Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Wow, what a great Christmas! I am seriously in shock from all the good times and surprising presents.
Christmas Eve was grand. We finished shopping, did the Nativity play and How The Grinch Stole Christmas at Grandma's house (I was Mary and a Who) with all the little cousins, which was really funny and cute. I love Grandma Joyce, and really admire her, and I LOVE spending time at her house. I feel like I partially grew up there--I'm very lucky to have both sets of grandparents live so close to me. Christmas Eve wouldn't be Christmas Eve without performing the Nativity at Grandma Joyce's house!

Then we ate a gooooood Christmas Eve dinner at home--our traditional meal of roast beast, Yorkshire pudding (not a pudding), and mashed potatoes! It's even better now that I've discovered how much I like mashed potatoes. We opened our Christmas Eve pajamas, and this year we are all matching, which is really cute. I'm sad we didn't take a picture of all of us in our jammies, even Dad and Danny! But it's just as well, because I couldn't post it anyways because Kyle hasn't opened his yet and I don't want him to see what they look like. It was so exciting to see Lucy open her first Christmas present of her whole entire life! She was darling in her Christmas jammies. And THEN we watched the ultimate Christmas movie--THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL!!!!!! It was SO fun, and really got everyone feeing Christmasy. Michael Caine has done it again. And yeah of COURSE I cried!

Christmas morning was exciting. I thought I knew what my big exciting Santa present was--an amazing red coat from Urban Outfitters (I'm obsessed with coats and Urban Outfitters). BUT when we all filed downstairs to see what Santa left us, I saw the coat PLUS the best gift I've ever gotten in my whole life! ALL 9 SEASONS OF THE X-FILES!!!!!!!!!!!!! In an attractive box set! My shock was EXTREME. In a million years, I never dreamed that I would ever own it, even though I've longed for it for years. It was too expensive to seriously consider. When I saw it, I literally started crying. That may be ridiculous, but it was sincere. I am so happy. I know that presents aren't the most important thing, but they really do show love and understanding--my mom and dad know me so well, and love me so much, to get that for me! Oh and I also got a lot of other exciting and thoughtful gifts...but I'm too overwhelmed to write about them all. But THANK YOU to everyone who got me such awesome presents. And Christy, you need to post a picture of Lucy in the outfit Katy and I got her...seriously.

So guess what we did all day? WATCHED 7 HOURS OF X-FILES. It's a Christmas miracle. It was joyful. It was the best day ever. It was so fun to watch X-Files all together as a family, because we never did that when the show was on the air. Mom didn't like it, and everyone was busy--it was usually me and one or two other people, tops. But today it was a family activity and we really felt togetherness. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the spirit of Christmas. X-FILES BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER.

The only thing that wasn't perfect was missing Kyle. I hate that I'm so sappy, especially when I publish it in a blog for all the world to see and judge me for. It's just hard--we haven't gone a day without seeing each other since mid-August, when we started dating! That's more than 4 months! And months before that we were talking every single day, hating the 700+ miles between us. And before that...ok I'll stop now. Someday I should write our story...because it's really funny and exciting and surprising and awesome. And I'll stop putting my relationship on display...NOW.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


I'm home! And having a great time. Getting here was less easy--my flight was way delayed due to a sudden blizzard in Salt Lake, and my plan was one of only four planes who took off once the blizzard started. I was really lucky--the other airplanes got diverted to Boise. I feel REALLY terrible for Kyle, who had to creep home in the slow snowy traffic. It took him 4 hours to get from Salt Lake to Provo! He had a series of bad experiences, culminating with his keys getting locked inside his car. Thank heavens Amanda picked up her phone and left the bridal shower to rescue him! It was so great to get picked up at the airport and see LUCY! We went straight to In 'n Out and I ate a cheeseburger, which made Christy very proud.

Thursday was glorious. Mom, Christy, and I woke up early to get a pedicure! It was my first time. It was nearly two hours of comfort and pampering, and my feet look awesome. I'm not addicted--thank heavens--but I would definitely enjoy that a second time. Then we went out to lunch, went Christmas shopping, wrapped presents, and put them under the tree. It was most fun! Then Katy came home and went straight to bed because she had a miserable day in the airport--her flight was delayed for HOURS.

