Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Twofer

I have two blog-worthy events to write about.
1. Kyle's birthday!
Kyle's birthday was very fun (at least, for me!). I gave him his presents from me in the afternoon before my classes. I gave him a quad with his name on it (he lost his scriptures a while ago), a luxurious Dillards bathrobe that is seriously the softest thing ever (his old bathrobe is really short and he's embarrassed to wear it), and...a Blurb book! Guys, is seriously cool. It was time-consuming but a really sentimentally valuable book. I mostly just can't wait for our kids to read it and know what dorks their parents were. It's really cute, and I'm very excited to have it. I mean, for Kyle to have it. Katy also gave him the rest of her presents--a very cool brown tie, a VERY attractive sweater (we're talking REALLY attractive), and a cool shirt. He got lots of clothes this year. He wore the sweater Mom and Dad gave him--I really like it.

That night we had a little birthday party for Kyle, which turned into a bigger party than I was expecting. The pictures are on facebook. It was pretty crowded. But it was fun! I made my first ever round layer cake. With fluffy frosting. I think it turned out well--it even mostly looked like the cakes Mom makes. We had one additional cake for mass consumption, with the words "Gimme yer fingernails!" on it--ah 30 Rock lines. Very appetizing. Lots of people came and we had a good time. The best was when everyone finally left and Cannon started playing piano--that put me out in like 2 minutes. Such a good little nap to such beautiful music! It was painful to get up and go at midnight, but I felt better because I got to witness a post-curfew #8 dance party.

2. My doctor's visit.
So, I've been getting headaches, pretty bad ones, pretty often. But everyone does, so no big deal, right? Well, on Sunday I had the worst headache ever. Like, I was a non-functioning human, crying in the dark in the fetal position. The weird part was that it never really went away. I felt better, but I still have a weird pain in the back of my head, and it's Thursday. The last several days have been pretty bad. So I talked to Mom about it, and she made me promise to go to the student health center today. I totally didn't want to, because I felt stupid going for just headaches. But I went today with Kyle, and it took forever, and we both missed our classes, which sucks. What also sucks is that I've been diagnosed with migraines. I have always felt very lucky to not be someone who gets migraines. I am now very disappointed with myself. Migraines suck. Also, my doctor is worried because of the increasing frequency of these migraines, and wants to make sure I don't have cancer. I have an appointment for a brain MRI on Tuesday (because I'm going out of town this weekend). Now, I'm pretty sure I don't have a brain tumor. If I did, I'd know about it. I'd be manifesting all sorts of interesting super powers right now--which I'm not. So no one should worry about it. It's just a teeny little bit alarming. Plus, I'm pretty claustrophobic, so the thought of an MRI is very uncomfortable. They're going to give me valium though, which is neat--reminds me of Prince Valium in Space Balls. So...yeah. I'll be fine. Plus I get to see a picture of my brain. That's cool.

At home, whenever we go to the doctor we get a treat afterwards. So after we left the health center Kyle and I went to Carrabbas because we've never been there before. Our verdict--meh. It was good, but not THAT good.
This is a very attractive picture of Kyle eating bread at Carrabbas. He's in the hot sweater.

OH another sad thing--the results of my shop-therapy from last week (aka my Forever 21 skirt) came today, and...whoa. I usually get a small size in skirts. Even at Forever 21. So I ordered a small. But this thing was not meant for humans! I mean, LUCY could probably fit this. The blurb about it specifically said "knee length", but it doesn't even get halfway down my thigh! And the waist--the skinniest girls I know might be able to put it on. Katy says that the Cambodian factory workers must be staging a coup or something. So--that makes me sad. Brain tumor AND my new skirt doesn't fit?? This is not cool.
LUCKILY--tomorrow we get to fly to Cailfornai! The hills will be GREEN, and it will be warmer than Utah, and we get to see Lucy walk, and we get to register! I'm very excited.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

KBW part 2

Today was the second day of Kyle's Birthday Week! He opened a present this morning, so he could wear it to school. It was this sweet tshirt. It pretty much describes our feelings about Kyle.

After work, we had two 5 Bucks Pizzas waiting for him, plus another present.

The unwrapping process. Intense.

Whoa! Two sweet tapes! (Kyle's car Treppy only has a tape deck.) He has a good collection, but probably nothing beats a Bread anthology and a Genesis album!!!

