Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My bidness

So, today is my last day of classes. Ever.  I'll never go to a formal academic class again.  For now it's exciting, but I KNOW that in six months I'll miss it.  It feels so weird.  I'm glad that my last class EVER will be Welsh. 

I got so sunburned yesterday!  I kind of look like an idiot.  Today, instead of being warm and sunny, is cool and rainy--I can't stand it!

I got my new sandals.  $20 at Target.  Not so bad, right?  I decided that I love huarache sandals.  They remind me of my mom.  They are going to give me a freaky tan line though.   I wore them yesterday for the first time.  Anything that Celia AND Grandma Kay compliments me on has to be awesome.

Don't even talk to me about 24 last night.  It's pretty much dead to me.  It hasn't really sunk in--as soon as the episode ended, we all decided to talk about something else because it put us in such a bad mood.  I am really mad at the writers.  YOU NEED SOME GOOD GUYS TO LOVE, OKAY GUYS?  I'm glad CB and Emily were there to distract me from the rage.

Why do I read things that I KNOW will make me sad?  I'm re-reading The Mayor of Casterbridge.  I love this book, and the movie.  But I KNOW it will just depress me to no end!  It is just SO SAD.  I'm such a freak. 

Soon I will have zero classes to go to.  Crazy!


McKenzie said...

Oh my gosh. I just watched 24 and I am fuming! I am debating about whether or not to even finish the season. The writers must be trying to write the season off because they are pissing off a lot of viewers.

Kyle said...

The next season of 24 should be a reality show. We'll dress the writers up like terrorists, unleash Jack on them, and whoever survives will be allowed to live as the grand prize, but will still be fired.

Jennifer Ricks said...

Oh, Thomas Hardy, how you've changed my life!!!

Jennifer Ricks said...
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