Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Again with the pictures thing. That is really holding me back from blogging but I was just talking to Celia yesterday about how our blogs are hanging over us and how good it would feel to be caught up. I don't know if I'll ever "catch up" especially because I lost over 1000 pictures when my phone broke (sob) but maybe I can start fresh? Being out of the habit for the last year has made it so hard to start again.

I love Halloween even more with kids. Ruby is so excited. She's a darling Anna (with Eliza as Elsa) and Jane is Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.  Jane in that little red yarn wig is hilarious.

October has been mostly the worst.  Celia almost died and that was the most horrible week of my life. For a couple days, especially that first day when Emerson was born, I was envisioning my life without her and let me tell you, it was dismal. I was thinking about the funeral and how it would be nice if I could speak but I know I wouldn't be able to because I am not someone who can keep my emotions under control.  (That actually stresses me out all the time-- IF my parents die [there's no way that will ever actually happen you guys] I am not going to be able to speak at the funeral. Just can't.  If something terrible happened to Kyle or my girls or sisters or anyone close to me, I will be incapable of saying words in front of anyone. Or singing them--at my grandpa's funeral the family sang a couple of his special songs and I could barely get through it. I remember my uncle giving a spiel to us before the funeral about how we should be an example of strength and faith and try to hold it together--easier said than done, bro.)

ANYWAYS I feel like I lived at the hospital for a week (thank heavens for Kyle's work schedule and ward friends who took care of my kids) and it was traumatizing but she's okay now and Emerson is the sweetest baby sooo I guess we're good.

Right after that craziness I was put in charge of the ward Halloween party, which is over thank heavens. It went well but Kyle was a single dad again for a week.  Mostly all of October he has dealt with me never being home. Good guy. I enlisted help from my friend Katy and our decorations ended up being freaking cute.

I feel like I'm speaking (typing) choppy because it's SO FREAKING COLD. Not outside really, just in my house.  When I last looked it was 62 degrees and my fingers feel frozen.

I'm sooooooo excited for Saturday! Real Salt Lake made it to the playoffs and I'm going!!! It's the first playoff game against LA Galaxy. Sure Landon Donovan may be one of the greatest soccer players in US history and this is his last season but I sure hope he sucks on Saturday.  I am so excited. I'm going with my friend Jack and our seats are terrible but it doesn't even matter.  Just being there is such a thrill. I've had pretty bad seats (with my parents in August) and AMAZING 2nd row seats (for my bday with Kyle) and the energy and excitement is the same.  Actually farther back is more fun in some ways because the fans are crazier (drunker).  Jack and I decided to go totally impulsively--I had to wake Kyle up in the middle of the night to ask him if it was okay. I'm freaking out about it. Rio Tinto here I come.

Jane is so cute. We've had fun today because I tried to not turn on the tv, much to Ruby's initial dismay.  I turned on music and we cleaned and danced instead.  I think it was nice for Kyle to come home to that instead of a messy house with the tv on.  Anyways, Jane is so much more fun when I actually do things like that (like try to be a good mom). She is so eager to play with me and I should encourage that more! We went to her 15 month appt this week and she is fit as a fiddle. She doesn't say any words yet, so at 18 months if she still isn't we'll get her evaluated. Our pediatrician, who I trust 100% and love even more, isn't worried about her. He can tell that she is understanding things and developing just fine.  And we know she can hear well. I'm not that worried. She will learn how to say words in her own time, and in the meantime, we're doing some signing.

One of the best things in life right now is The Walking Dead. Holy cow. I can hardly breathe until Sunday when we find out about Beth.  Celia is still not allowed to watch anything that would cause "psychological distress" for fear of more seizures, so like 95% of our shows are off limits. Watching Walking Dead alone isn't as fun but it's still one of the best shows ever.

What else...

We bought a car yesterday! Not a nice one, just a dinky little car for Kyle to drive to work.  His truck doesn't fit in our garage and the thought of another winter scraping snow at 4:30 every morning sent him into a pit of despair. SO we found a little Chevy Aveo for pretty cheap and we'll sell the truck and he can actually park in the garage.  Everyone is happy.

Also, I am super old. 29. I had a good birthday-- I got all 6 Star Wars movies and lots of other nerdy presents, mostly Doctor Who related.  That is the best.  Going to the RSL game with Kyle was super fun too.  Our seats were incredible--on the 2nd row--and it was so cool to be close to the field.

Ruby has now seen Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. It makes my heart swell with love and joy and pride that she loves Star Wars so much.  It's so fun to watch with her. She absolutely loves R2-D2 and Chewbacca.  She's been super emotional lately so she cried when C3PO gets all ripped apart in Cloud City and when Han gets frozen in carbonite.  That part used to stress me out so much as a kid and I think I probably cried too.  She appreciates the romance between him and Leia.  She's scared of Jabba and the Wampa, and I didn't let her watch when Han cuts the Tauntaun open, because that's pretty gross.  Oh and the Dark Side Cave in the Dagobah System freaked her out.  I need to decide when to make her close her eyes in Return of the Jedi, which I'm hoping to show her tomorrow night.  Definitely during the part with Rancor monster beast guy.  Oh man, she is going to LOVE the ewoks! I'm so excited. Time to go  scope out the Star Wars section of the Disney Store again.