Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kyle is 25!

Kyle's birthday was so fun!  After school I spent the day cleaning the house and wrapping presents, and then Katy came over to make the cake.  When Kyle got home, we left Katy to slave away (slash read her book while the cake baked) and went to the mall to spend Kyle's massive gift card from his parents!  After he got a really great pair of jeans (he looks so hot! sorry Kyle) there wasn't anything else he wanted to get, so he spent some of the money on me!  He's so nice.  I got a CUTE shirt that I'm wearing right now and some jewelry.  No wonder I love Kyle's birthday, if I get presents too.

Then it was time for dinner!  The original plan was to go to Sizzler--Kyle has some great childhood memories there and hasn't been there for ever, because he figured I wouldn't like it.  Although he's probably right, I of course want to go anywhere Kyle chose on his birthday.   At the last second, though, Kyle changed his mind.  Why go somewhere you're not sure about when you know a place that can guarantee a delicious meal, right?  So we went to his real favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.  We were worried it would be a madhouse at 7:30 on Friday night, and  it was, but we shouldn't have worried.  We miraculously got a parking spot right in front of the door (that's always so exciting!) and when we managed to work our way through to the crowd to the hostess, she said "You can wait 45 minutes or sit in the cafe"--which was completely empty.  Umm, DUH! Why don't people take that option?  So we were immediately seated and had our food long before the idiots in the crowd were able to sit down.  It was exciting to us.  When we drove away from the restaurant, we even saw one of Kyle's mortal enemies.  We considered running said enemy down, as a bonus birthday gift, but we would have had to make a left turn.

Then it was time for PRESENTS!!!!  I love buying presents.  I love buying KYLE presents in particular.  He got a cool orange Fossil tshirt from Katy.  I got him a cool driving cap from Urban Outfitters, another nunchuck so we can box each other on the Wii, Flight of the Conchords on DVD, a journal, a very VERY manly loofah (he always uses mine!), and a subscription to Popular Science magazine.  

Katy's cake (I helped!) was awesome.  The cake she made for my birthday was covered in dead clowns, so Kyle's had a rat in a HMS Navy hat.  The backstory is long and complicated--but it's really funny, trust me.

Kyle's cuteness exceeds words.  Oh well.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

In which I get a better grade than I thought possible, and I give a quick recap of Birthday Week

You know that horrible paper I turned in that was on my list of Uncool Things? I got it back today and got a good grade on it.  WHAT THE FRICK??  That was the worst paper.  Seriously, my teacher must be on crack--oh but I'm grateful.  I actually really like that teacher, even though the class is totally not my thing and I hate it.  He's great though--that's the only reason I'm trying at all to get into that class.

Kyle is currently doing our taxes next to me and looking very manly.  We've been having a really great Birthday Week.  On Monday, Council Bluffs and Emily came over.  We ate pizza, watched 24, and played the Wii Fit.  Tuesday was a reawakening of Del Taco Tuesday! I sat and ate tacos with a table of boys.  It was really fun.  On Wednesday we ate at Nicolitalia's with Katy and Dad--mmm I forgot how much I like that place!  Tonight we went to KFC (Kyle's favorite fast food) because they have a new VALUE MENU!  Ok it's not quite as cheap as we hoped, but Kyle was so happy to eat there anyways.   He's been missing that honey barbecue sauce or whatever it is.  I'm not really a big fried chicken eater...I got a hot dog.  Tonight he opened some presents from his family which were WAY cool.  And tomorrow is the real deal!  It's his last night as a 24 year old.  Poor guy.  I love birthdays though--I'm so excited!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

At least I can laugh about it now!

