Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ok so...

We need to choose the picture that will go out with invitations. I have so many favorites--none of which are invitation-appropriate. So, these are our best options, and they're all cute, so how do you choose? You guys should help me.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Haps

The latest developments in my life:

Celia got a puppy. Toby. I am obsessed with him. Council Bluffs had a little photo shoot with him tonight, so he'll hopefully put up better pictures sometime. Until then, here's a lil something to get me through the day:

Toby is the best dog. He's 6 weeks old and potty trained. He's a mini-weenie dog and weighs 3 pounds, and when he's fully grown he'll only weigh 6. He is so soft, walks adorably, and has big blue eyes. Celia dotes on him (doggie car seat, doggie sweater, etc.) and I'm madly in love with him. My life has been greatly improved because of her decision!

Tonight we went to Lisa's baby shower! It was really great, except we forgot to bring the present we got her. Stupid. It was so fun to see some of my awesome relatives. I spent most of the time with Aunt Amy (I had no idea she was nearly 92!), Cousin Christy, and Aunt Shirley. Such a blast! Amy's son/Christy's brother is Kyle's Spanish professor, so I put in a good word for him. It was pretty funny. Lisa's baby girl is going to so well dressed! And we had some DIVINE food. That szechuan pasta salad was seriously amazing and intriguing. And what did we have to drink? LINGONBERRY PUNCH of course! We Valentine women sure have lingonberry in our blood.

Today we decided on bridesmaid dresses! Katy looks adorable. Nieman's dress isn't here yet (Mom bought them in California and is shipping them here) but I know it'll be perfect. They are exactly what I want so now I don't have to stress anymore!

Taking engagement pictures on Saturday was SO fun. Jennifer, our photographer, is just brilliant. I have high hopes that we'll have some great shots--although I am still a little nervous, because what if every single picture out of the thousand that she took are ugly?? I'll be relieved when we get to see the proofs and see how they turned out. I can't wait to choose pictures!

Cleaning checks are done. Hurray. School sucks this week, but on Thursday Kyle and I are flying to Amarillo so we'll get a little break.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Furniture, Dancing, and My Brain

Friday was an amazing day.

We went to Ikea, disheartened at the failure of so many of our errands that day. The MRI place only gave me a disc of my films, the American Fork DI wasn't everything we'd hoped it would be, the line at Wendy's was too long, the bed place didn't have as great a deal as we thought. BUT when we left Ikea, we were adults. Adults who buy furniture, because they're classy and sophisticated and grown-up.

This is our coffe table. It's brown/black, even though in the picture it just looks black.
We also bought a dinner table and four chairs. I'm in love with it. It's smallish, so it can fit into our smallish apartment, but it's really nice.
Kyle bought the furniture and loaded it into the car. How masculine is that? That is such a manly job. I was so proud of him :)

Then we went to Rice King with Alan and Amanda! That was a really good time, as usual, but the best part happened right after.

Ok, so something about me is that I Don't Dance. Never in front of anyone. I can dance with Katy, but that's about it. The last time Kyle tried to make me dance, we were at a dance party at Nieman's house, and it was right before we started dating, and it was a disaster. I hated life and myself and everyone who was trying to force me to move my body and it was really awkward! BUT. Last night, we decided to go to the stake activity (ice skating/broom hockey/dancing), which I never do anyways because...I just don't go to stake activities. But our mission was twofold. 1. Steal refreshments. 2. I had to slowdance with Kyle. I'm okay with slowdancing, it just never comes up because I don't go to dances. ANYWAYS, we rocked both missions, and then some. Because I DANCED. I must be really comfortable with Alan and Amanda or that wouldn't have happened. I don't really know what happened--it's like a switch went on in my brain and I was able to be a normal person! It was really fun. We lined my big purse with a plastic bag, and ended up stealing 9 donuts. AND I danced with Kyle. And get this, our first dance was to....JOURNEY!!!! Perfection. It could have been something completely lame, like most slow songs at stake dances, but I got to dance to "Faithfully"! That song was already on our wedding playlist because I love it so much. Awesome. Anyways, we rocked out. It was massively fun and waaaay unprecedented.

THEN Kyle and I watched BLUFFMASTER with Megan and Katy, which is just an awesome movie and the song from it is going through my head still. Kyle put together the coffee table because he just can't wait.

And NOW I'm about to go over to Jessica's, who's going to make me prettier for ENGAGEMENT PICTURES!!!! I'm so excited.
Also...this is me.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Can of Orange Soda

One year ago, I had a boyfriend who wasn't Kyle. Kyle had recently become single and had a crush on me.

