Monday, April 27, 2009


Today was Day 1 of working full time for two weeks. I already feel pretty done with it, but hey, I like money. And once the two weeks is over, I'll never work there again! That actually kind of sucks because it's a great job, but still, no work is much better than work (when you're married to someone who has a sweet job).

Today wasn't too bad though. Especially not when compared to Kyle's work day--he has to work 11 hour shifts for the next two weeks. I went out to lunch with my work friend (Noodles & Co!) and went online shopping! I'm such a great employee, yeah? Jennifer gave me money for graduation and I was THRILLED to spend it all on books (plus While You Were Sleeping, which I really should own). Soon I'll have many packages of books in my mailbox. So exciting! Here are the books I got:

(Can you tell I'm in the mood for a certain genre?)

6 books! And 3 of those are the first books of 3 different series, so that opens the way for a multiplicity of new books. I hope they're good. All of them are based on recommendations, so hopefully I'll like them.

ALSO I found out that the sequel to Hunger Games is coming out in September. I'll probably hold my breath until then.

In other news: Celia, Katy, and the rest of my family are gone. I'm depressed. Very depressed.  Also depressing: the prospect of watching 24 tonight.  My heart just isn't in it anymore.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The rest of this week goes as follows:
*I graduate
*I hang out with Lucy

That's it!  Wonderful!  I'm not even looking forward to graduation because it kind of cuts in to my family time--but that's okay, because they want to be there even if I don't.  (At least, Mom does!)  We have a great movie planned (starring Lucy the Werewolf) and a great birthday party planned (starring Lucy the 2 year old) and lots of Bajio meals planned (directed by, produced by, and starring Christy my sister).  We also have to move out Katy because she's going to ENGLAND on MONDAY.  I don't really want to talk about that because I'm sad she's leaving, even though it's awesome for her.

Kyle and I are going to pick up Mom, Christy, and Lucy tonight.  I can hardly breathe with excitement.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Moving on

We just put our apartment up on craigslist.  I am SO excited to be moving out--we have so many plans with Council Bluffs and Emily, and the 4 of us can't wait to live together.  If you don't know us, you might think it's weird--but trust me, it's awesome.  They have a gigantic house.  Kyle and I basically have a floor to ourselves (I guess we'll let them come down to use the laundry room, but only if they let us up to use the kitchen).   We're saving money, they're making money.  It works out great.  Even more than that, we all just are such good friends and love spending time together.  Emily and I have tremendous plans for the summer.  We have Google notebooks FULL of ideas.  Kyle and CB also have plans--manly plans like building a fence with their shirts off.  (Kyle wants me to emphasize that that is not in a gay way.)  The idea to live together started out as a joke, but the more we thought about it, the more serious we became!  Ever since we decided, it's pretty much all we talk/think about.   We're going to hang out all summer anyways, so we may as well make it super convenient and just live together.

So there are tons of reasons to be excited about leaving.  But at the same time--it just hit me that I have to leave the first home I have made with Kyle.  Isn't that kind of sad? Am I weird to feel a little bittersweet about it?  I mean, I for sure am not having second thoughts about leaving, and I know that we are going to have many homes together and each one is going to be special.   I'll be fine, and actually I can't wait to get rid of it.  Moving is going to be so much fun.  But I wouldn't be me if I didn't feel a little sad to say goodbye to our cute little apartment.  

Here's the link on craigslist.  I don't foresee problems with selling our contract (marriage housing is in huge demand in Provo) so I'm not soliciting--mostly I just want Mom to make sure there are no typos :)

And if you happen to be looking for a sweet apartment, I would love to sell mine to you.  I don't want anyone uncoolvto move in--is it lame that I totally care about that? It's like selling your puppy to someone who will give it a good home--only this is the good home that I want to go to someone awesome.  It would be fun if I knew the folks moving in.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My bidness

So, today is my last day of classes. Ever.  I'll never go to a formal academic class again.  For now it's exciting, but I KNOW that in six months I'll miss it.  It feels so weird.  I'm glad that my last class EVER will be Welsh. 

I got so sunburned yesterday!  I kind of look like an idiot.  Today, instead of being warm and sunny, is cool and rainy--I can't stand it!

I got my new sandals.  $20 at Target.  Not so bad, right?  I decided that I love huarache sandals.  They remind me of my mom.  They are going to give me a freaky tan line though.   I wore them yesterday for the first time.  Anything that Celia AND Grandma Kay compliments me on has to be awesome.

Don't even talk to me about 24 last night.  It's pretty much dead to me.  It hasn't really sunk in--as soon as the episode ended, we all decided to talk about something else because it put us in such a bad mood.  I am really mad at the writers.  YOU NEED SOME GOOD GUYS TO LOVE, OKAY GUYS?  I'm glad CB and Emily were there to distract me from the rage.

Why do I read things that I KNOW will make me sad?  I'm re-reading The Mayor of Casterbridge.  I love this book, and the movie.  But I KNOW it will just depress me to no end!  It is just SO SAD.  I'm such a freak. 

Soon I will have zero classes to go to.  Crazy!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bad News and Good News

The Bad News:

I don't know where to begin.  I just hated this movie.  Katy and I saw it after school yesterday, hoping to have fun times, and were sorely disappointed.  The whole time I was watching it, I was thinking "Oh man, I can't wait to blog about this"--turns out Katy was thinking the same thing.  Unfortunately, neither of us has mustered the strength.  There's just too much.