Today I went to see I am Legend with Dad and Katy. I liked it! Will Smith did an amazing job, and made me cry in several places. It was a little too social commentaryish, but very enjoyable, and TERRIFYING in some places. Then we hung around downtown Walnut Creek and I finally got to go to the new Urban Outfitters they just put in! What a perfect store. We visited Grandma's house and saw some cousins, and for the rest of the day we've been relaxing. I've read a lot, and ate the best dinner ever (Mom's flank steak is worth killing for), and now we're watching Harry Potter 5 in HD! So decadent, and so much fun.

I love being home. It is so relaxing and fun. Lucy is the best--even though she was millimeters away from throwing up in my mouth half an hour ago. She also likes to suck/gnaw on my face. The only drawback is missing Kyle, which I try to stave off wth phone calls. Oh well, only 5 more days until I join him in Phoenix!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last Provo Post of 2007

Well, the semester's over. I'm going home tomorrow, and I'm very excited. Mom has all sorts of fun things planned, and it's going to be a great Christmas. I can't wait to see Lucy again!

The last couple of days have been great, instead of stressful. I am going to get a way better grade in Physical Science then I thought, so that was a nice surprise. My last final was Tuesday morning, so I've had plenty of time to relax. I feel kind of bad, because Kyle's been spending all his time with me instead of studying--but there'll be plenty of time for that after I'm gone, right?

On Tuesday Kyle and I had our own little Christmas, which was really fun. We had a great dinner at Macaroni Grill (oooh fancy, I know) and gave each other presents. I got so many awesome things! He is the only boy that I would trust to buy clothes for me that I like! He did a great job--he really knows my style--and my color preferences! Plus he gave me the best blanket in the world. I'm in bed with it right now--it really is amazing. And some scarves and gloves that are going to make me really cool. And I think he likes his present too--I know I do.

I almost have all my Christmas presents. All I need is something for Dad, I think. Dads are always the hardest! I had the best idea for him, but it didn't work out--it wasn't even my fault! Very disappointing. So now I'm stuck.

So...the new Batman trailer is terrifying. Heath Ledger as the Joker--he is the creepiest person I've ever seen! But when I saw/heard Michael Caine, I immediately felt comforted and emotional. I am so excited to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve and enjoy his performance! He really gets me emotional in that movie. So good. So good.

Next time I blog I'll be in California, Phoenix, or back from my travels!

[I was going to put up a picture of The Joker, but it was really too horrific. What if Lucy got nightmares? (I really am dying with anticipation...that movie is going to be awesome). So instead I'm giving Michael Caine a little blogger montage, and hopefully he will keep me from bad dreams of Heath Ledger in nasty makeup. Michael Caine is my only hope.]
I really really really really really love Michael Caine.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Early Christmas

Tonight I just couldn't wait any longer to give some Christmas presents! I went a little crazy on this year, and got heck of shirts. Caitlin's leaving soon to go home, so I had to give her her present...and then it seemed appropriate to give Celia her shirt...and then Katy was left out so I gave her one of the many I have for her! And then I gave one to myself :)

This one was for Caitlin--soooo perfect if you know her. Her reaction was probably the best I've ever experienced. It's called "BFF"'

This was Celia's, she's been wanting it for ages. It's "The Communist Party".

Katy got this one. I know it's depressing, but so funny! It's called "Emotional Trip".

And this one's mine!--"There's No Crying In Breakfast". The milk is dead! It's funny!

So. It's been a good weekend. This is why:

  • Rice King
  • Leatherby's
  • Muddy Buddies
  • Holiday films
  • Ward Christmas party
  • Cleaning checks cancelled
  • Hot chocolate
  • Lil' Smokies
  • Book Buybacks
  • Shaun of the Dead
  • Very little studying
  • Kyle is great
  • Sugar cookies

I am very happy.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I was in the best mood today. I studied for physical science and was sooo happy! I love learning about geology and cosmology! Parts of it were really creepy--like how there's a constant background sound wave that's an echo from the creation of the universe. Ahhhh. And how the ocean crust is constantly getting sucked into the trenches by subduction, and that's why the seafloor is so much younger than the continents. I know everything about stars now--that is neat. And I LOVE continental drift!

Anyways, I was feeling confident, and I had a killer outfit on, and it was just lightly snowing, and I didn't fail my test! Then I met Kyle and he came with me to my last physical science lab, which was a planetarium trip! It was pretty cool.

After some homework, we went to Costa Vida and stuffed ourselves with the best food in the world, and now we're cozy at home watching the Twilight Zone. Life is awesome.

