Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some things that give me great pleasure but shouldn't:

--Mismatched earrings/gloves/etc.
--Ignoring all note tags and event/application invitations on Facebook
--Being really nice to someone that I don't like because then I WIN
--Trash talking via gchat
--Serial killers/scary things
--Talking to Katy in Welsh about sharks and the fair folk
--Discovering which of my ex-boyfriends got REALLY unattractive (the answer: several)
--Flashing my ring at people who don't know that I'm married (yeah, snarky, I know)
--Trashy YA lit
--My "secret" blog with some of my friends (I'm pretty sure we're out in the open about this, right guys?)
--Being done with Prison Break season 3
--Bad movies like Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans. SO GOOD. But not really. But seriously. COME ON IT'S WEREWOLVES AND BILL NIGHY.
--Picking atrocious baby names
--Critiquing wedding invitations
--Critiquing weddings
--Taquitos, Pop Tarts, and Bagel Bites
--Liam Neeson killing so many people
--Celebrity gossip

This was originally a list of all things that gave me great pleasure, but it was too long.


The Boob Nazi said...

I love ignoring everything on facebook too! My relatives keep sending me these stupid "my relatives" application invites.... NO WAY! stoooppp

Rica said...

Gotta say...all the random Facebook items are driving me absolutely insane.

And the fact that you talk about sharks in Welsh makes me happy. One of the best things about learning a foreign language is your sudden ability to talk about the most random things.

Katy said...

All those things that you said, are MY favorite things TOO. This would be better if I could remember the actual Nacho Libre quote, but just think of that scene okay?

Lauren R said...

If you like critiquing wedding invitations, you would've loved my friend Kyle's apartment. They had a wall of announcement photos, hundreds. They arranged them according to awkwardness. The really bad ones were at the bottom. The good photos were at the top.