Celia and I are determined. Tonight we watched one about the guy who eats fat was nasty.

And on THAT note, I'm done.