I think the end is near?

This morning was awful. I woke up feeling like death, like if I got out of bed my bones would crumble to dust and I'd...not exist anymore. Then I went to class (my last 291 and Physical Science classes ever!) which was okay but boring, then I did my scary scary scary Spanish OPI that I've been freaked out of my mind about, and rightfully so because wow, I pathetically bombed (I got full points, but that means nothing), and even though I still have an A in the class, I've realized that I can't speak Spanish and my confidence is shot and I don't like it anymore. Plus I won't have Profe Wilson anymore, and I'm pretty sure he's the only reason I liked Spanish this semester. I just felt terrible and embarrassed.

It's a good thing Kyle was outside waiting for me in the hall, because then instead of walking home alone crying, I could walk with him--still crying though. But then Mom called and I felt better, and Kyle helped me feel better. Then I got home and found an awesome surprise waiting for me. All the Muddy-Buddy-makin' materials I could ever dream of, and a nice letter, and the first flowers I've ever gotten from a boy. They were beautiful flowers. I made Chex Muddy Buddies soon after. I was immediately cheered up and felt sooo much better. Guys...Kyle is great.

Then, instead of studying all night for my Physical Science test that I have to take tomorrow (which I am NOT going to fail) I watched an awesome movie with Kyle and then did nothing! I played on Facebook and watched Kyle do his homework. I got through a couple chapters of Phys Shiz, but I'm still going to have to stay up all night studying now.

I guess it was a...good day? Nope. The good was really good, and the bad was super sucky. I feel relieved that the worst part of school is over--even though I still have 3 finals: one okay, one tricky, and one impossible. The end is finally in sight though: a week from Thursday I'll be out of here, being pampered by Mom, and hugging Lucy constantly!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i need drugs

I had my first final today! I'm SO RELIEVED that a)it's done and b)I scored big time. It was an anthropology presentation on Hindu marriages, which was pretty much tailor-made based on my specialties. Sometimes I can like presenting--and this one felt really good. My teacher loves me, and I know I have an A in that class.

Unfortunately, the terrible horrible finals start soon. I'm seriously out of my mind with stress, PLUS I'm sick! The timing is awful. I'll make it through somehow.

I don't remember what we've all been doing in the last week. Working a LOT. Playing in the snow. We went to Olive Garden for Caitlin's birthday dinner. Stayed up late watching Fried Green Tomatoes. Christmas shopping. Sitting home all day, being sick. Being on campus all day, being sick. That's about it!

Friday, December 7, 2007

I'm blogging like crazy often.

You know that awesome feeling when you get a package? This morning I woke up and got all excited for that feeling to happen, because I have FIVE packages coming. Well now only 3, because when I woke up there were two waiting for me! I LOVE BUYING CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. It doesn't matter that this stuff isn't for me! (Ok a bit of it is). Unfortunately, I am OUT of money and still have lots to buy! Do fathers give Christmas bonuses to their daughters? They should.

best show ever

Today I watched episodes of 30 Rock on the sweet fast internet on campus because I've missed the last couple weeks--oh my gosh SOOOO FUNNY. Anyways, in one Alec Baldwin orders some alcoholic beverage that turns out to be a "Nancy Drew" and he gets offended and says to the waiter "For men it's called a Hardy Boy" or something to that effect and man, it just reminded me of Kyle ordering a Harrison Ford at the sweet restaurant in Monterey, and I died laughing. It wasn't even the best part of the episode, but it had great nostalgic value. 30 Rock. It will make you a better and funnier person.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mitt's speech

Today I woke up 3 hours earlier than I normally do on Thursdays, so that I could watch Mitt Romney's Faith & Politics speech. It was WELL worth it. His speech was awesome. Katy and I later talked about how inspiring and NECESSARY he is/will be for our country. He said so many things that I wanted to get up and applaud him for! I'm proud of him. His speech was strong and I hope everyone was listening.

Before I knew much about the 2008 candidates, I was skeptical about Mitt. I didn't want to immediately like him just because he's Mormon, because a)what if he was stupid, and b)I don't like when people do that. I didn't want to like him with no reasons to back it up. So a couple weeks ago I finally got around to researching candidates. Then I stayed up til 4 AM to watch the Republican debate with Katy. I realized that I like some of the guys--Huckabee is cool when he's not trying to talk smack about Romney, and Hunter is an honest great guy. And you know, turns out I LOVE MITT. I don't just support him, I am devoted to him. I even joined the Facebook group for him--which is a big deal for me. I never join facebook groups. I would be so proud to have him as my president, and I trust him to do a good job. I can't wait to vote for him.

