Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sad Face Emoticon

Do not google image "fat val kilmer" unless you want to cry.  I think I need to go watch The Saint real quick.  I miss the old Val.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh dear

Like most pregnant women, I am addicted to checking my baby's progress on the Baby Center website.  Particularly fun is the "what your baby looks like this week" feature.  The baby looks fairly normal and comfy in the aptly named fetal position, up until week 19, which is how far along I am.  Now, apparently, Velocity is suffering this indignity:

Excruciating and hilarious.  And FREAKY.  Poor Velocity.  It will be better next week, I promise--I'll get fatter and make some space for you.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Just got back from California!  It was a last minute trip (it always is) because Mom was up here for her spring break,  and then was going to be up here again ten days later for Katy's graduation.  My friends, that is what we call a FREE RIDE.  On the day Mom was leaving, Kyle encouraged me to go because he is awesome.  I HAD to take advantage of not having to pay airfare.  While I was gone Kyle improved the beauty of our home in a multiplicity of ways.  It is freakishly clean, the baby room is cleared out, there are flowers everywhere, he  decorated our bedroom (we hadn't gotten to that yet) and he put up some cute floating shelves in our wide hallway.  It looks great.  I think...he is neat.

In California I went to kindergarten with Mom most days.  I also spent a lot of time sitting on the swing on our back patio, enjoying the sun and reading zombie books and drinking Diet Pepsi.  That is basically my heaven.  I got to babysit Lucy several times, we had a fun birthday party for her, and we got her 3 year old pictures taken in the mall, which were incredibly cute.

The highlight was going to garage sales with Mom and Christy.  They take garage sales SERIOUSLY--we had to get up at the crack of dawn to hit the good ones as they opened.  And we hit the JACKPOT.  I bought so much stuff for Velocity!  I can't wait to get it all organized.  Adorable clothes (I think I have decided that tiny baby girl socks are my FAVORITE), a swing, an exer-saucer, and a ton of other stuff.  Such great deals.  We all had a blast. It is such a good feeling to get a barely worn $15 Baby Gap outfit for $1.  The equipment that would normally have cost at least $150 we got for $20.  THAT is why garage sale-ing is the best.

Now that my stomach has actually grown (I look pregnant now, not just chubby) and I have things for her, it is like reality has finally struck.  Those socks are going to have tiny feet in them!  Crazy.  I even wear maternity clothes sometimes!  Um, pretty sure that there is no reason to ever not wear maternity pants ever again.  Have you worn these things?  I have never been so comfortable.

So I had a great trip, and I am so happy to be home.  I missed Kyle like crazy! And now my parents are here for several days for Katy's graduation.  That means fun restaurants and hanging out (plus sitting through graduation AGAIN, woo hoo) (just kidding Katy, I am happy to do it for you) and my house looks beautiful and I can start thinking about baby girl nursery things finally and I am just really happy!

Also, I was in California for 10 days and only threw up once.  I've been in Utah for one day and I've thrown up once.  What the heck?!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


When I'm wrong, I'm wrong.

Long before I knew Kyle, he dreamed of naming his children Vector and Velocity (male and female, respectively).  We compromised by deciding to use those as fetus names.  Now, for months we have had long lists of our favorite boy names.  Family has bought us little boy shoes and outfits occasionally.  I only consider little boy nursery themes. We referred to Morgi as a "he" in everyday conversation, even on this blog.  I WAS SO SURE.  I've been expecting to make the transfer to "Vector" any day now.  Maybe not today, because we certainly wouldn't be able to find out today, but probably in a month.


Instead, we will be calling her Velocity!  And we could NOT be more surprised.  It probably still hasn't fully sunk in yet for either Kyle or me.  We are really excited though--I just need to start thinking of myself as someone who will have a daughter--that seems totally unreal!  It makes sense though, Andersons and Vaughns have daughters.  IT'S WHAT WE DO.  I think everyone thought that it was about time our families were due for a boy, but I guess we were wrong.

Oh, and normally it's hard to tell at 16 weeks, but apparently our little Velocity is not shy.  Our technician laughed at how clearly female she is--as if Velocity really adamantly wanted us to stop referring to her as male.  She is a really wiggly little baby as well, I guess in a couple weeks I'll start feeling it!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Finally some fun!

Today: In about 3 hours, Mom and Christy and Danny and Lucy are going to show up on my front door!  I am so happy.  I have been craving family lately, and it's Mom's spring break, so we are going to party this week.

Tomorrow: Full of shopping! Plus it's my aunt Diana's baby luncheon, which is going to be awesome.  I've never been to the fancy restaurants in the Joseph Smith building before, and all the girls in my extended family will be there.

Thursday: My first ultrasound! Probably won't find out the gender because it's pretty early, but it will be fun just to see Morgi (the size of an avocado now) and find out that my cervix is perfectly competent.

Friday and Saturday will hopefully just be full of relaxing fun.  I better see LOTS of Lucy.  She is nearly 3 and freakishly sassy.  My goal is not ruin any of these events with vomiting.  Christy insists that it's not a real pregnancy until I've thrown up in public, so that's HER goal.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

decision made

Hey, I finally decided on and purchased a diaper bag!  For some reason, this has been a big deal to me, like it establishes my mom-identity.  Probably ridiculous.  It turns out that Kyle and I have to make very few substantial purchases with this baby, because everyone is giving us stuff! It's awesome.  SO I was going to make the most of this baby bag.  After much consideration and advice, I went with my heart and bought a Vera Bradley diaper bag that was on massive sale.  Christy says that it fulfills all the requirements of a diaper bag, so I know that it is functional as well as attractive.  PLUS it even looks like me.  This was a decision that took MANY people to make, which I think is funny.  I got the Cupcakes Green pattern, which was the best of the sale patterns.  It's green, which means it's perfect for me.  Kyle even likes it.

ALSO the next and final Hunger Games book comes out August 24th!  I will now start holding my breath.