At this time, I casually gave Kyle a soda, while outside in the T of Park Place. It was a can of Sunkist. Instead of drinking it, he took it to his apartment and painted it sparkly blue. One of his roommates asked him "When are you going to drink that?", to which he replied "On our wedding day". Obviously he was joking--but the can of soda kind of became a big deal. I remember when he told me about it once we were dating, and I LOVED that it had become a symbol of us. Our names are both etched into the blue sparkly paint.

So, now we totally have to drink it on our wedding day. But when? Outside the temple? At the reception? During the ceremony? (Just kidding.) But seriously, I would like comments, ideas, etc. This is a very big deal, and it needs serious consideration.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Because I was tagged:

1. What was I doing ten years ago?
--I was 12. What a horrible age! I must've been in 6th grade, gross. That means I was in a definite stage--I listened to Z95.7 all day long so that I could be cool. I was friends with some total skanks and punks. I was definitely trying to "get in". Depressing.

2. Five things on my to-do list today
-- I'm about to go to bed. But I completed things on my to-do list for today! I picked up my wedding dress from Salt Lake (it fits perfectly now, so pretty), I hosted FHE at our apartment, I did my 380 and 293 reading, I took a midterm, and I went to my classes. That one is always a struggle.

3. What snacks do I enjoy?
--I feel like I should say something healthy. But I can't think of a single thing. When I'm a little hungry but don't want to eat something real, I drink something or chew some gum. Gum takes away my hunger. Kyle never believes me.

4. What would I do if I were suddenly a billionaire?
-- BUY TONS OF PRESENTS FOR EVERYONE I LOVE. I dream of being rich so I could buy anything I want for people. I have great ideas, but no money to make them a reality!
Also: I couldn't just move away because I'd still want to graduate--for pride's sake. So I would have a sweet apartment in Provo, believe me. I bet Kyle would want to save a LOT of money. The rest we would spend on a nice house with nice furniture, with lots of Anthropologie doorknobs. Probably a lot of Anthropologie everything. And then we'd set up sweet trust funds for our future children. Definitely use a significant amount to go EVERYWHERE we've ever wanted. And then...maybe we would fix Treppy. Oh and Kyle would only work for fun. Are there some freelance pro bono molecular biology jobs out there?

5. Three bad habits
--BITING MY NAILS. I can't stop. I almost beat it...until I got stressed about 2 weeks ago. Now it's back.
--Not putting away my clothes when I decide to not wear them. Sometimes I go through several outfits in the morning--there are just days like that, you know? This bad habit will stop once I share a room with Kyle.
--Making poor choices early in the morning. Like not going to class because I'm not awake enough to remember that I should definitely go to class. Hopefully Kyle can help me with this one next semester.

6. Five Places where I lived--this is going to be boring
--Midland, Michigan
--Pleasant Hill, California
--Walnut Creek, California (the 9 months there totally counts)
--Concord, California
--Provo, Utah

7. Five jobs I have had--
--Ygnacio Valley Library
--The Buckle
--Aide in special ed classes
--BYU Paint Crew
--Aegis Senior Living Community

8. Five things people don't know about me
--I HATE driving. I make other people drive as often as possible.
--I get super stressed about throwing parties, like it consumes my life, and it probably drives people crazy. But I keep doing it, because I LOVE the success of a great party! I crave the role of hostess, but it turns me into a crazy person!
--I don't like opening presents in front of people. It seems awkward.
--I buy people things to show them I love them. That gets expensive but it's worth it to me.
--When something's clean, I want it to stay that way. Like when we clean the living room, I become a NAZI. For weeks afterwards I am really mean about it. If I see a cup on the coffee table, or someone's shoes out of the shoe bin, I rage. But when it's already filthy and disgusting, I just ignore it. (When I say "I'm mean" or "I rage", that means that I think mean things and just clean it up)

ALSO...I'm getting married in two months!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


