Tuesday, March 31, 2009

dang it

I feel sick.  I am so worried about getting sick right now.   I'm sure that being stressed about getting sick is adding to my sickness.  It's my last three weeks of school and I have a LOT to do about that.  Plus I'm trying to work out everyday.  And I hate missing work.  And once school slows down, my family is coming for graduation and I don't want to be sick for that!  I can't kiss Lucy eight million times if I'm sick.  So, in hopes that "taking it easy" will help, I didn't go to work today.  If I can miss one day of work and thereby save myself from missing more than one day by being sick, I would consider that worth it.  So here I am, taking it easy...stressing about the million things that I have to be doing.  I still have to go to my classes today--skipping is NOT an option.  I am not freaking out.  I might be standing on the precipice, but I am NOT there yet.  I'm going to cling to this not-freaking-out-ness for as long as possible!

So, I woke up and showered and got ready this morning, because I wasn't planning on missing work.  That means I went back to sleep in my full, fresh eyemakeup and hair that wasn't quite dry yet--I'm scared to get up and look in the mirror.  Oh, and instead of going back to sleep peacefully, I had a bad dream about Kyle turning into a werewolf.  He was still nice and everything, and I stood by him, but all of our friends rejected him and threatened to turn him in to the police (because you can get arrested for being a werewolf).  For some reason it as so upsetting!  I guess it was hiding from the cops that was stressful.  Anyways, not a good dream.

This week we planned our meals.   And they are real, good meals, including vegetables.  It's really fun and gives me something to look forward to...but I'm kind of wondering why we started THIS week.  Maybe a month from now would be better.  But maybe I just want to put off writing my papers, so I cook instead.  Foolish.  I also decided to start running every day.  Umm...when, Becca?  In all the time that you DON'T have?  Good idea.

Where was I going with this?  Oh yeah.  Taking it easy.  Yeah right.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

(I'm in a linking mood)

Yesterday was busy--and full of fun things.  

First of all, my darling little cousin Sarah got baptized and confirmed!  She was so excited to become a member of the Church and I am so proud of her.  The whole morning was very sweet.  I got to take care of Emma, who was very excited for her sister.  After the events at the church, we went back to Scott and Nancy's house for a party!  It was fun to visit with my relatives that we don't get to see very often--and to catch a glimpse of sleeping Lily.  We had pizza, salad, soda, and a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!!! Kyle was VERY excited for that :)

After the party, we had to get back to get some homework and various necessities done--lame, but necessary.  I ended up taking a very nice nap (we were up late the night before, hanging out with Council Bluffs and Emily).  Then there was a whirlwind of phone calls and planning, and we were on our way to Holi Fest!  There was crazy traffic, and we had to park really really far away, but it was so fun once we got there.  We met up with our friends and had a blast.  Great dancing--they even did Radha Kaise Na Jale, which is one our favorite songs!  Katy and I had to sing along.  We sat on the hillside with our friends and reveled in the culture.

The color part was pretty intense--apparently there were about 15 thousand people there.  I totally believe it. 

After we went home and showered (I love the crazy colors that the water turns after Holi), Julia and Taylor and Kendall came over.  The guys kept us up late with fun stories.  Kyle has so much fun with his Amarillo friends, and I basically just love Julia. 

I'm now suffering from post-Holi symptoms, like burning eyes and sore throat.  Not cool, but worth it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the haps

I hate blogging when I don't feel like it, but I also hate going for long periods of time without it, because catching up is the worst.

Well, Kyle and I just got back from running at the Smith Fieldhouse.  Eww.  Actually, I liked it, which is WEIRD, because hating running has been one of my most defining characteristics, or so I thought.  I still suck at it but I enjoyed myself.  Katy came with us, and she and I ran together while Kyle took off on his own.  We're going to do it regularly from now on.  I can't believe it.