Tomorrow's the real deal and Kyle's actually turning 24! I hope you're all excited. So far, the poll says that Kyle is turning more handsome this year. That's what I thought too.

Happy KBW!

It's Kyle's Birthday Week! You know what that means--good times and celebrations every day! Tonight we celebrated by going to Village Inn with Katy and Katy P. We ate some food, gave Kyle one present, and he got a piece of birthday pie. Between Katy and I, we have 11 presents for him, so we figured we could start now. Today's is from Katy. Tune in tomorrow for more documentation of Kyle's Birthday Week!

Me and the Birthday Week Boy

Katy P. and Katy are adorable

Kyle sure is...something.

Kyle's 1st present--an old man cardigan.
It's hot.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Pie

It was good... it didn't last very long.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Saturday night was waaaay fun. We were kids again, as you know if you've read Kyle's blog. I didn't regret it as much as he did though! Kyle and I made some delicious frosting--the kind that Mom makes for my birthday cake every single year because it's my favorite. I decided to make it for Kyle's birthday cake this year, but I'd never done it before and I didn't want to blow it on his actual cake. So we did a trial run and it was great. We didn't know what to do with it once it was made though, with no cake to put it on. After we'd eaten enough to make us feel sick, we frosted one gross donut for Alan, and then played with the rest.

Then we had a great time playing with Alan and Amanda and Phil, although it was a little awkward because Phil and Amanda didn't get along as great as they could have. We ditched him and went to Burger King and got kids meals. Amanda and I got little Cabbage Patch dolls. Mine was named Sarah Katherine--and I don't remember Amanda's doll's name. Kyle and Alan got very masculine Monster Trucks. Gender roles are great. We ate and played in the parking lot of an elementary school, which was actually a little creepy.

Then we switched cars so we could switch activities. We drove to Smiths in Chester, and we each got 5 lbs. of candy. Anything is better in bulk--especially candy. It was fun to bring bags of candy to church the next day and share it with everyone. My cinnamon bear obsession has been going strong for at least 4 years now. Healthy, right? At least they're not dipped in chocolate. I tried one of those once because Jen liked them. I regretted it. They're disgusting.

We played video games later, and Alan is the best of course. We ate our candy and felt sick together. It was the best night.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good day, shmood shmay

Ok, so yesterday when I was in the car with Katy and Katy P. and Kyle we were behind this car:

I wish you could see better. It's a handicapped plate, and it says "I'd rather be WALKING!!!". We kind of died laughing. That guy must've been really cool. Attaboy, handicapped guy. Way to have a sense of humor about it.

So, yesterday was pretty much the best day ever. I slept in (missed my fist class, whoops), and Spanish was cancelled, which meant I didn't have to do anything until 3! I had finished ALL my projects the night before, so I just got to relax until Kyle came over at noon. We were hungry, and since we had time, we decided to take a luxurious long lunch with Katy and Katy P. at Rice King. The food tasted better than normal, our conversation was outstanding, the sun was shining brighter (not really, it was probably raining), and I was just SO HAPPY. My fortune cookie would have meant more than usual, because it was such a momentous lunch (just by being so fun), but my cookie was empty! Probably means I'll die soon. Oh well!

After lunch we hung out at Katy P.'s awesome house (she lives in the upstairs apartment over The Flower Basket. I shopped there for the first time yesterday, and that's what I want my home with Kyle to look like!) and watched SNL and she cut Katy's hair (which looks GREAT). Then I had to go to class, and Kyle drove me! Class is so much better when you don't have to walk to campus. Kyle got a haircut, and looks handsome of course. After class Kyle and I went to Salt Lake! Again--that drive is becoming a weekly thing. But we had to go because Tabula Rasa called--our invitations came in less than a week, instead of the customary 11 days. That's perfect because we're going to California in a week and it was important that we had the invitations with us, so Christy and Mom can address them all! So, we went to Trolley Square and picked up our invitations. They are GORGEOUS. They are PERFECT. They are awesome and exactly what I wanted! They are...yeah, just wonderful. Be very excited to get one in April. I can't wait to send them out. I didn't know how strongly I felt about invitation style until we were in the process of designing ours. There are just so many ugly and/or boring invitations out there! I feel totally fine about bragging about ours. I hope they inspire people to kick it up a notch and be really classy and elegant!

