Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's snowing! It's not even October! I can't believe it. Today I busted out galoshes, which is SO EXCITING. Galoshes + shorts=my favorite ensemble. But I am freezing.
I'm really in the mood to read some Keats. Normally that would mean I'm depressed, but I'm totally not. I think I have to bust out my Brit Lit anthologies today.
I'm trying to cram 9 chapters of Physical Science into my head in one weekend, NOT a good idea.
Katy and I are listening to Chris de Burgh in our bedroom. It's a good time. And the Relief Society Broadcast is on tv so we don't have to go brave the weather and the crowds! I like being cozy at home.
ALSO I think tonight Kyle and I are going to go see Transformers at the dollar theater! Hurray!
This is Katy with Adonis. This picture is in my heart forever. I think he really likes her.

Monday, September 24, 2007

life is just awkward today

Um, right now I'm sitting downstairs, and my roommate's visiting teachers just came over but they said we shouldn't leave and it's pretty awkward. Everything about today is awkward! I've been alternately weird and mean. I know that's not okay. I'm just...awkward. So awkward that FHE made me cry. Yeeeeah.


Anyways. Today was so cold that I listened to Imogen Heap! I love winter music. Maybe soon I can listen to old school Damien Rice? That's like, one of the only good things about cold weather.

There are lots of things I'm looking forward to, but nothing that's soon enough to get excited about yet. I wish it was October. Then I could at least feel like I'm well into the semester.

I was so bored in Physical Science that I took a video on my phone. The voiceover didn't come through because I was whispering, which is unfortunate because I was actually really funny, and I'm NEVER funny. I just think Celia does a really funny thing with her I'm putting it up to embarrass her. Also, because Christy gets mad if there aren't interesting things for her to look at every time she gets on the computer.

(I only show my thigh a lot because I'm showing that I'm not taking notes because I'm a bad kid. It's not because I think I have nice legs.)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

just to satisfy my demanding older sister

I really like this picture of Katy and Katy from India Fest:
Gosh, I had no idea that mustard toast would get such a strong reaction. Unfortunately you're all WRONG. Mustard toast is SO GOOD guys! If you like mustard, and you like toast, what's the problem? I've converted many people to the delights of mustard toast. (Like 2!) Mustard has ZERO CALORIES--which is why it's such a great snack. I will defend it til I die.

Life is GOOOOOD except for school--that still sucks. BUT everything else is sweet. I just put some ugly pictures up on facebook--I'm trying to be okay with it. My vanity is disgusting. I went to the homecoming game today, WAY out of character--it was the first football game I've been to since I was a freshman. It was really fun though! I forgot how into it I can get. And it was fun to get soaked in the rain and freeze to death. Tonight is Nieman's birthday party, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIEMAN! She doesn't blog so she won't know I said that. Oh well. I just love her.

Last night Kyle/Katy/Ashley/I saw THE INVASION. OH MY GOSH it was so good. I'm a sucker for Nicole Kidman. She's so gorgeous. And it was SO scary! I normally don't get that scared by movies, but I was seriously clutching poor Kyle's hand. It was really intense.

Christy, the pictures on your blog are so cute I can hardly stand it. I won't be able to breathe until it's Thanksgiving and I'm holding Lucy.

Monday, September 17, 2007

GUYS the thing is, I really don't like Physical Science. I'm in class right now. I'm being a bad kid. Katy and Celia and I have been perusing facebook instead of learning about unbounded fluids. My bad!

Even though I hate Physical Science, I'm still pretty happy about life right now. We went to India Fest on Saturday! Always a good time. We got some sweet Indian clothes, and saw the Pageant and killed Ravana, and took some pictures that I have decided are too ugly to display. Others disagree. But my will is strong.

Instead, here's a picture of last night's mustard toast:

Katy's leaving and taking her computer :(

Monday, September 10, 2007

Probably I should be doing my 291 homework...

I'm almost not sick anymore! And I like my hair again. Things are looking up.

I just saw Die Hard 4 again--still the best movie of the summer. It is SWEET. John McClane continues to kick trash and be the all-american hero. If I could date Bruce Willis, I would still date Kyle. Sorry Bruce.

So, I have to get ready for school soon. I am feeling like school will never give me a break. Maybe school needs to back off just a little bit. Give the rest of my aspects of life a chance to happen!

I've met some new ward people--a good thing? I'm still clinging to the Park Place ward of yesteryear. Of the few people I knew outside of my apartment and #4, most of them are gone. And it makes me sad. I miss the way things were (cue Barbra Streisand song HERE). But I'm trying really hard to not just immediately dislike new people just because they're not my old friends. So

Last night was so funny! I was feeling violent and angry (in a very unfocused and nonserious way). Katy and I just sat at Kyle's apartment feeling destructive. Fun times! Kyle did our Spaghettios dishes and gave me a Michael Scott talking birthday card. I turned 8000 days old yesterday! Now I'm 8001 days old. I'm glad Kyle remembered because I did not.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Katy and I are blogging at the same time.
We're listening to Enya.
I have recently enjoyed mustard toast by candlelight.
I'm not excited for this semester. Mostly scared.
I don't have class until 1 tomorrow.
I'm still not fully unpacked.
I have a Jack Bauer messenger bag.
I miss my family a lot.
Stalker is an acid trippy movie.
I desperately need a haircut.
Soon I will speak "Spanish" and "Science, Physical".
I love Savers! I got some sweet stuff today.
It's fun to visit Kyle at work. It means I get to go shopping.
I need some print cartridges and Capri Sun.