Sunday, June 28, 2009

I highly DON'T recommend Year One. I can deal with some off-color humor, as can Kyle, and we walked into this movie prepared (we thought). But MAN it was nasty, in pretty much every way imaginable. If it was funny and good enough, I could have seen past the gross parts--but there wasn't anything to redeem it. Michael Cera is still adorable though. I wish I had spent that money on another viewing of Star Trek instead. Kyle looks so much like Zachary Quinto sometimes. It's freaky.

The best shaved ice in Provo is across the street from Helaman Halls. I will be going there all summer. Last night we were forced to go to a different place, because the good one was closed--and it really wasn't nearly as delicious. Then we got attacked by bugs (really freaky ones that left HUGE mosquito-ish bites on Kyle and Alan's arms that disappeared a couple hours later--weird). It wasn't as cool as the other place. I was disappointed.

The Smith's manager special section OVERFLOWETH. You know how they usually have that one stand of cheap bakery items? Now it's that stand, plus THREE SHOPPING CARTS FULL. We went late last night and each got an item. I got powdered donuts, Alan got chocolate dipped donuts, and Kyle got a coconut cream pie. All were delicious. We sat and ate and watched Youtube clips into the wee hours. It was a great night.

My new tv obsession is So You Think You Can Dance? Christy begged me to start watching it so that she could have someone to talk to about it (she's been a fan for years) and it turns out I LOVE IT. It is so fun to watch! And apparently I like to watch dancing. Who knew? I like a lot of the dancers but my absolute favorite is JASON!!! I love him. I actually voted for him (I know, I know) because he's been in the bottom two couples for two weeks in a row now! Scary! Christy and I finally got to watch it together last week when my family was in town, and it was so fun. Both of our hearts stopped when we thought Jason was going to get kicked off. Now I'm going to make her vote every week to keep him safe. He and his partner Caitlin are just so cute. I know we're incredibly dorky, but man it is so fun!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun vacation over :(

Here I am, all alone at 11 am.  That means that my family is gone.  Everyone came to Utah to get Katy from the airport--which was total surprise for her.  They spent the week here (except poor Dad, he had to go home on Monday) and left at the crack of dawn this morning.  We had so much fun!  It was great to see Katy again and to hang out with my whole family.  I would be way sad that they're gone, but I'll see them for our family reunion is just a couple of weeks. 

Some highlights:

  • Bajio nearly every day
  • Veteran's Memorial Pool (I'm only slightly sunburned)
  • 3 movies: Terminator Salvation, 17 Again, and Star Trek--Katy had to catch up!
  • Tai-Pan (wholesale home decor warehouse...SO FUN)
  • Zupas twice (I finally found something I love there--the Honey Bacon sandwich, hold the tomatoes)
  • A great Father's Day barbecue
  • Downeast Outfitters (got cute shirt for Kyle and found great curtains for Mom)
  • Kangaroo Zoo (Lucy didn't get tired until she'd been there for 2 hours!)
  • Making a sequel to Lulu Kong--this time, she's a werewolf
  • Eating at The Pie
  • Getting a pedicure with Mom
  • Park City outlet mall
  • Teaching Lucy how to water a lawn--thanks for your hose and grass, Council Bluffs!
  • Rice King!
  • Watching Lucy play with Boomer, my aunt Diana's Boxer
  • The presents Katy brought us from her travels

Playing with Lucy=the most fun part

Kyle and I also got our new iMac!  I'm blogging from it right now.  I LOVE it.  It's definitely going to take some time to mentally switch from PC to Mac, but I think it is so fun.  Now I have a completely Mac family.  Now we just have to name it.

I took hardly any pictures of our fun week.  Hopefully Christy and Mom did better!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Awkward? But happy?

I'm in a shockingly good mood. It's just been a really day. Celia has been in town this week and we've had a lot of fun together, and today we were just freakishly productive. We moved the rest of her stuff out of her old garage, got her old broken car towed away, had an adventure in Lindon trying to get her Comcast cancelled, and were entirely successful. Everything just worked and a lot of her stress was relieved. Then she left to go to the airport (sad, but I'll see her again) and I went to the BEST DINNER EVER at Taco Bell with Kyle. My bean burrito sans onions was freakishly good. I was just in a great mood. And THEN we bought candy and soda and went to the dollar theater, which I love. We saw 17 Again and--I'm going to be embarrassingly honest--LOVED IT. I know that movie is totally old news, AND it should never be news to begin with because come on, Zac Efron? But you know what, I'm just going to say it. I LIKE ZAC EFRON. I'm going to choose to believe that it is acceptable because Kyle, Christy, AND Danny like Zac Efron, and they are all very cool individuals. In fact, Danny was a VERY good Zac Efron last Halloween. And Lucy already sings HSM 3 songs at the top of her lungs. Anyways, we laughed hysterically and had a great time. It could partially be because of my already great mood, buuuuut I'm pretty sure that it was just a really funny movie and Zac Efron is really likeable.

The house is clean, I have some projects to do, and Katy returns to America in TWO DAYS!!!! I am SO EXCITED to see her again!

Ok but really, how embarrassing is it really to like Zac Efron?

Monday, June 8, 2009

One Project Done.

