Sunday, February 23, 2014

Disneyland Day 2

Our second day at Disneyland! It was jam-packed and spent exclusively in Disneyland--except for a brief hour right as the parks closed. We walked in and saw Ariel instantly!

Waiting in line at Pixie Hollow--so exciting to see Tinkerbell and Iridessa.

The princesses at Fantasy Faire!

Christy and Katy and I then took the girls on some fun kid rides while Mom and Danny switched off in the hours-long line to see Elsa and Anna.

Ruby says that seeing Elsa and Anna was her favorite part. They were so sweet and talked to the girls for a few minutes about being sisters. But my only picture of Ruby with Elsa is blurry--sob.

The parade is always my favorite part.  Everyone just sits around and watches quietly or films it on their phone. What the what?  We scream, yell, dance, and cheer--and get a TON of attention from the characters for it. Our line of cute little girls plus our wild enthusiasm means that every character who walks by gives us personal attention.

This was while waiting for the parade to start.  The Mad Hatter talked to all of us for a really long time! He even put Jane's binkie in for her.  Alice was there too but she mostly listened as well--the Mad Hatter was REALLY funny.

Joyce offered some of her ice cream to Alice :)

I think waiting for the parade is really fun too. We get to sit and relax and eat treats and of course the anticipation is thrilling. We always get a great spot because we're willing to wait!

At some point the girls saw Tiana...I don't know. I wasn't there for that. I think I must have been at Haunted Mansion.

 At one point my mom and us sisters took off with Jane and sat at the New Orleans Cafe (was that it? one of the nice places that we never go to) to eat some Mickey Mouse Beignets. It was relaxing and fun and felt pretty decadent!

 THE BEST RIDE AT DISNEYLAND.  Seriously, it's perfect. If only it was longer. It is the best ride I have been on in any amusement park and I will never get sick of it.

Soon after the parade, an amazing thing happened.  My parents and Danny decided to take the girls back to the hotel to swim and go to bed!  Leaving me and Christy and Katy for the rest of the evening in the park by ourselves!  It was so generous of them to give us that sister time and we are EXTREMELY grateful.  Um, it was maybe the best freaking night of my life?  We had so much fun. The freedom of no kids!! We could do anything we wanted! It made us a little hysterical with joy--which means we made lots of good memories :)

We did the Matterhorn, Indiana Jones, and the Teacups before heading to Radiator Springs. There, we shopped and did the Radiator Racers--my first time doing it at night! It was magical :)

Best night ever! All while these guys were snug and happy in the hotel :)  Thanks Mom, Dad, and Danny!!!!