Friday, September 28, 2012

some Ruby things.

RUBY is freaking CUTE.  Her newest obsession is Shaun the Sheep, which is awesome for me, because I love that show.  I love when she asks for "sheep show."  We went to the doctor yesterday for her 2 year checkup.  Awesomely, she didn't have to get any shots.  She's 26 lbs., putting her in the 50something percentile.  And it turns out she's a shrimp--just in the 34th percentile.  Kyle and I aren't short so that surprised me.

Ruby loves our Halloween decorations.  She loves the rats on the wall and Kyle's carved skull especially.  She is a happy girl--and nothing makes ME happier than seeing her smiling contentedly.  She is fond of telling me that she's happy, which I love.  Who doesn't want to hear "I happy, Momma!" from her kid?

She has started claiming me as hers--and it is SO CUTE.  "Where's my mommy?" "I want my mommy" etc.--it just kills me.  It's so much sadder though when she misses "her daddy" when he's at work.  Being able to verbalize it makes it more real to me.  She is still obsessed with Kyle and always wants him around. Poor guy, it's hard for him to leave her to go to work.  When he gets home she RUNS down the hall and throws herself into his arms.  That's gotta feel good.

I think the combination of her new haircut and the fact that she's 2 makes her seem so much older.  She is a BIG GIRL now.  It's sad but fun.  She can say and do basically anything, and has her own strong opinions and desires.  Heaven help me if she wants to hang out with Landon and I don't let her.  She has a new way of asking me things, and offering me things.  I can't explain it, but it is The Cutest Thing Ever.  Her tone of voice and inquisitive look defy description.  She is really generous and always offers me some of her food, or toys, or offers to do something for me (take off my shoes, put stuff in the trash, turn on the light, close the door) and it's adorable.  She kind of sounds like Chip from Beauty and the Beast.

geeky introversion

Like most teenagers, I spent a good amount of my youth trying to be cool, which takes energy and doesn't usually work. And by "youth" I mean right up til, like, now.  I am FINALLY at an age where I can stop trying to be cool and just be cool to myself.  Does that make sense?  Given my newfound freedom, I am becoming WAY cooler (in my own eyes) than I ever was.  And I get to do stuff I always wanted to but was worried how it would look.  For instance: dyeing my hair purple.  Putting purple streaks in my hair brings me no end of happiness.  I know it might look weird, but it makes me smile when I brush my hair in the morning.    I paint my nails whatever color I want--lately, black.  Instead of loving geeky stuff but not broadcasting it, I wear it loud and proud.  So what if people unfollow me on Pinterest because they get sick of my Doctor Who pictures?  I can't help it if every picture of David Tennant is so adorable that I just have to share it.  I have my many, many X-Files books out in my living room, instead of semi-hidden on my bedroom bookshelf.  I'm okay with the fact that every show I watch is something I have to obsess over. I've been coveting a pair of black combat boots hardcore--not that those are nerdy, but they're definitely not something Teen Becca would have had the confidence to wear.  I'm FINALLY getting to do whatever I want and it's sooooo fun.  The main idea behind geekiness is enthusiasm and passion and freaking out about something because you love it so much.  What isn't cool about that?  Simon Pegg, who is freakishly awesome, explained it like this: "Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection.  It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something.  It's basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult.  Being a geek is extremely liberating."  Unfortunately,  I'm also a geek-snob, which is problematic because I think I'm better than other geeks.  I liked most of this stuff WAAAAY before the little high school nerds stumbled onto it and felt the need to pin it.

And now it's time to reveal a geeky thing about myself, previously only confessed to Kyle and possibly Katy: my dream is to go to San Diego Comic-Con.  Dress up, go to panels, meet my heroes, the whole deal.

ANYWAYS--I'm not trying to proclaim my geek credentials. I know that I'm geeky, and I know that it's cool.  It's fun and I'm happy and that's it.  

And now I have to go--this season of Buffy isn't going to watch itself.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba Party

I can't believe my baby is 2!

Ruby's Yo Gabba Gabba party was so fun--Christy outdid herself with the party decorations.  She made this adorable Brobee pinata.

She drew this game of Pin the Flower on Foofa.

Put together balloons to look like the characters.

And made this Brobee cardboard cutout.  All the kids posed and got an Instax pic of themselves, which was super fun.

Even though we invited more people to this than any other party we've had, this one was relatively easy for me to throw, probably because Christy did all the work.  Ruby was so happy.  The games were fun, the pizza and cupcakes were good, and Ruby got really fun presents.  (As the mom, I am SO excited when she gets presents.)

