Sunday, June 24, 2012


Ruby started taking off her diaper at naptime and at night.  Punk.  There was only one poopisode, thank heavens.  If we put on a onesie or diaper cover under her jammies, the diaper stays on.

My fam is in town, mostly watching Christy's 3 girls while she and Danny are in Hawaii, and also hanging out with me.  They offered to watch Ruby all weekend--it was awesome.  Kyle and I went out to eat stress-free and even saw a movie.  Snow White and the Huntsman was surprisingly good, though there wasn't nearly enough kissing.

I taught in YW again, just to the Laurels this time, and it was no big deal.  I think I will learn to be okay with talking to people maybe?

I hang out with the YW a lot.  Mutual goes long because the girls are bored during the summer apparently.  They also play night games every week, and every week they knock on my door to beg me to come.  Last week I finally gave in.  Katy and I played Ghost in the Graveyard and other assorted games with a bunch of 12-16 year old girls until 11:30 at night, and it was fun.  I love my girls.  The other leaders think it's hysterical.

Kyle and I spend every free moment watching How I Met Your Mother.  It is our happy time.

I finished Game of Thrones.  I have other books to read but my heart just isn't in it anymore.

Kyle got a sweet new job.  Significantly more money, way better benefits, potential for growth, and it's just something new.  He now works at Stouffers as a QA specialist.  He's not in the lab anymore, but he still gets a lab coat, and this time, his name goes on it.  (!!!!)  This is his last week at his old job, and then he gets a whole week off for a staycation!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Scottish Games

The Scottish Games are a HUGE deal in mi familia.  I've been unlucky enough that I haven't been for the last several years, because I'm always in Utah for the Pleasanton games, which is the one we go to every year.  BUT.  Now, Aunt Patrice is one of the higher ups in our clain organization (Clan Rose! What up!) so she is going all over the country hosting a clan tent.  Dad and Katy have gone to several, including Atlanta and New Mexico.  SO, this year, for the first time ever, Clan Rose was represented at the Highland Games at Thanksgiving Point!  I finally got to go and see a ton of family.

Lucy got her face painted and Ruby consented to having a Scottish flag painted on her hand.  We watched some sweet Highland dancing, some of the cool sporting events (caber toss etc.), we mentally spat at the Campbell tent (they sold out to the filthy Brits), thought about all the awesome stuff we COULD buy but are too poor for, and withstood the insane wind.  Grandma Joyce almost blew away!  Lucy particularly loved the BRAVE merch--we can't wait to see that movie! And I finally got a Clan Rose shirt--I outgrew my old one like 10 years ago.

Girls Camp

I am so so so so lucky that I got to go to girls camp, and that I am in the YW program in general.  It has set my testimony on fire and really gotten me excited about church and the Gospel and serving others and figuring out what I can do with the talents I've been given to help my girls.  Camp was one of the best weeks of my life!  I was amazed at how smoothly everything went and how happy I was to be there--I never had a moment of "I JUST WANT TO GO HOOOOME!" like I expected to.  I really grew to love the girls in my ward.  2 girls in the ward didn't come and I'm really bummed for them, because we grew together as a ward family in really surprising ways.  The girls think I am fun and I am SO not scared of them anymore :)

When I was in YW, our California camp was hardcore.  We weren't allowed tents, let alone cabins--we slept on the ground, and if it rained, we pulled tarps over ourselves.  We had nasty semi-outdoor showers and bathrooms.  We went on massively long hikes--the 4th years were out for 4 days and 3 nights!  We made fun of the Utah camps, because they were so cushy.  But now I am SO grateful for the cushiness.  Part of it is because, obviously, I appreciate a cabin with a bunk and a clean hot shower.  But I also feel like we were better able to focus on things other than surviving.  President Hinckley said that he wanted a nice place so that the young women of the church could do just that, which is why he had this camp that we stayed at built.  I really started to understand our Church's dedication to and love of women in that beautiful, dedicated place.  We felt blessed every day to be there. I know that every single girl gained spiritual strength while at camp, and so did I.  Our testimony meeting was incredible, and every single girl and leader shared their testimony.  We bonded and forged friendships that are sure to help the girls now that we are back home.  Some girls overcame huge personal challenges--I was  so proud of them.  We canoed on a pretty lake (the leaders got paddle boats, which was super fun) and did a crazy intense challenge course--which was pretty much the most terrifying thing I have done in a million years.  I almost wet myself, and I did cry from fear.  The girls wrote a hilarious skit based on Hunger Games that everyone loved--the skits are a really big deal in this stake, unlike at home when I was a girl  We all learned a lot from each other and shared each other's light. It was incredible.  The Sunday we got back I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting about camp, and it was the easiest thing in the world and I even felt good about it!  I think it's because we had such an amazingly spiritual time and I had a million good things to say about the girls and what we all learned.

All our girls, plus our camp director, Jami, who is incredible

Climbing the 30 ft. pole

Crossing the 20 ft. tightrope in my ratty slippery old Toms.

Not a flattering picture, but at least the zipline was an awesome non-scary payoff.

I told the girls to look miserable in this picture.  Our ward is cranky in the morning.

The "Good Works Games" love triangle. 

After our hike, about to hit the lake.

Jami is awesome and I learned a lot from her.

Our Bishop is AMAZING. We love him.

I feel so good in this calling.  There are a few things that I KNOW I am supposed to do, that are the reasons I was called to this position.  It feels good to have such a purpose and know that I am on the right path.  I haven't been very strong, spiritually-speaking, for the last couple years.  I finally know that I'm doing the right thing and it feels amazing.

I'm in the process of making a slideshow, which meant going through the 700+ pictures that I took.  Our Mutual activity on Wednesday is an after-camp party--we're going to watch the slideshow, eat treats, and play a game that we loved up there at camp.  The girls and I are so excited!

Solemn Vow

Oh em gee, guys.  The last time I treated blogging with such a cavalier attitude was when I was pregnant with Ruby and in the throes of morning sickness and too sick to sit at a computer.  I am not pregnant right now.  I just have 2 callings, a toddler, fun summer plans, and several posts I should have already written so now I feel pressure that I can't handle.  But today is the day. I'm catching up.  Things should really be split up in separate posts though, and I need to finish making this flyer for mutual and then go give it to the girls, so this is just me promising that today I will write 3 blog posts.

1. Camp
2. Highland Games
3. Other things I guess

Okay. Cool. Peace out.