It was upsetting.  It was gross.  It was scary. (Normally scary is good, just not in this movie.)  The whole point is all of these disasters that take place, which is fine--but they just showed way too many disturbing images.  (I don't think I'm getting soft in my old age, but it's possible....just not likely.)  The sound effects were often too loud (I have NEVER noticed that before, it's not like I'm weird about loud movies).  It was stupid.  It was sad but it didn't earn any of my emotional investment, so it just made me feel manipulated.  It was tragic without being beautiful.  It was hopeless!  Since when can we absolutely give up hope in humanity?!  None of the characters were likable--they were actually definitively UNlikable.  And most of the time I felt like liberal propaganda was being shoved down my throat.  

I never knew that I didn't like Nicolas Cage--come on man, It Could Happen To You was so good!  What happened?  Katy and I agreed that the movie would have been a lot easier to stomach if it had been pretty much ANYONE ELSE.  He was just awful and awkward and offputting.  

Anyways.  Instead of being fun, it was stupid.  At least Katy and I had a good time ranting about it as we left.  Her post about it might be less negative than mine--Katy could see some merit in the story, just took issue with the execution.

The Good News:

Kyle is going on a blogging spree!  If you are someone who reads Kyle's blog, you will know that this is very exciting.  Kyle is my favorite blogger in the world.  I get excited every time he blogs.  Before I knew him and just had a secret crush on him because he was hot/had an attractive name/was obviously cool, I stayed up all night reading his archives.  I remember sitting in my room with Celia, both of us at our laptops, at like 3 AM--laughing uproariously.   He is JUST SO FUNNY.  For a good time, I highly recommend his archives.  Anyways, his blogging has been LAME since we got married--that is, he doesn't blog very often.  He's finally realized how lame that is and figured out that if he wants people to read his blog, he's gotta blog more often.  SO.  April is the month of posts--and hopefully a better blogging habit will be established.  Check it well.  Check it often.  And you should probably comment so that it will finally get through to his brain that if he blogs regularly, people will read it regularly!  

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Christy, do not take this the wrong way

Ok.  There's this picture of Lucy.  Every time I look at it I die laughing.  EVERY TIME.  It is just hysterical!  Christy blogged it a while ago, and it totally reminded me of something. I just figured it out:


Don't be offended, Christy.  Lucy being The Host is actually pretty awesome.

And sorry if that grosses anyone out.  X-Files is my favorite thing--of course I thought of it.  Katy won't watch this episode because this guy freaks her out so much--maybe it's a bad idea to make her look at this picture.  Sorry everyone (and especially Katy)!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My thoughts at 4:30 pm

My upstairs neighbors make an incredible amount of noise.  Honestly.  I have no idea how they accomplish it.  I'll be glad when we move in with CB/Emily and we can at least holler up the stairs at them.

I am dying for a new pair of sandals--I have 7 year old flip flops that are finally too thin to wear (every pebble hurts) and my Tevas, which I love, but aren't appropriate for EVERY occasion (ok, most occasions, but I don't have the courage to wear them to church).  Urban Outfitters has a couple pairs that I am in love with, but $30 for sandals seems like a lot.  Is it?  I guess I'm just used to $15 shoes.

I shouldn't have eaten that cookie dough.

Monday, April 6, 2009

I feel good.

I feel better.
I have written 9 of the necessary 10 pages, and it's not even 7 o'clock.
I smell steak and potatoes that Kyle is making.
Tonight's episode of 24 is going to be exciting.
I'm making cookie dough soon to celebrate my paper being done (or almost done).
After this paper I can relax for a bit.
This is my last full week as a student.  Ever.
I get to see Lucy in 16 days.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

not cool

Well, I definitely stayed sick.  Totally messed up my plan for the week!  No working out every day, no awesome meals every night, and I totally slacked on school and work.  Not cool.  So, I'm still sick, but can't afford to take any days off this week.  I'm spending today as much in bed as I can, to prepare for the week to come, but it's not exactly relaxing--I have a ten page paper to write.  It's harder than you might think to write a paper in between conference sessions.  I've written about a page so far, so I decided I deserved a break.  

Kyle has spent a good part of the day cleaning the house.  It looks awesome.  Our bedroom has been really messy lately--maybe the dirtiest it's been since moving in.  And it's all my fault, and it's been really stressing me out. I feel much better when it's clean, I just haven't had the time or health to take care of it!  So I am very grateful for Kyle's cleaning mood.  He says he's enjoying himself, so I'm trying not to feel too guilty.

Last night was really fun.  Katy and Emily and I went to Joann's to check out their sale (Emily and I have a ton of summer projects ahead of us!) and bought some good stuff.  Later Emily and I ate Ben and Jerry's and watched Moulin Rouge while our husbands were at Priesthood session together.  It was so fun.  There's no way I could ever forget how much I love that movie, but my love was somehow still reawakened as I showed it to Emily.  Man.  Great shades of my sophomore year of high school returning.

Ok...I have more paper to write (an obscene amount, actually) and I hear some leftover Ben and Jerry's calling my name.