Wednesday, January 22, 2014

january 22

Ruby had a fun time playing with my glasses.

Ruby is learning about money. She earns fifty cents for cleaning her room without help (I usually just sit on her bed and give her suggestions about what to do next). She is currently saving up to buy a Rapunzel necklace set from Target, which costs 6 bucks. I think she's like halfway there! Kyle is teaching her about coin denominations--it's so cute when she figures out how many dollars she has.

 After two hours of working out on Wednesday, Celia and I went to The Chocolate because we were dying for a mint brownie (for me) and a piece of The Husband cake (for Cil). When we got there, we were DEVASTATED to find that they were all gone. The girl in front of us got the last piece of Celia's cake.

BUT. On Saturday, after going to the temple, Celia and I tried again! And were victorious! There was ONE mint brownie left, and Cil got the LAST PIECE of The Husband. 

Ruby wanted to marry Kyle, so we had a wedding ceremony for them. They exchanged rings and I sang while they had their first dance.  Kyle refuses to kiss our kids on the lips because he thinks it's weird (I don't think it's weird) so it was funny when Ruby kept trying to tackle him to the floor to kiss him on the lips.

 Month 1 of my resolutions are complete!  Well, they will be when I blog one more time after this and we have one more week of FHE.  I'm proud though!

 Such tired eyes.

The last couple weeks, Jane has really discovered that she has a sister. She LOVES Ruby. She laughs at her antics all the time.  Even when she's not in the mood to smile at me, she ALWAYS has a smile for Ruby.  It's irritating sometimes when I'm trying to nurse because if she hears Ruby's voice she won't eat--she has to turn her head to watch whatever Ruby is doing.

She can't really hold her own bottle yet, but sometimes I let her try so I can help Ruby or something.

We just preordered Frozen!  I'm so excited! They gave us these lithographs when we ordered.

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Christy said...

I love Ruby's kissy lips in that first pic. I used to think kissing your kids on the lips was weird too-but then I had Lucy and I couldn't resist:)