Something funny and awful: 

Kyle gets to bring home a lot of neat things from his work.   We get free laundry detergent, shampoo, makeup remover, lotion, bubble bath, dish soap--you get the idea.  So, the other day he brought home 3 little bottles of scented oil--meant for baths, massages, whatever.  Lemon, lavender, and peppermint--nice, huh?  Well, I was on my way to take a relaxing bath with my good book and thought that maybe I'd try some nice peppermint scent to rejuvenate my senses or smell good or whatever the point is.   You're supposed to put like, 2-3 drops into a full bathtub and that is plenty.  Unfortunately, the instructions on the bottles are in Japanese and I didn't think to ask Kyle, because what could it possibly matter?  I didn't smell anything until I put like 15 teeny little drops in.  I settled in to enjoy my book in the warm water until I noticed that I was uncomfortable. wasn't warm enough, maybe?  I put the water to a super hot temperature and realized that I was FREEZING COLD.  Then it became unbearable.  You know how when you eat something pepperminty, your tongue gets that pleasant cold sensation?  Well that was happening all over my body and it was decidedly NOT pleasant.  I freaked out and tried to rinse off in the shower but it would NOT go away (the whole oil not mixing in water thing, whoops) and it was like having freezing cold water hit me from all sides and every angle.  IT WAS EXCRUCIATING.  I put on two bathrobes and ran out to Kyle in the living room.  He had a hard time not laughing, I think--I was dripping wet, hysterical, and miserable.  Unfortunately, there was nothing that could help!  I dried off the best I could, piled on some ineffective blankets, and waited it out.  Our house (and I) reeked of peppermint, even with all the windows open all day.  It was not cool. 

Today when I took a bath, I used 1 drop of lavender.  Couldn't smell a thing--and I definitely prefer it that way.  I think I'll throw away the peppermint.  The scent totally gags me out now.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Academy Awards 2009

I'm happy about:

Hugh Jackman was charming and delightful, of course!

I laughed aloud with joy when I saw Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens in the performance with Hugh Jackman and Beyonce.  So funny and perfect.  I totally thought of Christy and Danny!
Slumdog Millionaire deserved to win Best Picture.  This made me so happy and I'm so glad it got recognized ALL NIGHT LONG.  Did you see how many freakin' awards it got! I'm so proud of this movie!
A.R. Rahman getting two Oscars and then performing at the Academy Awards was BEAUTIFUL.  I can't believe it!  I cried.  He's so wonderful.  Also, I think Danny Boyle is crazy but wonderful for making this movie.
Kate Winslet.  Wow.  She's always been one of my favorites, if not THE favorite.  If I could be someone else, I'd want to be her.  How freakishly beautiful is she?  And so so talented.  Katy and I agreed that our favorite outfit was the back of her dress.  The front is pretty too...just not as pretty as the back.  Can't find a good picture of it though.
I'm unhappy about....

Sean Penn sucks.  I like Robin Wright (because she's pretty) so I've tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I just don't like him and don't respect him.  We've always known he was crazy, but now he's personally offensive.  Guess what Sean, my grandchildren most likely won't feel shame because of my vote for Prop 8.  Bite me.  Also, how dare you.

I really really really really wish Richard Jenkins had won Best Actor.  Did you guys see The Visitor?  His performance was incredible.  I could cry just looking at him.  I was thrilled that he was nominated, but I think he deserved to win.  

I was concerned at first that Benjamin Button was going to take EVERYTHING, but then Slumdog fought back.  Relieved.  It did win a heck of a lot of awards though.  Oh well, not the important ones.

Also, I was furious at the Gandhi allusion--that was even worse than the Braveheart part.  Maybe I took everything too personally--but I do love being equated with British tyrants who  murder Sikhs.  Katy and I were yelling curse words (not very bad ones) at the screen--and at Sean Penn, of course.  Very disappointing.

BUT then Slumdog won Best Picture and I was happy again.  

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cool things and Uncool things

Cool things:
  • I won the cubicle decorating contest at work
  • My computer cord came today finally--I'm blogging from the Uber Mensch again!
  • I got to sleep in late today
  • Kyle made eggy toast for breakfast
  • I'm liking my book, even though it's weird
  • And it's part of a trilogy!
  • I ran into an old friend yesterday and it made my day
  • Kyle's blog made me cry because he's so sweet
  • There are Easter Holland mints at the bookstore that are even better than the regular kind
  • Our Wii Fit is the coolest thing ever
  • I have an official bridesmaid duty which makes me feel special
  • I got a Valentine from Lucy in the mail yesterday
  • Everything that the Fug Girls have ever said ever
  • Going through old posts and finding cute coincidences with Kyle
  • Kyle's birthday week starts Monday!  He will be 25 on Friday!