Before we went running, we did something kind of cool.  We finally booked our trip for our first anniversary.  This is where we'll be hanging out for 6 days:

I can't even tell you how excited we are!  I went to Hawaii for a week with Women's Ensemble my senior year of high school, and I have always wanted to go back.  And now, to be able to go wherever I want, not have to sing everywhere, AND have Kyle with me?  HEAVEN.  

School continues to be awful, but only one more month until I'm done with it FOREVER.  My summer plans are awesome and I just need to hold out a little longer.  Sometimes it seems impossible...but I know I can get there.

Hmm what else...

FOOD: I almost made a meal involving vegetables tonight.  Mom was so proud of me.  BUT then we ran out of time...maybe tomorrow?  We're trying to eat healthier.

WORK: is going well.  I won't be working there much longer, which is kind of sad but kind of okay.  Today was my favorite co-workers birthday and we had a party--so much for the whole eating healthier thing.  Kyle's job is awesome still, except after going to a meeting yesterday he's worried about our 401k that we don't have.

BOOKS: I've just finished the Gregor the Overlander series, which was fun.   Same author as Hunger Games, although not nearly as good.  I'm now reading my first Neil Gaiman.  I need to read adult books again...but I'm just not in the mood lately.  Except I'm dying to read Middlemarch this summer.

TV: 24--stressful.  Biggest Loser--frustrating.  Seinfeld--always on.  American Idol--never watched by me.

WELSH--From now on, my Welsh class is meeting at my teacher's house because he broke his femur and can't move.  He is the coolest guy, so of course he has the coolest house.  Oh man--I love Tom.  And Welsh.

FEATHER HEADBANDS--love them! I made my first sale today :)

CHOCOLATE MILK--About to be consumed by me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last weekend

It was traumatic.

First of all, Bill Buchanan Tribute Party.  Guys.  Most of you know of my love for Bill Buchanan.  I don't even know what to say about him.  He is just so trustworthy, so adult, so in charge, so capable, so hot, and so...manly.  I love him.  And last week on 24, he sacrificed himself to save the President, to get rid of the African terrorists, and to enable Jack to find out who was helping them on the outside (dang Jon Voight).  It was a wonderful death.  No torture, no fear--just bravery.  Jack sat next to his body and cried.  It was beautiful.

Of course I bawled.  Kyle held me while I sobbed, right before he did it, while he did it, and for the next 15 minutes.  It's so lame they killed him in the first 10 minutes of the episode--because what else could I possibly care about in the next 50 minutes?  Thanks to all those who called me or wrote on my facebook wall with their condolences.

Anyways, the actor who plays Bill, James Morrison, is in an X-Files episode.  I happen to own every single X-Files episode that was ever made, so we arranged a Bill tribute party.  We watched "Theef", which is a very memorable and freaky episode.  Bill (I mean, James) is great in it, and he even doesn't get killed by the voodoo-using psychopath!  Katy and Celia came over to watch it, and we made a cake in his honor.  Ok the cake is really ugly and in the picture the frosting is sliding down because I frosted it while the cake was still warm, my bad.  BUT...still fun.

8:11 is when the silent clock paid tribute to Bill, on the show.  Notice the sliding frosting. Also, my mourning garb.

During on particularly gross/scary part, Kyle left the room to wash the dishes instead of watching Bill's (I mean, James') (I mean, his character's) wife get fried in the MRI machine while her voodoo doll is in the microwave (seriously, it's gross) (I'm glad I forgot about this episode while I was getting my MRI last year).  Suddenly, I heard yelling.  Manly yelling, of course.  I also see Kyle gripping his hand, blood everywhere, rushing to the bathroom.  I freaked out and ran after him.  There was so much blood, I could hardly see the wound, but thank heavens his finger was still attached to his hand.  We soon discovered we have zero first aid in our house, other than Bandaids.  Putting those bandaids on his finger was only gross because afterwards my hands and wrists were covered in Kyle's blood.  