So, I was reading up on Charles Manson. Just, because, you know, I'm sick. Not really! He was just talked about on Fox news because there's a possibility of more murders that are just being discovered. Anyways, I realized that I knew pretty much NOTHING about the whole Charles Manson deal, still don't really because I didn't want to read anything grisly because I was about to go to bed and I've been having weird nightmares lately like every night and my subconcious doesn't need any more fuel. SO anyways, he's still alive! In California! Not only just in California, but in Corcoran California, in Kings County, which I have driven through countless times in my life to get to Paso Robles! Not only that, but I was reading up on Corcoran, and guess who else is there? The guy who assassinated Bobby Kennedy! Katy is MAD. She's slightly obsessed with Bobby Kennedy, like in the same way that Council Bluffs is obsessed with Mitt Romney. Which is a big deal. That led us to look up who's in San Quentin, which is much closer to us, and that was crazy too! Scott Petersen, and the guy who murdered Bill Cosby's son (which was a big deal to me for some reason), and the guy who kidnapped Polly Klaas (which affected Katy and I a LOT when we were little), and...yeah. I guess this is a weird thing to blog about. It was just crazy to think that something so removed from my life, like oh um serial killers, could actually be related to me in some way. Like, in my state, near (ish) my home, breathing the same air as me. Crazy.

We've never liked Kings County. When we were little my sisters and I dreaded driving through it because it just constantly reeked. We called it "Stinky City". Now I know it's because it's Charles Manson air.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday night with Kyle and Harold

I'm at the library with Kyle and I'm soooo sick of it. We've only been here an hour and a half but I am DONE. Maybe because it's Saturday night and we should be out partying hardcore? But it's really good that we're here and so responsible. We smuggled in plenty of treats to keep us happy. I really am excited to be done with this paper on feminist literature (I'm creeped out of my mind because right now I'm analyzing The Yellow Wallpaper--yikes) and for Kyle to be done with his paper on "the binding of estrogen receptor to promoter of ps2 estrogen response element" (so we're BOTH writing about women...kind of...)

Last night was FUN. Seriously. We got a group to favorite game in the world....MURDER IN THE DARK!!!! Man, it's been TOO long since I've played it. It was so fun, and we had a really cool fun group. Plus we played at Matt's house which is rit-zee. Afterwards we played an agility/balance game...I seriously don't think I've laughed that hard in AGES. Sterling/Brady/Emily were so good at it. I was more on the sucky side, but it was still really fun.

Today Kyle and I went out on the town--I mean, the mall. Kyle got his outfit all ready for engagement pictures (next Saturday!) and I completed my outfit by buying some shoes. I'm really excited! Plus, if I bought that cheap pair of shoes, I could get another pair for just $10, so of COURSE I had to get that gorgeous pair of hot green heels. I love them. Dang.

Ok, I swore I wouldn't leave the library til I finished this paper so I better get to it.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New poll ------->

Read Kyle's blog for the newest scandal.
I'm okay with Council Bluff's new layout.
You know how my worst fear is getting chased by wild animals? I've had "getting chased by wild animal" dreams for TWO NIGHT IN A ROW. Not cool. I love this comic, because it is true of my life:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Power off shmower shmoff.

Last night I went to the English Society's dealio and hung out with THOSE kids. We graded elementary/middle school essays for the national Freedom Festival and ate pizza. I got mostly 7-9 grade, unfortunately--it's the 1-3 grades that are the cutest. Katy got one where the 3rd grader kid used up all the space (besides a killer opening paragraph) by writing all the lyrics to "I'm proud to be an American". Repeated the chorus and everything.
Park Place has seen fit to turn our power off from 9am to 4pm today and tomorrow. My computer's battery lasts about 1.4 minutes. It was supposed to go off 22 minutes ago...I'm just sitting here waiting for my life to shut down. I had to wake up early to shower so I could blowdry my hair, and Katy made toast this morning in a panic. I hate this place. I can't wait to move somewhere with reasonable management.
Yesterday was a good day. Kyle made me a fantastic breakfast, and classes were okay, and I got a free Diet Coke on campus. That tactic really works on me. I'm no more likely to go to the baseball game, but I do look more kindly on them now.
Today is cool because my Mythology class is cancelled! And that's because tonight we're having a special mythology dinner at my professor's house. I LOVE going to the houses of my professors. Last year I had the most awkward time ever watching a movie laying on my professor's bed. In the master bedroom. WEIRD. Katy and Ashley and I were more comfy than the rest of the class, but still...weirded out. I doubt I'll hang out in Sister Thursby's bedroom tonight though.
Uh oh I hear someone stomping on the roof. I better post this quick.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm blogging like a crazy person

I know that I've had WAY too many posts for one day, but I have such great news and I have to blog it! SO today I didn't go to Spanish. And I am SO glad. If I had gone to Spanish, Kyle and I wouldn't have found a place to live! Yes that's right, we FINALLY found an apartment. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders. I've been so worried about it, and I was SO SICK of looking at trashy apartments. So today we saw one, called immediately, went to look at it immediately, and then decided to buy the contract immediately!