Liking Mitt Romney isn't super popular here, come to find out. Today in Spanish we all had to write sentences on the board using a particular tense (present perfect subjunctive or something like that--I swear I'll know before the test!) and for my sentence I wrote "I think Mitt Romney gave a good speech this morning" and one of the really loud girls totally got all up in my face about it. The students around me were all dumbfounded that I liked the speech. And dude, I LOVED the speech. It seems like if you like Mitt Romney at BYU, others assume it's because you're ignorant and uninformed. Well...I'm not either of those things, and I stick with him. I think it's just because at BYU it's cool and "edgy" (forgive me...I know we all haaaate that word) to be different and liberal. That's something that really bothers me.

I never talk about politics. It's nearly impossible to do so without a fight, and I just refuse to be part of that. I'm not going to tell someone they're wrong to support a certain candidate, even if I am wildly against their views. I'll just quietly support Mitt and let other people think whatever they want.

For the holidays?

this is so bizarre


At least, it would be if it hadn't already turned midnight.
Guys, Caitlin is the best! We love her and are SO glad she moved in with us! The dirty managers tried to kick her out, but she's really tough and got to stay.

I met her almost a year ago exactly. She was sitting in Marc's living room with Chris and Carl. I don't hang out with those guys anymore, but Caitlin hasn't been out of my life since. We slowly got to know each other, and then really bonded on trip to the Grand Canyon (she was the only other girl that I knew!). I soon realized that I couldn't get enough of this gorgeous redhead and then, hallelujah, she moved in with me! How lucky is Apt. 3??
Caitlin is a super-genius. She scores the highest in her classes, even though she's taking a billion credits this semester, AND working, AND doing yoga, AND being a vegetarian (it's a lot of work!). And instead of using her powers for evil, she lives in Africa and holds babies with AIDS and is an all-around world-saver. She's definitely going to be on CNN's Heroes segment someday. Anderson Cooper is going to know her. Plus, I am mesmerized by her hair.

And now, a photo tribute to seriously the hottest roommate ever:

Monday, December 3, 2007

I need Smart Cookie! Mint Chocolate Fudge Cookies are the best!

I'm pulling a Katy--blogging to avoid homework. Oh wait, that's everyone. Kyle said that we can go to Smart Cookie at 5, so I'm just killing time before that. He's sitting next to me doing Important Stuff--in situ hybridization protocol stuff.

It's been fun lately. We've been hanging out with Nieman quite a bit. Oh--sad news--she and Dave Buck broke up. Mostly sad for me, I guess--I had high hopes for them. But she's totally happy, and we do fun things together. The night they broke up she came over to Kyle's house and we watched Love Actually, the BEST MOVIE EVER, especially for Christmas! I'm not actually supposed to tell anyone that Kyle watched/really likes it, because it's not manly enough. We told people we were watching the new Arnold movie, or Rambo 10. (This from the man who ordered a "Harrison Ford" to cover up the "Shirley Temple" that he got.) The next night we all watched Reckless Kelly, which has got to be the funniest weirdest movie ever made by Australians in 1994. I love it, and we all had a really great time.

This weekend it snowed like CRAZY--allll day Saturday. So that night we played in the snow! I'll post pictures later. We were so freezing when we got back, so Katy made us some killer hot chocolate and we watched the X-Files Christmas special. One of my favorite episodes. That REALLY got me in the spirit of Christmas.

Yesterday was Amanda's birthday! We had a big dinner--mostly a reunion for the F6/R22 kids, but there were some newcomers (like me). I was thinking that it was going to be HORRENDOUSLY awkward (because there were 5 ex-couples going, and I was one of them) but I had a good time. I can't believe Sara made enough spaghetti to feed like 20 people!

It was also DAD'S BIRTHDAY!!! Sad that I wasn't home. I called home though, and Mom found the present I had for him that was hidden away in my room. And now I'm really excited to go home again! It's actually pretty soon. After being home for Christmas, I'll fly to Phoenix and hang out with Kyle and his family, and then drive back to Provo with Alan. I'm really excited for school to end so fun can start happening!

This week is kinda easy, but next week is MURDER so I can't relax. I should really just get started on all the hard things...but that's nearly impossible!