Anyways, since we were already at Trolley Square, we went shopping at all the cool stores there, and had a good time. When we got home, we got to watch TRON with Katy--a long-awaited event. If you don't know, Tron is an early 80s scifi movie that was a HUGE deal because it was done with computers. When I watched it in Phoenix with Kyle and his parents, I knew that it was pretty much MADE for Katy. Sentient computers, a young Bruce Boxleitner, cheesy 80s science fiction? I couldn't wait to show her. And, as expected, she loved it. It's such a fun movie--so many good lines! We had a great time. Then we went over to Kyle's place and hung out with various people and lazed around. Then I stayed up really late reading a terrifying Cormac McCarthy book. It was a great night!

I'm also happy because on Thursday, when I was still miserable, I decided that I deserved a treat so I bought a skirt online. Forever 21 is the best. I can't wait to get it--I really need to build up my skirt collection, and once I'm married I'm not allowed to spend any money ever again!

So, today is going to be good. Katy is anxiously waiting for me to get off the computer so we can go run errands. We're going to buy some more presents for Kyle and go to Costco--those are fun jobs. Hey, if you're reading this and know us and live in Provo, you're invited to a little get-together on Wednesday night for Kyle's birthday. Like 9:30, in #8. There will be cake and birthday-song-singing. Good times wil be had! Come!
I think my good mood also has to do with these songs: New Soul by Yael Naim, and Cinnamon by The Long Winters.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My List

I was in the WORST MOOD today. But now I'm not! Like at 4:00 I was just sick of feeling miserable, so I kind of just decided to stop. I can't believe it worked! I called Nieman, which always pleases me, and I listened to some incredibly happy music (Christy, I love Yael) and then I was really productive!

Black Eyes:
--I'm still sick
--School is unfortunate
--Kyle's getting sick
--Kyle and I need to find an apartment
--School is REALLY unfortunate!

Feathers in my Cap:
--Kyle doesn't work tomorrow
--My class tomorrow got cancelled
--It's the weekend almost
--I'm getting less sick
--Most of my stressful things are done
--We're all going home in a week (all meaning me, Kyle, Katy, and Nieman)
--Katy got TRON in the mail today
--I've been really busy, and that means I've been really productive

I can't wait for my kids to have awesome grammar.

...I love my major.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I should be sleeping

I took two midterms today--one was excessively hard, and one was pretty childish. Both felt good.

If you're ever sick, I would recommend being engaged to Kyle. He's very nice. But please don't get engaged to him, because then who would I marry in May?

That last post was about 24. How can Tony be not only ALIVE, but also EVIL?? Two years ago, I watched him die in Jack's arms in an incredibly tragic and tender moment--and believe me, I was in mourning for a while after that. Katy and I seriously sobbed the whole way home from Christy's house that night, and I think we even wore black the next day. He's a very big deal. I'm glad to see him alive, but now he's the bad guy--and he shaved his head, a very un-Tony look. All of these things are wrong! Now I'm wishing that Jack WAS beatable, because I can't like him ever again if he kills his best friend Tony. Remember all the times that Tony had to save Jack? Remember when he totally sacrificed himself to save his wife Michelle, and then she divorced him, but then they got back together because their love was so awesome, and then she was murdered and he died trying to avenge her? It's a shame to be forced to root for the bad guy, but when that bad guy is Tony Almeida, I'm with him all the way.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Emotional Rollercoaster


Seriously, I don't know what to think, or what to feel, or what to believe, or what to do. I am emotionally confused and upset. My head has been messed with.

Presidents Day, Shmresidents Shmay

That comic is really awkward and funny. I hung out with an ex last night and it wasn't weird at all. I like how time passes and changes things.

