Monday, September 14, 2015

Kidless Disneyland Trip

This year, for Christy's birthday, she got her ultimate dream come true: a surprise trip to Disneyland!  Mom took her 3 girls for one day in both parks, with NO KIDS.  It has been many years since we got to go without kids and it was so fun.  

I found these cute Star Wars Disneyland shirts.  We HAD to match.

I have always really loved the Rancor Monster :)

We are totally freaks about Cars Land.  Walking down the road in Radiator Springs usually makes at least 2 of us cry at any given moment.  And man, I cried doing the Radiator Racers EVERY SINGLE TIME.  And we did it like 4 or 5 times!  Mostly because Paul Newman is dead (sob).  WE JUST REALLY LOVE CARS I GUESS.

 Christy and Katy are OBSESSED with Space Mountain. I am not. I used to be--but it makes me really sick now.  My quality of life has gone down DRAMATICALLY now that roller coasters mess with me.  I'm so sad!

Katy and I forced Mom and Christy to go on Tower of Terror!  I loooove that ride. I get super freaked out but in a good way.  Christy ended up really liking it, and Mom...I don't know if Mom would actually do it again, but she was a good sport.  Her screaming was pretty intense.