Uncool things:
  • I just turned in a paper that I am really, really ashamed of because it sucks
  • I won't be able to keep my job over the summer, due to graduation
  • They're fixing the ceiling in our bathroom, so the floor is really chalky dirty
  • My perfect skirt and shirt for Amanda's wedding don't look perfect together
  • The prize for winning the cubicle decorating contest was lame
  • I'm still having Photoshop problems that are keeping me from progressing in life
  • My brooches keep breaking/malfunctioning
  • I have a Rhetoric test next week

Thursday, February 19, 2009

MONSTER long weekend

Last weekend was phenomenal. I had a lot of expectations, ALL of which were met--how often does that happen?

After some Little Caesar's pizza, I convinced Kyle to see Twilight  in the dollar theater with me.   It still made me crack up, and Kyle did not slit his wrists in the theater, so I consider it a success.  Then we indulged in some Sonic slushes.  A fantastic date.

Mom and Dad were here!  Well they got in when I was sound asleep on Friday night and made it down to  Provo despite the snow.  So Saturday morning we brought them cinnamon rolls from Shirley's and we all hung out.  While Kyle did some last minute Valentine's errands, the rest of us visited Scott and Nancy and the kids and had a great time.

When Kyle joined us, he gave me presents and then it was time for the two of us to leave the rest of the group and do whatever his secret plan was.  I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and a necklace that I LOVE and get many compliments on.  I also received a box of ear plugs.  What??  That was the hint about where we were going, but I have to admit that it didn't help me at all.  A rock concert?  Weird.  Kyle was also dressed in his hickiest clothes (that word just doesn't work)--cowboy shirt we got him in St. Johns tucked in to his jeans, and his rawhideish leather jacket.   He finally just had to tell me.  We were going to the MONSTER TRUCK JAM!!!!!!!  

Oh my gosh.  I was so excited.  It's cool enough on its own, but there is a little bit of back story to this event that makes it really sweet and romantic of Kyle.  Back in the summer of '07, when Kyle and I were getting to know each other and talking on the phone every night because I was in California, we used to laugh about how I should introduce him to opera and he should introduce me to monster truck rallies.  Haha, right? It dawned on me that I really wanted to go to one, so I spent a lot of time trying to find one that we could go to.  Unfortunately, the next one in our area of Utah wasn't until February 2009--and chances were, we wouldn't even know each other that far in the future.  There's a risk to being too optimistic, you know.  So we dropped the issue because it was too awkward to assume that we'd be together in 2009.  

But, as it turns out, we got MARRIED and somehow Kyle totally remembered and got us tickets.  GOOD tickets, too--we were in the 6th row, in perfect view of the mayhem.  I had a blast!  As soon as we walked in, we smelled dirt, exhaust, and cigarette smoke.  It was awesome.  We got hot dogs and popcorn and really enjoyed ourselves.  My favorite trucks were Maximum Destruction and Bulldozer, pictured below. 

There was no carnage, thankfully, but it was really neat to see the little cars get smashed to oblivion.  I kept thinking that the trucks were going to tip over but I guess that's the point!  They just bounced a lot when they landed.  The Super Moto-X guys were AWESOME too.  Seriously death-defying stunts.  My camera ran out of batteries before then, unfortunately.  My favorite part was the Freestyle portion of the competition.  I think Blue Thunder ended up winning?  It was really good that Kyle thought to bring ear plugs, otherwise I would be deaf right now and that would be too bad.

Ok, what else happened that day?  Oh, I got a great shirt at ANTHROPOLOGIE (yessss) to wear as Amanda's bridesmaid.  Ohhh I love Anthropologie.  We met Mom/Dad/Katy at Aunt Diana's house and had a great evening there.  We ate delicious take-out Bombay House, played with Boomer the Boxer dog, and watched a movie on their sweet projector in the basement.  It was really fun.  

My favorite kind of day!  We all got together in our jammies, read books/watched movies/took naps/ate grilled cheese sandwiches.  It was really fun.