Well, I'm sick. I'm spending my holiday in bed/on the couch, doing homework and watching tv. I guess it's not that bad, besides the actual being sick part. Kyle is wonderful and has taken care of me all day, but now he's at work. This next week is really stressful, so the timing isn't great. BUT I will survive. It's been a really fun weekend, and I'm just sad that I have to go to school tomorrow. And take a midterm (a scary one). But I'd rather be sick now and be healthy later--there is so much going on this semester! I would hate to be sick for engagement pictures, or bridal pictures, or my trip to California, or my trip to Texas, or for any of my three bridal showers. So...I'll be sick this week during midterms and not complain too much about it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm very happy

I'm in a good mood! I'm at Kyle's apartment and we're trying to figure out how to rearrange the furniture. Should we get rid of the drums, the piano, or Council Bluffs' African stuff? I'm sitting with Council Bluffs and Emily Mott and Nam and Bryce and Kyle and we're debating about what city is better, Provo or Orem? I do not know. Provo has Rice King, but Orem has Super Target. There's no good answer.

Last night was sooo fun. The city was cool--we went to all our favorite stores, and then signed off on the proofs of our invitations. They are going to be the hottest invitations ever--I'm in love with them.

After we dropped Katy and Celia off at a movie theater, Kyle and I went on a date to Ikea. It was really great. We got good decorating ideas for our new apartment, and ate at the little cafeteria (mmm Lingonberry juice with Sprite...) and I bought some cool stuff from the As Is department. Plus Katy P. was working, and it was really fun to see her! It was a great time. We'll probably go there all the time when we're married--for our fancy nights out. Between Ikea and Costco, we're going to have family night all set for months. Just like my parents!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kings of Convenience is the best band in the world

Today we're going shopping in Salt Lake! Well, as much "shopping" as you can do when you're absolutely broke. It'll just be fun to walk in to Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters--because they're like my Mecca. I'm excited because it's going to be me, Kyle, Katy, and Cecilia. I haven't hung out with Celia for a while (except for everyday in Spanish) and so it's a big deal. We're going to eat in the city too. It's fun to just go for no reason. OH and they have a giant Forever 21 there...I should just leave my wallet at home!

Kyle is the best fiance in the world. Last night he played Mario Kart with me, and it's definite proof of his love. It's a big deal.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I love love!!!

We had the best Valentines Day! Kyle and I hung out in the early afternoon before our classes, as usual. We got hungry and decided to get 5 Buck Pizza (like we do at least twice a week) and because of the day, we got it heart-shaped. Very festive. It was an impromptu and rushed little celebration, but still fun.

After I got raced home from class, Kyle had a sweet present waiting for me--all my favorite candy. I LOVE candy. Kyle must be content to have a fat wife, because seriously, he gave me candy by the pounds. Holland mints and cinnamon lips and Andes...oh man. Luckily, I'm sharing. Then he had to race to work. Because he worked til 9, I was in charge of the real festivities this year--so I'm putting him in charge next year.

For dinner I went to all of our favorite places and got our favorite foods to-go and it all came together to be a really great meal. It was FUN to eat them all together! We had baked ziti and breadsticks from Olive Garden, chips and salsa from Chilis, curly fries and Dr. Pepper from Arbys, and cheesecake from Outback! It was awesome. That plus candlelit table=a really good time.

Love is real and love is awesome.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm feeling all Valentinesy

Tomorrow is...VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Ok, I LOVE Valentine's Day. It doesn't matter if I'm single or dating or whatever (and I usually am single) (but I never will be again!). I love going to Smiths and seeing everything covered in heart balloons and roses and the CANDY is incredible. I like candy more when it is holiday-themed, and I just love white and pink and red M&Ms more than normal M&Ms! And this year I get to be all Valentinesy with Kyle (pretty much my first Valentine's Day with a boyfriend since...Chad Westover. I was 17), although with our incompatible schedules, that probably doesn't mean much! But STILL. It's just nice to have LOVE be such a focus for a day, even though lots of people hate it and will wear black tomorrow. I'm just sappy I guess!

I really like holidays because they're such good landmarks. I remember exactly what was going on last Valentine's Day. I had just found out that Lance was getting married like that exact week, which was EMOTIONAL, I had given up on Kyle because at that point he was actually officially with Chelsea, and Valentine's Day was my first date with Adam. I wasn't entirely unhappy, but LOOK AT ME NOW! It's so funny how everything's happened. MAN we got lucky. It would have been easier if it had been Kyle I was about to go out with for the first time, but I guess this way our story is better because we got to pine for each other from afar for a while. Made the heart grow fonder and all that.

I got TWO packages today! One of them is a Cormac McCarthy book that I'm very excited about reading--Katy P. said it's TERRIFYING and I should probably never be alone for 3 days after I read it. That appeals to me. I can't say what the other one is because Kyle's birthday is still HECK OF LONG FROM NOW. But it's still exciting!

