Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tahoe 2015

This year's Tahoe reunion is AWESOME.  For the first time, Kyle was able to be there for the whole week. That was super exciting.

I took it upon myself to PSYCHO ORGANIZE the food.  These are my lists. I might have a problem.

The drive was pretty smooth, if I recall correctly? Jane was at least cute with her baby.

Even before we left, my girls had a ton of fun with the kayaks.

We are getting better and better at being on the water.  This year I finally got comfortable on the SUP and it was so fun!  Dad bought a small kid kayak for Lucy to use--and it ended up being used by ALL THE LITTLE GIRLS.  Except Jane obvs.  I was so proud of Ruby! She loved being on her own kayak and picked up the technique really quick.


We went to Vikingsholm and had an awesome time--we took the tour of the house, which was neat, but the best part was kayaking out to the island and finding the folly that was used for tea.

Our last full day there was Jane's birthday! She turned TWO.  The theme was Star Wars OBVIOUSLY and she loved everything about it. Especially opening presents. She hugged every present after opening it--it was cute.