Poor Kyle had to go to work while the rest of us played.  We drove up to the outlets in Park City and went kind of crazy!  I got the cutest clothes from Ann Taylor and Banana Republic.  My parents love me.  I also got a couple little presents for Kyle's birthday.  Once we got back to Provo and did some errands, we met Kyle for dinner at Gloria's Little Italy, which I love.  That bread, oh man.  By the time dinner was done, we had to race to get home in time for 24 and chocolate milkshakes!  It was a good episode and we were all very happy :)

Kyle and I went to work, but I ditched my one class so that I could hang out with Mom and Dad on their last day in town.  We hung out on campus and went shopping and ate lunch together.  The  biggest excitement (for me) is that we got a WII FIT!!!!  Kyle and I have been wanting one for AGES and we decided to spend the money that Grandma gave us for Christmas on one, but they've been sold out everywhere since then.  I finally found one at F.Y.E and snatched it up.  Kyle was so excited to get home and see it!  Since then, it's pretty much all I've been doing.  I love it!  It's a good thing I have it, so I wasn't too sad about my parents leaving.  We had so much fun together!  Thanks for the great weekend, Mom and Dad!

Now I'm back to real life and sad about it!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Movie Review: Taken

How have I not blogged about Taken?

This movie is a delight. Liam Neeson is just so NICE (made me cry in the first 7 minutes)--and then so hardcore and effective. I LOVE effective killers. I never had to worry about his ability to take down as many people as necessary. It was all so easy for him, which made the movie almost entirely stress-free (at least, in that aspect). Plus it's cool because he's an older gent with all the awesome moves still.
The movie is really intense--I was gripping Kyle's hand so long that my fingers were sore afterwards. The deaths were all really satisfying too. Nothing too gross, but they were all such bad guys that they totally deserved to get it. There were a lot of look-at-Kyle-with-my-mouth-hanging-open-in-excitement moments. And I loved how Liam never felt bad about it, or had to wrestle with his conscience to get anything done. (They keep trying to pull that on 24 this season...but luckily, so far being wussy and by-the-book has gotten people nowhere, so we know that Jack's way is the best way.)
It made me want to be really nice to my dad for two reasons: 1)it just reminds you of the special father-daughter relationship and how much dads love their girls, and 2)if I ever get kidnapped and sold into slavery, I would want my dad to kill as many people as possible to save me. Kyle and I had a blast watching this movie and I definitely recommend it--unless you're really wussy about violence.
I just happen to love justified killing, is that so wrong?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some things that give me great pleasure but shouldn't:

--Mismatched earrings/gloves/etc.
--Ignoring all note tags and event/application invitations on Facebook
--Being really nice to someone that I don't like because then I WIN
--Trash talking via gchat
--Serial killers/scary things
--Talking to Katy in Welsh about sharks and the fair folk
--Discovering which of my ex-boyfriends got REALLY unattractive (the answer: several)
--Flashing my ring at people who don't know that I'm married (yeah, snarky, I know)
--Trashy YA lit
--My "secret" blog with some of my friends (I'm pretty sure we're out in the open about this, right guys?)
--Being done with Prison Break season 3
--Bad movies like Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans. SO GOOD. But not really. But seriously. COME ON IT'S WEREWOLVES AND BILL NIGHY.
--Picking atrocious baby names
--Critiquing wedding invitations
--Critiquing weddings
--Taquitos, Pop Tarts, and Bagel Bites
--Liam Neeson killing so many people
--Celebrity gossip

This was originally a list of all things that gave me great pleasure, but it was too long.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some things that bug me/Some things I think are lame:

--Hearing my neighbors above me
--How it starts to snow JUST as my parking lot has finally melted
--When milk drips on my chin when I'm eating Frosted Flakes in bed
--How long it's been since I got to use MY computer (Kyle's is a bit too slow for me!)
--When a package comes, and you're not home, and the dude leaves a note saying that he'll come tomorrow because he needs your signature but you know you won't be home tomorrow either
--the 25 Things About Me dealio...most of the time
--Flakes (except for Frosted ones)
--The smell of a vacuum cleaner/hair dryer that's overheated or broken or whatever
--Movies with lame endings
--Not having a good book waiting for me
--People who are dumb
--Running out of something delicious
--Having to wait a million years for something you had an appointment for
--Private blogs
--Not being able to wear jeans to work
--Being uncool
--Hans never having straws
--My professor cancelling class, and then changing his mind
--the elusiveness of mini bagel dogs
--Not having all the ingredients for what you want to make
--When people don't look appropriate for the occasion
--Not having Lucy around 24/7