Today I resisted the ultimate temptation--a beautiful handbag on It's a good thing that Janae was around to talk me back to reality, although that wasn't really her goal. But she did distract me and I started looking at, and those are so expensive of course I wouldn't impulsively buy one!

Today I talked to Mom for the first time since Saturday, and she IS alive, and her surgery went well (enough), and she gets to go home tomorrow. Yay! I've secretly been very worried and bawled (seriously) in the office of my very nice professor who reminds me of Grandma Kay. BUT it's all done now! AND Mom's school got the huge award that she dedicated her life to applying for this year. SO...that's all very good news. The unfortunate news is that my wedding interferes with the whole award thing which includes Disneyland and Arnold Schwarzenegger. We're going to see what can work...I would hate to stop her from shaking the hand of our own Governator!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Feel Positive

Some things I love:

1. Waking up late. Seriously. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I don't have class until 1, and Kyle doesn't come over until 12 when he's done with class. So I wake up at 10 or 10:30, which is glorious. I am so happy at night when I know I don't have to wake up early in the morning. I know that this way of life will have to change when I get married, and I'm willing to sacrifice it. But I am going to live for Saturday mornings.

2. My links list. It pleases me. I love going down my list when I have fast internet and seeing if anyone has posted. If you have Analytics, there's a good chance that I'm a significant chunk of your percentage. I love checking (even though I'm so very often disappointed). I love adding new people to my links list. I like having a complete list. The more the merrier. Blogs are awesome, and they're something for me to do when I'm bored in the LRC. So POST POST POST!

3. My wedding playlist. It is expanding, and becoming more and more awesome. It is fun to listen to. Be excited for my reception. It's not just gooey songs, it's...good songs. It's only hard because so many of my favorite songs are sad...and it's just not the right occasion for sad songs. I wish I could have a Cure themed wedding. The sadness of my life is that none of my favorite George Michael songs are appropriate for a wedding reception.

4. My supply of Rice Chex. I am never going to run out. Ok well I will...but I have like 5 boxes left. That's what happens when Kyle Vaughn buys you presents. He likes things in bulk--as do I. Whenever I want cereal, it's good to know that it's right there, on the tippy top shelf over the microwave that requires a chair to reach it.

5. Kyle's birthday presents. I'm just really excited to give him his presents! I wish I was a trillionaire so I could keep buying him gifts. And all of you guys would get some too. Giving awesome presents is one of my favorite activities.

6. Picasa picture grids. They are great. My desktop is a picture grid of Kyle and me. They're also a great way to send examples of flowers and cakes to your mom and sister when you're trying to plan a wedding long-distance.

7. Google desktop. The sidebar tells me immediately when someone has updated their blog. That's just neat.

8. Guitar Hero. I (surprisingly) love it. Celia just bought an X-Box to satisfy her Guitar Hero needs, so I'll finally be able to satisfy my own.

9. Hating management. Management is getting worse and worse, and we all know it, and it brings us together. My room is entirely disordered and it's their fault. I feel close to people who share this dislike.

10. Internet stalking. Yes.

11. Rice King. I was thinking about it tonight (we found another Rice King-lover in the ward!) and what a great place it is. After Biz converted me, I've converted many people over the years. Establishments where you are on a first name business with the owner are just GOOD. Victor is right up there with Raj--actually...yes, I feel closer to Victor. There, I said it.

12. My computer. It means a great deal to me, and now with new faster internet, it is truly THE SUPER COMPUTER. It's a good thing I named it The Uber Mensch when I first got it.

13. Having Kyle read my mind when I'm annoyed with people. I know he knows exactly what's going on in my head...and that's love.

14. My renewed social interest. I'm totally liking hanging out with people. I am no longer a hermit. I think it's safe to say that Kyle and I aren't that couple who are grossly into each other--and are therefore disgusting to be around. We're still cool to hang out with, right?

15. Checking my email on my phone. It's great when I'm really bored. And even though it's not a novel concept anymore, I still feel cool doing it. I've had my phone for at least 5 months now and I'm still obsessed with it. Best And Most Attractive Phone Ever.

Monday, February 11, 2008

You mean the singer/songwriter?