I am an entirely uncrafty person, but I do feel the desire to make things lately.  This weekend (yes, it took me a while because I'm new at this) I made this little felt breakfast food set.  You can't really see their cute little faces in the pictures, but I like them.  I think the toast is my favorite.    I think it's cute!  It did get me in the mood to make more things.  Afterwards, Kyle showed me how to work Katy's fancy schmancy sewing machine and I'm looking at ideas of what to make next.  I think I even remember how to rethread the needle.  That's a big deal.  

Friday, June 5, 2009


I don't think I ever mentioned on this blog that I just walked for graduation in April, and it's not official until August.  Did I?  No.  Well, I had an English Independent Study course to finish up, and for some reason it was a BEAST.  I absolutely HATED it.  The distance-learning style totally doesn't work for me, and the course was just totally awful.  Anyways, it's been stressing me out way more than it should (Nancy correctly called it my albatross) and it was going frustratingly slow.  I want to have a freaking summer to relax!  SO, yesterday I decided enough was enough.  I woke up at 7 and got dropped off at the library at 8 (which was no small feat, beacuse of my aforementioned sleeping problems...definitely did all this on 3 hours of sleep) and finished every single assignment.  I wrote about a million pages that had previously seemed impossible.  I can't submit them all yet (only 3 at a time) and therefore can't take the final and be absolutely finished with it, BUT all of the work is done and I am FREE.  I can't believe I finished it all in one day--I thought that was impossible.  I gave myself a prize for each assignment I finished, and that really motivated me.  Here are my prizes:

1. Dinner at PF Chang's--that was a shoe-in because I only had to do one assignment for it.  We're going tonight.

2. An Etsy necklace--especially fun because during breaks I could peruse Etsy and figure out which one I want.  I'm still looking.   No picture because I can't narrow down my options!

3. Cheapo shoes--I don't really know where to look. I'm usually an Urban Outfitters shoe-wearer, but none of their sale shoes are that appealing.  Again,  no picture.  No ideas yet.  Suggestions welcome.

4. It started getting hard to come up with things I want.  I decided on this nifty-looking battery operated face cleanser/massager thingy that I saw at Smiths. Kyle found a coupon for it--I tried it last night and it feels soooo good.  And my face felt super smooth and soft after only one use.

5. A manicure.  Ok, this is a big one.  I have bitten my nails my ENTIRE LIFE.  Every year I try really hard to stop--especially before my wedding--but I just could never break the habit.  UNTIL NOW.  I don't know what was different this time around, but my nails are long, I haven't bitten them in weeks, and I don't even want to!  It's pretty miraculous.  Anyways, a manicure would be so fun because I've never had one where they didn't put on fake nails.  A REAL manicure sounds awesome.

Anyways, those are my prizes.  I really didn't think I'd make it all the way to #5.  I'm pretty thrilled to be done with the stupid class AND get these fun prizes.  Maybe now I'll feel really graduated? Not yet, but...soon maybe.

(I was so exhausted yesterday, going off 3 hours of sleep.  But last night I STILL had a hard time, even though alllll day I had to try really hard to stay awake.  I finally went to sleep around 1, but then woke up at 6:30 and couldn't ever go back to sleep.  I've been waking up REALLY uncomfortably late for weeks so it's really strange.  What is wrong with me?  I'm just so tired!)

Monday, June 1, 2009

weekend update

Kyle and I had a great weekend!  We just felt so social and carefree.  First of all, Katy P. is moving--today.  I am SO sad because she has been one of my closest friends since I was a freshman in the dorms.  We lived together for ages and stayed friends even when she moved to Salt Lake.  We have a ton of memories together.  I am really going to miss her, and her boyfriend Chandler.  We went up to hang out with them one last time on Friday night, and it was awesome.  We ate at The Pie because Kyle was craving it--best pizza on the planet, I swear.  We went to the Gateway and hung out in our favorite stores, and went and got Italian sodas at this cute chocolate/desserty place by Katy P's house.  She passed on some awesome clothes, shoes, and accessories for Katy and me (wearing Katy P's hand-me-downs is what makes me cool).  And now she's gone and Utah is a bit sadder.  Man.  She was one of my few friends left in Utah!  I know that if I wanted, I could make new friends in my ward--but I tend to cling to my old friends instead of seeking out anyone new.

Saturday was also fun.  Kyle and I massively slept in, leaving the house at like 2 or 3 to go shopping at the mall (got a cute clearance shirt at Gap) and Costco (too crowded to actually wait in a line to just buy paper towels).  Then we went and got our free Blizzard at Dairy Queen--I think I'm finally converted to Blizzards.  The mint oreo was just delicious.  While there, Kyle mentioned that he really wanted to busy out the Smokey Joe, our cute little green barbecue grill.  We happened to know that Council Bluffs and Emily were hiking near Park City, and were planning on hanging out with us that night.  Therefore, of COURSE we called Alan and had a barbecue in CB's backyard before they got home.  They did get back in time to enjoy our dinner, however.  It was really good food and the boys did a good job grilling.  We hung out the rest of the night, watching The Bourne Ultimatum and reminiscing and coming up with devious schemes.  

Ok well...that's our update.  You're welcome, Mom :)