Tuesday, January 28, 2014

january 28

Fun week!

Ruby had her first empanada, from Lomitos. So good.

Our big excitement this week was a visit from Grandma Barbara over the weekend. We took her to check out the Waffle Love store in Provo. Super cute! And delicious. My waffle card is already full...I can go get a free one!

Mmm Zupas.

We went to City Creek and Temple Square in Salt Lake City. Way fun.

It was a big Sunday for Ruby. She gave the talk in Primary! It was especially fun that her grandma could be there to watch her.

Ok so I shouldn't take pics in Sacrament mtg. but they were so cute together.

 We love when Grandma comes.

Today something amazing happened: I found the Elsa Magic Clip doll!  I have been looking for ages but have never seen it in a store-- and it's ridiculously overpriced online because it's so hard to find. I was so excited to buy it! Now Ruby doesn't have to pretend that Cinderella is Elsa anymore.

6 months!

Little baby Jane isn't so little!  We took her to the doctor yesterday for her 6 month check up.  She is big!  Her stats:
Weight: 17.5 lbs  (75%)
Height: 27.75 in (98%)
Head circumference...like 63 percentile or something

Did you see that? 98th percentile!  Giant girl.

To compare, Ruby was in the 52% for weight and 85% for height.

 Jane loves Ruby, her dad, hopefully her mom, her jumpy chair, rice cereal, kisses behind her ear, when Dad pretends to eat her tummy, and watching Ruby dance.  My favorite thing about her (besides her amazing magical chunky legs) is how smiley she is. She has the most pleasant demeanor. She is just a happy girl.

She can roll, but doesn't often. She's almost sitting up by herself. She is okay with her exersaucer, but it ain't no thang.  She has very little hair! I can't get a clip in there at all.

 She is a fantastic sleeper.  Kyle puts her in bed at 7ish, I feed her between 4 and 5, and then I don't hear from her again until like 8 or 9. Naps during the day are a little bit harder but she generally doesn't complain too much. I just can't get her to sleep for more than an hour at a time.

She was so cute at the doctor. I love her big tummy. And she is SO drooly!

My sweet bunny.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

january 22

Ruby had a fun time playing with my glasses.

Ruby is learning about money. She earns fifty cents for cleaning her room without help (I usually just sit on her bed and give her suggestions about what to do next). She is currently saving up to buy a Rapunzel necklace set from Target, which costs 6 bucks. I think she's like halfway there! Kyle is teaching her about coin denominations--it's so cute when she figures out how many dollars she has.

 After two hours of working out on Wednesday, Celia and I went to The Chocolate because we were dying for a mint brownie (for me) and a piece of The Husband cake (for Cil). When we got there, we were DEVASTATED to find that they were all gone. The girl in front of us got the last piece of Celia's cake.

BUT. On Saturday, after going to the temple, Celia and I tried again! And were victorious! There was ONE mint brownie left, and Cil got the LAST PIECE of The Husband. 

Ruby wanted to marry Kyle, so we had a wedding ceremony for them. They exchanged rings and I sang while they had their first dance.  Kyle refuses to kiss our kids on the lips because he thinks it's weird (I don't think it's weird) so it was funny when Ruby kept trying to tackle him to the floor to kiss him on the lips.

 Month 1 of my resolutions are complete!  Well, they will be when I blog one more time after this and we have one more week of FHE.  I'm proud though!

 Such tired eyes.

The last couple weeks, Jane has really discovered that she has a sister. She LOVES Ruby. She laughs at her antics all the time.  Even when she's not in the mood to smile at me, she ALWAYS has a smile for Ruby.  It's irritating sometimes when I'm trying to nurse because if she hears Ruby's voice she won't eat--she has to turn her head to watch whatever Ruby is doing.

She can't really hold her own bottle yet, but sometimes I let her try so I can help Ruby or something.

We just preordered Frozen!  I'm so excited! They gave us these lithographs when we ordered.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

january 14

My instagram is not working. Every time I try to insta a picture it crashes.  I've deleted it and reloaded it...same thing! Super irritating. So it's good I'm blogging again because I'm sure the grandparents are perishing without updates from their babies.

Jane LOVES the bouncy chair. I also love it.  She is willing to sit in that thing long enough for me to take a shower or make dinner.  It's just about the only thing that will entertain her for that long. I love watching her bounce and spin in that thing.

I'm obsessed with a local food truck, Waffle Love, and they introduced me to Biscoff. Oh my gosh it's good.  One night, Kyle made liege waffles (tricky and fancy) and got Biscoff to recreate the Waffle Love treat.  He said he's never going to make those waffles again because it took him 45 minutes to clean the waffle iron, but now we have a whole jar of Biscoff! Oh man I'm totally going to try it on toast as soon as I'm done with this post.

Ruby, pumping.  From her stomach?

 Sleeping Beauty reading to a rolling Jane.

Jane finally enjoys spending time on her tummy. She can roll, but doesn't do it often.  The only time she gets up on her knees in a crawling stance is when she's sick of being on her stomach and crying.

OBSESSED with grabbing her toes. It's a constant thing. I love it.

We took Ruby to her first Indian restaurant! She loved this painting of elephants. I thought she'd like the food more than she did--she did eat a ton of rice, but she thought the chicken was too spicy.  She thought the naan was okay--bizarre child, she doesn't understand that naan is the GREATEST FOOD IN THE WORLD.

Teething has struck. She was okay today, but yesterday was rough.

To make up for how awful yesterday was, Kyle took us to Zupas for dinner, my fave. Ruby always gets her own salad because she's obsessed. I was amazed at how much she eats--that bowl was overflowing when we got it! She ate that whole thing by herself.

Cute baby.

 Frozen party!

Ruby looked angelic at Rice King tonight.