The BEST news is that we'll be neighbors with Skyler and Rebekah! It's going to be sweet. It's called College Park (funny how that's the name of my high school) and it's not too far away from campus. 5 Buck Pizza is pretty much in it's backyard, and it's only like 2 blocks away from Smiths! Talk about convenient. It's so nice to be able to visualize where we'll be living. Now we can go to Ikea and buy things like a kitchen table and rugs and stuff. NICE. It's going to be so fun!

A Cool Thing We Did

This weekend, while most of the kids were in Iowa, we had a good time of our own! Friday we had a little no-brain-tumor celebration dinner at Olive Garden with Nieman and Katy P, which was delightful. Saturday we went to Costco and looked at a trashy basement apartment and tried to not get attacked by wild animals (yeah, that happens to be my worst fear, not really something I want to live next door to and deal with every day for a year) and spent a lot of time at Walmart.
Sunday was the real fun! Kyle hosted a very nice Fancy Dress Grilled Cheese Gala. It was effortless and worked out really well. He put on a tux and Katy and I put on dresses and we broke out the fancy cups (funny because we DID actually break one) and we had gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. MMmmm it was massively yummy. We're going to have it again tonight! Adam got dressed up and ate with us too, which was really fun. Some pictures of the social event of the season:

The rest are on facebook.

Shout-out to the best restaurant in Provo


I know it and love it. I have taken countless people there and they realize that yes, it is amazing. Here's why:
  • amazing food
  • awesome owners
  • comfy atmosphere
  • no wait
  • freakishly cheap

I've been going there for 3 years now, and it just gets better and better! The lunch menu is just spectacular. For $4.99 you get an entree (all of which are delicious), AMAZING soup (the Hot & Sour soup is my favorite), as much rice as you can eat, and a refillable drink (usually Dr. Pepper for me). It's the perfect amount of food. I always get the lo mein, and Kyle always gets something different and we share everything. Usually we bring some lo mein home for Katy because she's obsessed with it. Two people can eat as much as they possibly can, with drinks, for $10. IT'S BEAUTIFUL.

The whole experience is made so much better by knowing Victor. He and his wife own/manage Rice King, and he's usually our waiter too. I LOVE VICTOR! He is so funny! Today Kyle and I went there and as we walked in he pointed to where we should sit and called out "Dr. Pepper and Sprite!" because he knows us so well. He chatted with Kyle about graduating in April--because he remembered that we mentioned that last time. It's so fun to be known. We're definitely sending Rice King an invitation, because Victor's seen me in there with so many boys, and now there will just be one consistent man to accompany me! I love being a regular there, and it makes me sad to know that in one year I'm going to have to leave it behind!
I would encourage you all to frequent Rice King, lunch or dinner. It's on Center Street. It's getting to be busier than it used to be, which kind of makes me sad, but I'm also happy that Victor and his wife are so successful.

If you're ever sad...

I promise this will help. Fewer things make me happier!

THIS clip is just exuberant.

Right Now:

I'm eating a Symphony bar that I bought for someone else...and then changed my mind.

I should be doing homework, but just don't want to. As long as I pass, I'm good.

I have lots to blog about, but I'll do it later when I'm really bored and need something to do.

I want to shower. I will go do that.

An Explanation of the Links List

I'm going to copy Kayla and explain who these people on my links list are. It's gotten pretty extensive, and I even recently added last names because I got two Julies! So, in case you were curious:

Alan Broadbent--In my ward, in Kyle's apartment, has very long legs. I have to like him because he is so gosh darn like my fiance. When he and Kyle get together, it's probably the funniest time ever.

Amanda Perren--Former beauty queen, still beautiful! She's dating the aforementioned Alan, and I see quite a bit of her at #8. We're planning a trip to Disneyland that is going to be (forgive the expression) the bomb.

Caitlin Carroll--My red-headed, world-saving, vegan-eating, women-defending, mission-going roommate.

Cannon --His friends call him Cannon, his enemies call him Rusty, and everyone else calls him Rusty Cannon. Imagine a cross between Tobey Maguire and George O'Malley from Grey's Anatomy, and then have him play piano and eat beets that he hates. That's Cannon. He lives with Kyle.

Carrie & Bret-- These guys were in my ward last year, and now they're married! They are an inspiration to us all. Bret's really tall, and used to wave to me when we passed each other on campus, so I've always liked him. Carrie is a Beck, which is a very big deal.