This is the only picture I have from this weekend:

Luckily, it's a cute one! Poor Lucy is unaccustomed to the harsh Utah winter, and we kept her very bundled up. It made her even more adorable.

Today was monumental for several reasons:

  • It was warm! I believe the high was 43, which is downright balmy. I got too warm in my coat! I can't remember the last time that happened.
  • I wore boots to class. Not my customary galoshes, or even my Ugg-like soft boots. We're talking brown pointy stilleto-like heeled boots. I love them. I'm not the boots-on-campus type of girl...but maybe I am?? I definitely felt good clicking my way across campus. There's nothing quite like that click.
  • Not only did I go to FHE, I ENJOYED it. I karaoked for the first time ever, and had a blast. Also, I hung out with a really cool 9 year old named Austin. He's a rock star. And I made friends in the ward. There are some cool people.

  • I did homework before midnight, without Kyle.

  • I took a nap.
  • Katy took me out to a fancy dinner.

That's about all that happened today. It's been nice. And now Kyle is home and I'm going to feed him and do homework and have a great night.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Back to life, back to reality

This has been the BEST weekend. I'm so sad my family is gone already. They're probably halfway home by now--because they probably left at like 4 in the morning. We got so much done. I'm now the owner of a GORGEOUS wedding dress that I'm absolutely in love with. It's so beautiful. It was so much fun to find it! I tried on about a million dresses, but this one was the obvious favorite. Those dresses weigh a ton--Christy's arms are sore from helping me put them on. It was tiring, but it's impossbile to not feel gorgeous when you're standing on a pedestal with a veil in your hair and beautiful pearl jewelry and the nice assistant is bustling around adjusting the skirt and you have a loooong train behind you and you have an encouraging entourage looking at you in the mirror. It was kind of sad to put on my normal clothes when we were done. Back to real life. I'd post pictures, but Kyle isn't allowed to see the dress. Poor boy. BUT I showed him my AMAZING shoes and jewelry. Another reason to be excited to get married--I get to wear this gorgeous outfit and look hot for one day.

We also picked/designed our invitations! They are exactly what we wanted. I can't wait to actually see what they look like. Kyle and I are going to Salt Lake to pick up the proofs when they're ready--maybe I can sneak a picture of them when we're doing that.

In addition to all the wedding jobs that were completed, we also had a great time! We ate out (Bajio TWICE) and hung out and listened to some sweet tunes off my wedding playlist while we drove back and forth to Salt Lake. AND we went shopping! I got some sweet boots, and tons of makeup. I also got my hair cut--this was a beautifying weekend, believe me. Lucy was a doll, and I miss her already. Her new tricks are SO cute!

And now it's back to real life! At least it's still Sunday, and today is stake conference so I slept in until 11 (it's been an exhausting weekend). I got all my homework done by Thursday, so that I could relax with my family--so I can play today! (I hope Kyle can...I guess it's not likely)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm too excited to be productive

