Thursday, July 9, 2009

This week has just been awesome--and I suppose the weekend before was awesome too. All along the way I thought "I need to blog about this!" but of course now I can't remember anything specific. We're just really happy. Kyle is the sweetest, and we've been having a lot of fun with activities, movies, and food.

Highlights that I can remember:
  • Bombay House
  • Finishing my stupid IS course
  • Sewing more felt food--plus a pizza this time!
  • Shaved ice from that amazing place
  • Lunch with Alyssa and Jessica
  • Seeing Wolverine at the dollar theater
  • An afternoon up the canyon with Kyle
  • So much Taco Bell. It's just the best.
  • Watching Sliding Doors because Kyle wanted to
  • Talking to Lucy on the phone
  • Buying presents for mi familia (the summer=birthday time for my sisters)
  • Watching a geeky show with Jessica over frozen yogurt
  • Getting lost on purpose in the middle of the night in Benjamin, UT
  • Spending my days reading
  • Cleaning the entire house

And NOW we're taking off on vacation! Our flight leaves tonight. We'll be in LA for the weekend for a beachy family reunion, then we're going to Disneyland (!) with my little family (parents and siblings and Lucy), and then Kyle is coming back to Provo. And I'm staying with my family at home--for nearly 2 weeks! I'm excited to hang out at home for so long, but I AM sad at leaving Kyle for so long. If you have the opportunity, be nice to him so he doesn't get too lonesome.

I need to pack. Hopefully it will be fun and exciting.

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