Christy Leininger--Despite the German last name, Christy is my sister! Read her blog for the most adorable pictures you will ever see in your entire life. Of my niece. And I guess the pictures of Danny are cute too. Christy has a beautiful life--living in the Bay Area with a perfect child and awesome husband, all the while maintaining her hotness.

Council Bluffs-- Kyle's roommate/nemesis. They are constantly making truces that don't last. I can't wait to vote for Council Bluffs for something. We became friends based on Werewolves, 24, and Squirt Gun Wars. OH and his name is Kasey Beck. But no one knows that.

Diana Holt--I knew her as Diana Hulme! I immediately liked her when I moved to Concord. She was a big part of my junior year of high school at Clayton Valley. Her mom is the most adorable woman on the planet!

Erica Teichert--I knew her when I lived in Pleasant Hill and went to College Park. Talk about old friends. We found each other again and are in the same ward now!

Gavin MacGregor--You may recognize his name from the BYU basketball team roster. Yes, that's how tall he is. Everytime I see him, Ben Folds is being played by someone. He is a former roommate of Kyle's, and still hangs out at #8.

Hillary Collette-- Hillary is the kind of woman that the YW in the ward worship. She has an adorable son and husband, and the most effulgent smile I've ever seen.

Janae Bailey--Janae is a girl in my ward who I knew from a distance for a year, and now we're finally friends! She's good to talk girly stuff with, but she also loves video games and Ultimate. I love her!

Juliann Munson--Jewels and I were high school friends (we had good times with Katy and Nieman), now she's married to Brett and is moving to San Jose--I finally get to see her in May when I get married!

Julie Saunders--Is a girl I really miss! She moved away and I haven't seen her since, but at least I have her blog to console me. She was in Park Place and was a fantastic exuberant expressive friend.

Katy Anderson--Sister and roommate. Funniest blog I read. That's all.

Kayle Moncur--Kayla and I were friends growing up in PHill. She introduced me to X-Files, mini bagel dogs, a social life...she was just a really big deal. Then she moved away before I got to high school, and we're totally friends again through blogging. Seriously, it's weird. I'll finally see her again because she lives near Kyle's parents! Her blog is an inspiration to me.

Kyle Vaughn--I don't even know this guy.

Lillian Geurts--I visit taught her, and now she visit teaches me! She's fantastic to talk to. I would hang out with her more if I loved snowboarding and other various sports...shame on me, because I WOULD like to hang out more! Lillian is awesome.

Lisa Feil--Lisa is my cousin and is Christy's age. That means, I worshipped her when I was little. Now she's married and pregnant!

Scott and Nancy Jacobs--My aunt and uncle in Walnut Creek! A lot of my friends here have met Uncle Scott, who won them over easily with his stories. They have 3 ADORABLE children who I love to spend time with. I miss them whenever I'm living in Utah!

Stephanie Coles--We were friends in high school because she was dating my friend, and then one summer that I lived at home we hung out all the time! Then I moved, and she got married, and I haven't seen her since. Steph, you need to blog more!

The Sartorialist--I love pretty clothes. This is why.

Whitney Richards--We miss Sister Richards! She was one of the first people in the ward to become my friend when I moved in last January. We watched X-Files together...and I really miss that. She's on a mission in Russia now.

Those are the people in my life. I like them all. I like the mall. I like themall.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm Growing Up

Yesterday I did something unusual (for me).

I am not an alone person. I don't freak out if left to my own devices, but I definitely prefer the company of others, especially if I'm going out to do something. Errands are so much more fun when you have a friend/sister/fiance with you.

BUT--yesterday after I dropped Katy off at orchestra, I did something entirely out of character. I went shopping. At the mall. Alone. For TWO HOURS! I don't know what came over me, but I LIKED IT. I could go in any store I wanted. I didn't have to wait for other people to try things on. I could take as long as I wanted without feeling pressure to move on. I didn't buy anything just because there was someone with me saying "Ooo you HAVE to buy that, it looks so good on you". It was great! And I DID buy stuff. I bought some attractive AE jeans, and a XXI hoodie. And I found the most adorable AE shirt in the world, which I can't wear yet because I'm going to save it for my wedding dinner (or heck, maybe even engagement pictures, if I can find the perfect skirt to go with it) and I want it to still be special. The color (the perfect shade of green) is exactly what I want my wedding to be all about!