AHHHHH Christy and Mom and Lucy and Dad and Danny are coming tomorrow! I can't BELIEVE I still have to go to classes! It seems like real life should just stop so I can bask in the fun of this weekend! I finally got my big paper done, so I can really relax and enjoy the time we have together. When I say "relax", I use that term loosely, of course. It is going to be a jam-packed weekend! But only with great things. It's the first time I've seen my family since I got engaged! We have so much to do. We're meeting with the photographer, finding bridesmaid dresses, picking out invitations, and finding my wedding dress! Plus the continual flower/food/decorations/cake conversations will finally go somewhere. I can't wait to make some definite decisions and put on some pretty gowns. "Gown"--yeah I've never used that word to describe anything that I've put on! PLUS it's thrilling to spend some quality time with my adorable niece. She's getting cuter and smarter everyday, I swear. I can't wait to see her. PLUS my family being here=tons of Bajio and other assorted restaurants. My family is so awesome--we have sooo much when we're all together and in party mode. The Squeak games this weekend are going to be ferocious.
All this is making my current boredom ever harder to bear! Not that I SHOULD be bored--I have plenty of productive stuff to be doing. Like homework that's due tomorrow. I just can't concentrate though! I've already done so much today, and I just wish I could be done so I could sit back and wait to go to the airport tomorrow. Kyle's at work, like ALWAYS, and Katy's at orchestra, so I've just been sitting in my room doing homework for the last 4 hours and that isn't good for me! Luckily, soon I get to enjoy their company over some delicious 5 Buck Pizza. Actually it's Zero Buck Pizza for Kyle and me, because Katy has graciously offered to pay for said pizza. She's great, and I'm poor. Speaking of me not having any money left--I'm so excited for Kyle's birthday! I shouldn't have gotten presents so early, because now I have to wait to give them to him. OH and that reminds me--we got his wedding ring! Instead of the week they told us it would take, it was like 2 days. It is the coolest ring ever, and it looks so manly on him. He really wishes he could wear it right now, but Mom says absolutely not. THAT'S RIGHT. So I'm keeping it in my drawer with my wedding ring, which I can't help but pull out once in a while and try it on. It's so beautiful! The diamonds in the band are so perfect. I love it. And Kyle's masculine tungsten is pretty dang sweet.
Let's not talk about Super Tuesday, I'm still getting over it. At least Del Taco Tuesday was fun. We were actually there when everyone else was, which was exciting--usually Kyle's job sets us back like half an hour after everyone else leaves. And Celia and Katy came this week, which was very fun. Man, Del Taco AND I finished my Graham Greene paper! Tuesday was a great night, if you exclude the political arena, which I choose to.
We finally know when we're going to go to Calfornia for the weekend. That's going to be awesome--we get to register, and meet with the flower lady, and the cake lady, AND I get to have a bridal shower! So busy but such a great time. Being engaged is so much fun. I can't wait for my engagement segment of life to be over, of course, but I really am enjoying it. If only school wasn't getting in the way of my happiness! It isn't REALLY though. I complain about it all the time, but I know I'll miss it when it's gone.
OK I have to get back to work. Once Kyle gets home it's even harder to get anything done. I considered holding my breath until tomorrow morning, but I don't want to miss out on all the fun.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blog 100!

GUYS this is my hundredth blog! It took me over a year, but I'm glad to finally get here! Man, I feel like I should save it or something...but the next time I blog it'll be focusing on how AWESOME this weekend was, with my family here and all, and I don't want it to be overshadowed. I remember reading Kyle's hundredth blog (back when I was internet stalking him still) and I like what he did. Maybe I'll do the same.

February 15, 2007: "I am so happy it's raining today...Lance got married today."
February 28, 2007: "So there's a Couple #7 in our ward...and I'm half of it."
May 14, 2007: "I hate being alone, I hate waking up early, I hate working full time, I hate my job, I hate getting dumped, I hate knowing that I'm here for 3 more months, I miss Provo and all my friends."
August 31, 2007: "At long last, I'm dating Kyle Vaughn!"
October 3, 2007: "I don't usually talk about boyfriendy things, especally not on the internet, but MAN I'm just really happy. This is probably the healthiest reltionship I've ever been in! It's not turning me psycho. AND Kyle is nice to me. AND everything is just really great, all the time. I'm so used to having all sorts of problems in a relationship--and this is just SO EASY and RIGHT. NO fighting, no "discussing", no feeling sad and worried all the time!"
November 29, 2007: "I'm just really lucky. And I recognize it. Being around him makes me happy. He's helped me so much in so many ways."
January 13, 2008: "Well. Kyle and I are engaged."

April 27, 2007: "Pampo is here. I mean Lucy. It's hard to start calling her by her real name. She's the most adorable baby--I'm in love. Sometimes I'm timid around babies, especially newborns, because I don't want to make a wrong move. They're so fragile! But this baby is mine, so I don't worry. Lucy and I are comfortable. She sleeps on me, I change her diaper, we're buds."
August 25, 2007: "I miss Lucy. I'm really sad that I'm missing out on so many months of growing up. She rolls over now! I'm so sad to miss it. And Christy's pictures of Lucy in her new Jumperoo were so adorable--more tears were shed. I wish there was a way for Lucy to come visit me. I got so used to having a baby around."
December 22, 2007: "I love being home. It is so relaxing and fun. Lucy is the best--even though she was millimeters away from throwing up in my mouth half an hour ago. She also likes to suck/gnaw on my face. "