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I recant but not really

Ok. That last post was depressing. I try to NOT do that...but I was just feeling so sorry for myself! I've only ever written one other self-pity post that I can remember--and that was a long time ago. Ok so, looking on the bright side (which means pretending school doesn't exist)...

  • Talking to Amanda yesterday got me really excited about some things.
  • It's TV Thursday: Kath & Kim, The Office, and 30 Rock
  • Last night I went on a long walk with Kyle--wearing Tevas and socks. In my family, that's the mark of a TRUE hobo
  • Work is treating me real nice lately. My new boss makes me feel very appreciated and NOT worthless
  • It's Kyle's birthday in a couple of weeks and I LOVE Kyle's birthday
  • Mom and Dad are visiting next weekend!
  • I've been reading a TON which makes me so happy
  • Kyle's in charge of Valentine's Day this year (I did last year) and he has secret plans for us
  • Amanda is getting married in a month and two days
  • Which means a fun trip to Idaho with my friends
  • Which also means I get to go shopping for a bridesmaid outfit
  • And by "get to" I mean "I've already been looking for months and can't find the perfect thing and it's really stressing me out but in a good way, you know?"
  • I'm getting a haircut soon which is exciting and SO necessary
  • I WILL see Taken this weekend
  • I'm currently wearing my favorite Banana Republic shirt that Katy found me and Mom bought me
  • Did I mention Mom and Dad are coming soon?
  • And finally, the best thing ever...

That last one always cheers me up.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Classes this semester

are horrible.


make me forget why I chose this major.

aren't things that I'm good at.

aren't things that I can even pretend to be good at.

depress the heck out of me.

make me want to drop out...every single day.

Except Welsh, of course.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I know I know.

Man, I've lost the will to blog. I don't even update my sidebar anymore! I didn't realize it until the other night when Celia got all up in my fizzace, accusing me of watching Labyrinth without her. ABVIOUSLY untrue, of course--I just hadn't changed the picture since I last watched it at her house. I've watched a lot of good movies since then. And read a lot of good books since then. And purchased a lot of cool stuff since then. And gotten sick a lot of times since then. And done a lot of things since then.

So, 8:30 in the morning and I'm drinking a Sprite. I'm pretty sure I'd be an alcoholic if I ever drank anything interesting.

You know I love books (do you know that I love books?) but I'm often too sheepish to seriously recommend them--but this time is different. Ok so--if you want a good book, read Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I read it based on the recommendation from fellow blogger Nikki--THANK YOU NIKKI! It's definitely a fun book, not a literary masterpiece--but lately I've really been in the mood for fun books. And this book totally captivated me. And Katy. And Mom and Christy, as soon as I give it to them. I'm dying for the next one to come out!

One of my favorite things when I'm reading a book is to cast the movie version. It's fun to talk to Christy and Katy about, because Anderson girls KNOW actors--it's one of our few shared skills. Casting Hunger Games--man. The possiblities are endless. (This is for Katy--Ben Barnes as Gale and William Moseley as Peeta? Or is that too gimmicky?) Speaking of movie versions of amazing books, I am getting a little bit annoyed that The Road continues to not be released. It's only going to be the BEST MOVIE EVER. Oh man. SOMEONE deserves a pat on the back for casting Viggo Mortensen as The Man. I can pretty much cry just thinking about it. That's another book you should read--but it's not for the faint of heart.

Saturday was a very disappointing night. After Bombay House (ok that wasn't disappointing) we tried to go see Taken TWICE but it was just totally sold out. ANNOYING. All I want is to see Liam Neeson kill some bad guys and be totally wickedly awesome instead of the old sage character. It's going to be SO COOL.

Ok. Back to work. See ya!