Ruby had so many wonderful friends to invite.  We are so grateful for the people who bless her life and ours!

And now she's 2.  Now we have to deal with a toddler bed, potty training, the dentist, and worsening tantrums.  Buuuut she also gets cuter every day, so I look forward to it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

original artwork

Once upon a time, I watched my awesome roommate Elise paint masterpieces in the basement of Hinckley Hall alllllll night.  Those paintings then hung in my apartment for my entire sophomore year.  They were a huge deal.  Since then, I've really missed these paintings and the good memories that they represent.  Thinking about them made me so nostalgic!  Elise is now a fabulous, accomplished artist, and considers those old paintings her really bad early attempts at art.  She doesn't even paint anymore--her medium is paper collagey type stuff.  So she gave me some of those old paintings which were just hanging out under her bed--and I couldn't be more thrilled.

This is Le Brun.  Biz had a special voice when talking to him.

Our very first Holi Fest, before it got ruined by the masses. Done with a cool palette knife technique.

Art about looking at art.

A Chilean we named Ramon.


These will find a nice place  in my house.  No more bare walls!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I know people only want pictures, but I don't have any.  I will shortly because it's almost Ruby's BIRTHDAY!!!! I am so excited.  Her party is going to be awesome.  It's ridiculous that I'm so excited for HER to get presents.

I'm in the midst of planning 3 parties (Ruby's bday, Grandma's bday, Jordan's murder mystery party), all of which are a Very Big Deal.  This is my happy place.  I have lists to make, items to buy, packages to expect, and lots of planning meetings.  I love being busy with fun things.

Kyle told me what my birthday present is because he wants to give it to me early.  A DVR!!!!!!  I have been pining for one forever now, like years, so I am so so so thrilled.  He loves me.  We'll probably get it this week sometime and then my life is going to change dramatically for the better.  Which is to say: no one will ever see me again because I will be watching tv.

I just painted my nails black for the first time in my life.  Finally, I have achieved greatness.  High School Becca would be really excited right now.  (Sorry Mom.)

Ruby can count to 10 and identify every letter of the alphabet.  But she also still cries when I put her to bed.  I think she'll still be in a crib when she starts reading.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

eight pictures

Old pictures:

New pictures:

Before and After pictures:

During pictures:

Monday, September 3, 2012


Kyle and I have been going home improvement crazy the last couple of weeks.  There have been things we've wanted to buy for YEARS but didn't want to get them if we were just going to move soon anyways.  WELL now that we're committed to Springville for a few more years we decided to go for it.  All at the same time, because we're impatient I guess.  We bought a bedroom set, FINALLY looking like real adults with real furniture.  We bought a real dining room table, sadly getting rid of our dear old Jokkmokk.  We bought patio furniture, and got an incredible deal on it.  We are starting to decorate like real grown-ups too! Kyle bought me the sunburst mirror I've been looking at longingly for over a year.  We're buying things like real picture frames and decorative knickknacks for our bookshelf and THROW PILLOWS.  It is SO FUN.  I am loving my home right now.  I feel like it's a brand-new house!  I'm way more motivated to keep it clean now that it can look so nice.  We are thrilled.  And it all started with Nieman giving us her old mattress for our guest room, and me deciding to pare down my book collection.

RUBY is going to be TWO soon.  What all parents say is true--it really does go too fast.  I started crying this morning when I read a quote on Pinterest about how fleeting childhood is, and Mitt made me cry in his convention speech when he talked about what he and Ann would give to break up another fight between his boys.  Lucy started kindergarten last week, which was another reminder to me of how fast they grow up.  I just want Ruby to always be this age!  Sure, there are lots of tantrums and fights about what is hers vs. what is Mom's, but she is so adorably sweet and precious too.  Her newest thing is counting to 3 before running down the hall or giving Daddy a piece of bread and stuff like that, and I can't get enough of her "wahr, doo, FEE!"

I am so happy.  It's almost scary how great life is.  Kyle's schedule is hard to adjust to, and I agonize about my weight, and there's a constant stream of dishes and crumbs on the carpet, but those things are NOTHING compared to what I've been blessed with.  My prayers at night are ridiculous--the only things I can think of to pray for are health and safety, and my list of things I'm grateful for goes on and on and on.  I know that I'm in a charmed stage of life, and things are sure to be more challenging in the future.  For now, I am determined to not take this time for granted.