I could do more (and should, for this to be legit) but I'm bored of it and I have to get ready for school! Anyways, the last 100 posts have seen me through some stuff. Two boyfriends, one fiance, one niece, one summer at home, two semesters at BYU, feeling sick, great movies, growing experiences, getting engaged, lots of happy posts, a couple sad ones. I'm not going to stop blogging when I get married (even though the objective will have been met: I got with Kyle Vaughn). We'll have cute pictures of our apartment and I'll complain about being in school still, and then we'll move somewhere and I"ll have to talk about being a REAL wife, not a student wife, and having a real home, not a student home. And then in some years I'll be posting baby pictures the way Christy does! It's so fun to have a life plan made through blogging!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Miscellaneous File

I haven't actually quit anything. I'm just in the mood.
Sunday nights are depressing. Dang it, it's technically Monday. It's technically the beginning of another long terrible week. Well, at least I get to start the week off with 8 hours of sleep, right? That's more than some people. Poor Kyle. Everything is busy and stressful right now. Scheduling just hasn't really worked out so far this semester. I have so much to look forward to, but man, it's a long wait. I wish I was graduating this semester. I totally could be, if I hadn't taken so many fun/interesting classes that had nothing to do with my major. I guess I shouldn't regret those classes though--and I don't really. It would just be SO nice to be done soon! I'm feeling very ready to be done with school. Funny how that hit right as I got engaged.

I'm so glad that my family is coming on Thursday! That will really help me feel better about school and stuff. Lucy ALWAYS makes me feel better no matter what. She's the cutest baby in the world. It's weird--she won't be a baby forever! She's already standing on her own, clapping, waving, dancing...I haven't even seen her do any of that. She's growing up so fast. I can't wait to witness it! I really wish Christy and Danny still lived around here--it's so sad they had to move to California! (Great for them, and great for my parents...but come on, ME!) It would be so much fun to be married couple friends. I was thinking about that yesterday and I decided it would be the Best Thing Ever. I could babysit Lucy, and Christy could help me figure out how to be wifey, and Danny and Kyle could be manly together. Oh well.

Tonight I was social! Away from Kyle! That happens...never. I'm just a hanging-out-with-Kyle kind of girl. But we got in a huge fight and decided to break up, so I went over to play games in Apt. 4. We played Curses, and it was FUNNY. I never like awkward performance games...but this was a really good one! I had a great time. Oh and I didn't actually fight with Kyle. He just had TONS of homework to do so I was giving him a chance to get some stuff done (I'm very distracting).

Today I was successful in the kitchen! It's totally not a big deal, I just get so excited when I learn how to make something new, no matter how simple or basic it is. I made alfredo sauce! And it was great! I'm really glad I impulsively bought that massive quantity of tortellini. It was worth it.

Best part of today: Christy's making our little wedding video (you know, the slideshow of adorable pictures of Kyle and me) so today I went through his picture albums that his mom made for him and WHOA. Kyle was the most adorable little boy! And I was an incredibly cute little girl--so this slideshow is going to be awesome. I seriously had to flag almost every page, because he was just so cute. I hope our kids are half as cute as we both were!

Also good: tonight we watched the 30 Rock where Liz and Floyd get together. It always makes me so happy. Does it seem like everybody is hooking up all of the sudden? It must be February.
I get to go wedding dress shopping with my mom and sisters on Friday!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008


Friday nights are so boring until Kyle gets off work. I'm in my room with Katy. She's making something with her sewing machine. She also made a neat/creepy Cat's Head Basket. It's nearly done, and very cool. It's only creepy because I don't like cats. I just watched an episode of X-Files, but I'm not quite ready to move on to the next one. Tonight we went to Costco with Nieman. It was a good time.

I've been impulse buying lately (not crazy amounts). Yesterday I bought a really creepy book by Cormac McCarthy and a sweet cream bag from Forever 21. It's a bag, not a purse. Today I bought a flat of chocolate muffins (I don't even really like chocolate muffins!) and a huge amount of tortellini.

Sometimes I miss times like these. Drunkenly dancing to Jason Webley with flasks full of Cran Grape juice and drawn on beards. But then I remember that we only did that because everyone was depressed and sad alllll the time! And then...I'm glad that those days are OVER. But they are some good Biz and Nieman memories. It's weird to think that it's been years since this happened regularly. Maybe when Biz gets off her mission we can have a reunion and play like this again.