Tuesday, July 28, 2009

If you need to fall apart, I can mend a broken heart


I haven't stopped listening to Savage Garden since I got home. Ok, really I haven't stopped listening to Savage Garden since I drove with my parents and Katy from our reunion in LA to Concord 3 weeks ago. My love for Savage Garden was reignited as soon as I heard the opening notes of "Crash and Burn." I may as well be perfectly honest--I started crying. It was joyful. That song meant SO MUCH to me...and apparently it still does! I just...love them. I owe my mom for taking Katy and me to a Savage Garden concert in middle school. Listening to them in the car with Katy was crazy. I know those songs so well, but hadn't listened to them in years.

So now I just sit at my computer and listen to "Crash and Burn" and "Hold Me Tonight" on repeat.


Sunday, July 26, 2009


I'm home! I am currently blogging from my living room, where Kyle is watching The Departed on FX--I don't think I'm a huge fan. There are 9 cupcakes in front of me, and a little heart cake, but Kyle and I just don't feel like eating them. It's so sad. I made some killer chocolate buttercream frosting.

Katy and I sat and watched movies/shows for hours while making stuff for her Etsy shop. It was really fun--especially when we were watching The IT Crowd and 28 Days Later. Honestly, 28 Days Later is the zombie movie to end all zombie movies. I actually watched it twice while I was home. just because I couldn't stop thinking about it. The weirdest part is that it made me like Cillian Murphy. I have disliked/feared him ever since Batman Begins, even when he isn't in a bad guy role. But this movie TOTALLY changed my mind. I don't exactly recommend it to my blog readers, because it is definitely rated R for some reasons. But WOW it's so Danny Boyle, which is a really. good. thing. Who else could make a zombie movie something that is beautiful, moving, and a cinematic triumph?

Oh! If you need a book that is good and fun and light, read Sorcery and Cecelia. I like what Katy said about it on her book blog. I LOVED it.

I can't remember all the other things that I wanted to blog about. This will have to do.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The latest on Danny

Some of you already know what's been going on in my family the last week or so.  My brother-in-law Danny--husband of Christy and father of Lucy, combined thug and surfer, who I totally love as a brother--was diagnosed last Friday with Hodgkins lymphoma.  While it's totally scary to hear the "cancer" word, this is absolutely the best kind of cancer to get.  With his age and strength and all that, it's like 95% curable.  I'm really glad that I'm home right now, because with all the tests and appointments, it's been pretty crazy.  We're moving Christy and Danny out of Davis and into Clayton, which has been a big job.  When I'm not packing and moving boxes, I'm babysitting Lucy so that her parents can get stuff done.  We're staying positive and are relying on prayer to keep us that way.  Last Sunday we had a really great ward/family fast, ending with a family dinner.  We feel the Lord's blessings especially keenly right now, and I'm amazed at the support from our family and friends.  I know that Christy and Danny are especially grateful for prayers and kind words.

Christy just created a new blog to keep people updated on everything: dannyleiningerfamily.blogspot.com

We love you!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I don't have a ton of time. I am in California, hanging out with my family, and it is SO FUN.  We play all day!  Katy and I have been watching things and making things.  Lucy and I have been singing things and tickling things.  My parents and I eat things and talk about things and buy things.  It's wonderful. Saw Harry Potter. SYTYCD last night was amazing (Jason was the best of the night!) and I'm totally relieved.  Of course the only drawback is missing Kyle.  We talk a lot and email a lot and telepath a lot.  

Once in a while Lucy looks around, puts her finger to her lips, and says "Shhh. Dyle sleeping."  Why else wouldn't he be playing with her? They bonded a lot last weekend and she misses him.  

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This week has just been awesome--and I suppose the weekend before was awesome too. All along the way I thought "I need to blog about this!" but of course now I can't remember anything specific. We're just really happy. Kyle is the sweetest, and we've been having a lot of fun with activities, movies, and food.

Highlights that I can remember:
  • Bombay House
  • Finishing my stupid IS course
  • Sewing more felt food--plus a pizza this time!
  • Shaved ice from that amazing place
  • Lunch with Alyssa and Jessica
  • Seeing Wolverine at the dollar theater
  • An afternoon up the canyon with Kyle
  • So much Taco Bell. It's just the best.
  • Watching Sliding Doors because Kyle wanted to
  • Talking to Lucy on the phone
  • Buying presents for mi familia (the summer=birthday time for my sisters)
  • Watching a geeky show with Jessica over frozen yogurt
  • Getting lost on purpose in the middle of the night in Benjamin, UT
  • Spending my days reading
  • Cleaning the entire house

And NOW we're taking off on vacation! Our flight leaves tonight. We'll be in LA for the weekend for a beachy family reunion, then we're going to Disneyland (!) with my little family (parents and siblings and Lucy), and then Kyle is coming back to Provo. And I'm staying with my family at home--for nearly 2 weeks! I'm excited to hang out at home for so long, but I AM sad at leaving Kyle for so long. If you have the opportunity, be nice to him so he doesn't get too lonesome.

I need to pack. Hopefully it will be fun and exciting.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I recommend it.

This is the best book I've read in a LONG TIME. And I have been reading a mile a minute lately, so that's a pretty big deal. It wasn't exciting or fast-paced or anything like that, but it was a pleasure to read. I enjoyed myself so thoroughly that I was morbidly depressed when it was over--not because I was dying to know what happened next, but because I knew I would miss the characters that were practically my friends by the time I finished. It's shortish, but somehow the characters were able to win my heart quickly and easily. They were so lovable. I want to hang out with them. I'm really sad that the author passed away, so there won't be a sequel. Not only was it lovely, but I learned a lot! I had no idea that the Channel Islands were occupied by the Nazis--and I loved learning about the experiences of the people there. So pretty much, this book deserves a "wow" and a heartfelt smile.