Monday, March 26, 2007

You know, for kids!

(It's Holi!)

It was awesome. It could have been SO disappointing, but Katy P. came through as usual, and I had a blast. I was wrong to doubt. Something about Holi just fills me with such JOY that's akin to a spiritual experience. And that's not even blasphemy. I seriously feel so much love and good feelings and happiness at Holi, and I like everyone. I even love everyone. And for three years I've thought "Man wouldn't it be nice to like someone at Holi?" but it's just never worked out timing-wise....UNTIL NOW. Life goal=accomplished. Thank you, Boyfriend.

I helped throw a SWEET bridal shower Saturday, my first time ever. I'm proud, and it worked out beautifully.

Sunday=not a day of rest this week. Freaking folklore paper...ruining my life. I've sat on the couch ALL DAY working on it. Oh well, it'll be over soon. And then I'll reward myself with a Costa Vida salad, which is all I need to be happy. That, and maybe Adam.

I can't wait to be happy again...someday... like tomorrow.

Christy has a baby tomorrow, and Katy gets home in two weeks. She saw Journey in Madrid yesterday--color me jealous.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

oh you know

I really hope you guys have all watched Charlie the Unicorn.

Celia is massively sick--viral gastro-enteritis--so we missed our classes and our test, because I had to take her to the hospital. Two more days to study= silver lining.

24 was a tiny bit disappointing, but that's just because last week was so amazing. I finally talked to my long-lost New Mexican friend Alan, and he made me feel really good about some things. He's forgotten what my teeth look like though. I talked to Christy and realized that Pampo/Lucy is born in ELEVEN DAYS. I can't get over how exciting that is. All I've eaten today is breakfast foods. And that's okay with me.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Chaaaarrrrlie...It's a magical leopluridon, Charlie!

Black eyes:
--class until 7
--test today that I'm not prepared for
--tons of homework
--Celia's sick
--projects and papers

Feathers in my cap:
--63 degrees today!
--Pampo is born in like 2 weeks
--Katy returns to the country April 6
--this weekend=Grand Canyon
--24 tonight

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

don't make the mistake i made careful about how much garlic you consume in one night. Just be aware. When a recipe calls for 1/4 teaspoon, don't put in 1 tablespoon. It doesn't matter if your boyfriend tells you to. Just don't do it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

So today was a pretty sad and depressing day. Nothing terrible is happening to ME, just to everyone else I know. And it made me think about all the horrible things that happen ALL THE TIME to TONS OF PEOPLE. For some reason, that really got me down. I talked to Mom about it, and we brainstormed some really sweet things to think about instead. We came up with a good list. I'm going to be an aunt in 18 days!--that's a huge one. And we thought about sitting in front of the fire on the couch when it's raining, and smelling wassail, and standing in line for the Indiana Jones ride when it's like 8000+ degrees. (Totally worth it, by the way.) And when we first went on that ride when we were little, Katy was SO scared, but none of us wanted to wait outside the ride with her, so we just kept lying to her, saying that the ride would be different next time, and not as scary. We went again and again and she hated it every time. That's a good memory! So...I felt better. Moms are really good at that.

And then 24 was really awesome, and we all sat and reminisced about past seasons for like an hour. You CAN'T be sad after that.

Tomorrow will definitely be better. And overall I am very happy.

And hey, at least I have my health. (I'm clinging to it desperately.)