Does anyone else feel exceedingly cool when carrying around shopping bags from TWO different stores?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

MRI and California

OK so yesterday was MRI day. It's done. Hallelujah. My only real injuries are the puncture wounds in my hand and arm. The nurse had a hard time getting the IV in, which is weird because I have GREAT veins. She stabbed me like 4 times and wiggled the needle around in my arm, but to no avail. I love giving blood but this was TORTURE. The needle in my hand was even worse. The MRI itself could have been easier--when Nieman had a brain MRI they let her listen to a cd she brought in with headphones, and I made a great calming MRI cd, but they wouldn't let me listen to it. Also, it would have been easy if they had let Kyle go in with me, even though I knew they wouldn't. ALSO--why is it so impossible to make an MRI machine that doesn't make inconceivably loud noises? That was the worst part. I was in for like 30ish minutes. It was okay. I sang lots of songs in my head, and pretended I was Richard Heller undergoing Sensory Deprivation torture.

The Valium was great--but an hour too late. It didn't kick in until just after my post-hospital-treat, which was lunch at Chilis. Frustrating? Yes. Entertaining for Kyle to see me unable to walk? Probably. I was pretty woozy. So I went home and slept for 3 hours. When he called me later I was incoherent.

Verdict--no brain tumor! I still have to go in to my doctor in like a week. I don't know what for. Hopefully he'll give me good pain medication?

Also, we got Katy from the airport. To celebrate, Nieman and Katy and I (and eventually Kyle) went to Olive Garden! It was good. Nieman's first time.

And now, my trip to California!

Ok it was awesome. It was SHORT though--that was unfortunate. The flight there was awesomely short--it turns out that Kyle is BRILLIANT at crossword puzzles. I had no idea.

Friday--once we got there, there was pretty much time to...go to sleep. Everyone was tired, and it was late. We didn't even get to see Lucy/Christy/Danny because they were already asleep. It was nice to be in my house though.

Saturday-- I was woken up at 7 by Lucy. OH MY GOSH how is it possible that she is even cuter than I last saw her! She walks all the time now, and just learned to crawl. (Her crawling is pretty hilarious...Christy should post a video of it on her blog.) I love her to pieces.

We met with our flower lady. She's a riot. AND very talented. We looked at a million pictures and kind of figured out what we want. It's going to be great.

We ate lunch at Tomatinas! That's my favorite restaurant! I just love Walnut Creek. Then the huge task of the day--REGISTERING. I'm so mad at my stupid body, because I had a fatty headache and couldn't enjoy it to the fullest, but still, it was awesome. We registered at Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, and Bed Bath & Beyond. It took hours and we were all exhausted by the time it was over but it was SO FUN. The scanner gun is cool, and deciding what we want in our future home was exciting. It's hard to believe that people are actually going to buy us the things that we chose. So cool.That night us kids visited Grandma Kay and Grandpa Dee. It was trippy to go to their house, which the Blodgetts lived in while G&G were on their mission for THREE YEARS. That's how long it's been since I've been there! I just love that house. Every little detail of it is SO FAMILIAR. The next day we visited Grandma Joyce, and the same thing happened (even though I've been there recently). I was just thrown back to my childhood. It was fun showing Kyle around the places that I pretty much spent my childhood. I am really lucky that I have grandparents that are so cool and live so close. That night we also played lots of Squeak. Kyle won the first round! Exciting, and unprecedented. He fits in my family so well. It was fun to just hang out and relax with everyone.
Sunday we went to church at my home ward. Everyone wanted to meet Kyle. He did a great job. It's probably overwhelming to meet so many people at the same time, but he is awesome. Soon after, we had to hop on a plane. The flight was easy--this time, we did TWO crossword puzzles.

I wish we could have stayed several more days. California in the spring is so gorgeous. The hills were absolutely amazing--that's my favorite part of Walnut Creek/Concord. They'll still be beautiful and green in May, right?

And now I'm back in Provo, where school sucks really bad. If I had a brain tumor, at least I could've dropped out of my classes! It is just so hard to wait for the semester to be over. I have SO MUCH to look forward to--and it all feels very far away. But most of life is going well. Which is to say, Kyle is awesome.

The next non-school item on my list is March 22nd. Engagement pictures!

Monday, March 3, 2008

New poll ------->

I'm home. In Provo. It sucksish.

Last night we got home and immediately played Werewolves--that made it more bearable to not be in California, at least! It was Nieman's first time, and I think she liked it.

I'll have to blog about our trip later. I have to do homework and study for my test. Has school ever been worse?