Kyle tried to convince us that he didn't need stitches, but Celia and Katy and I agreed that we should take him to the ER.  Which we did.  3 hours later, Kyle walked out with 12 stitches on his index finger of his right hand (that one's not useful or anything).  It was quite an ordeal.  The numbing was the WORST!  They stabbed his poor finger a million times with a gigantic needle, pushing in liquid that burns the whole way in, practically grazing up against his bone!  It was so painful.  The actual stitching was no big deal--although it was difficult because Kyle's finger kept gushing blood.  Seriously...so much blood!  Kyle's finger was annoyingly numb for two whole days afterwards, and now it's just...painful.  But not TOO painful, I think.

Ok, a couple nasty gross wound pictures:

All because of a stupid Ikea glass.  I never knew dish-washing was so hazardous.

And one non-gross picture of Kyle in the hospital room:

What a trooper.  A super attractive trooper.

After getting to bed at like 1:30 AM, Katy and I did the Rex Lee Run the next morning.  It was pretty fun, and pretty sucky--I hate running, and suck at it, but it was fun with Katy.  And I got a tshirt.  And I helped cure cancer.  I did however NOT get a picture of us :(

Anyways, that was our adventure.  Now we're just trying to survive this week.  This weekend--actually, tomorrow--I get to see Mom and Dad!  They're coming for my cousin's wedding and I can't wait to hang out with them. 

Friday, March 13, 2009

This is who I want to be right most days:
(minus the inspirational bag, I dislike those)

But this is who I want to be in 7 years:

Hmm...I don't really see either one happening.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I feel better

Yesterday: steak dinner, planned my summer projects, last-minute errands

Today: participated  in class, did next week's homework ahead of time (!)

Tomorrow: drive to Idaho, party hearty with my pals

Saturday: the wedding!

Sunday: drive home :(

The rest of the week: real life :(

Saturday: Rex Lee Run.  Who am I??? HOW AM I NOT MYSELF????

Monday, March 2, 2009

Please have them do an autopsy

I think I've been poisoned.  I think Kyle is trying to kill me slowly.  Call me paranoid, but the man does bring me drinks suspiciously often...and he's usually the one who makes dinner.  He would have every opportunity to slowly, so slowly, drug my food and drink.  I haven't noticed it up til now, because the doses were so small.  But the poison (most likely arsenic) has finally taken effect.  

Today I have barely kept moving.  I have never been so exhausted in my entire life, from the second I forced my eyes open, all through work, school, and even now as I lay in bed.  The lethargy is overwhelming.  I feel like an invalid.  I feel like Ingrid Bergman in one of the many movies where her husband tries to kill her.  

Life is slowly leaving my body. 

Someone, please come rescue me from Kyle.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Awesome Things:
  • We went bowling on Friday night with Julia and Taylor.  Julia is our friend from Park Place and Taylor is Kyle's friend from Amarillo.  Julia and Taylor are dating.  It's awesome.  It didn't even matter that I suck at bowling.
  • Dad was here this week to help my uncle in Sandy.  It meant that he met us every night for dinner, which was really fun.  Last night we watched a scary vampire movie (it wasn't even good) and he finally got to see some Flight of the Conchords.  
  • Mom and Dad will be here in a couple weeks for Stephen's wedding!
  • Kyle did our taxes and we're getting back $2000 MORE than we expected.
  • We're planning our trip this summer.  There have been a number of plans, but we keep changing as our priorities shift.  I don't know how we'll ever decide.
  • On Friday we're driving to Boise to see one of our best friends get married!
  • This summer is going to be...amazing.  I feel like there are so many opportunities I can finally pounce on.  I have a lot of plans for myself.
  • It was warm today.  Katy called me tonight and wanted to go on a walk--and I went on a walk in SHORT SLEEVES.  I wasn't even cold!
  • I already did my homework for tomorrow.  I'm a do-it-right-before-class-starts student this semester, so it's a big deal.
I was going to make another list of sucky things, but I want to stay positive.