Tuesday, July 17, 2012


In between jobs, Kyle had one glorious week off.  Instead of going somewhere, we decided to spend money here at home and have a great time doing whatever we wanted. And it was FUN.

Monday--  The 3 of us went to the Veterans Memorial Pool.  I ALWAYS want to go and Kyle usually doesn't, so this was nice of him.  Ruby was thrilled and loved it.

Tuesday-- Kelsie watched Ruby while Kyle and I had a fun and long date.  We wandered around Trolley Square and ate at a pub there.  We stayed at the awesome Anniversary Inn on 5th South.  It was SO COOL.  Our room was The Sultan's Palace and we are obsessed with how awesome it was.  Our bed was high on the backs of 2 big elephants, and the big jetted tub was under a giant winged dragon.  The shower came out of the dragon's MOUTH.  I wish all hotels were like this.  We want to go back every year and stay in a new room.  Next year: Mysteries of Egypt.  Or Swiss Family Robinson, because who doesn't want to sleep in a tree house?

Wednesday--  Low-key but fun 4th of July.  We avoided all parades and fireworks in favor of NOT being hot and crowded and unable to park.  We walked down Main Street and played at the toy store and ate at Magleby's (my favorite) and then watched How I Met Your Mother allll niiiiiight looooong.  I'm having a hard time remembering what else happened this day.  After I ask Kyle I'm going to come back and edit this part.

Thursday-- Quiet day, where we got the house in order and let Ruby relax.  Our big excitement was going to Dairy Queen for blizzards after Ruby went to bed.

Friday--That night, Christy watched Ruby and we went out on the town AGAIN.  We went to dinner at The Dodo in Sugar House, where we got the awesome baked cream cheese marinated in soy sauce as an appetizer, which is such a taste sensation.  I ate a yummy pulled pork sandwich and Kyle got quiche, which was funny to me for some reason.  What dude orders a quiche?

We stayed the night at the incredible Grand America in SLC.  I love that place.  To me it is the height of luxury.  We even ordered room service for the first (and probs last) time.  My food was beautiful buuuut there were bugs on the fruit, so we sent it back, got more and better food, and it was all free!  Well worth it.  I loved the teeny tiny condiments and it was cool having a table wheeled into our room, complete with silver dome lids over our food.  JUST LIKE THE MOVIES.

Saturday-- Hung out with Christy when we picked up Ruby, then hung out with the Alan and Nieman for a good while. We got Kyle to play 3 WHOLE GAMES!  It was so fun.

Sunday--Staycation officially over.  I taught YW.  That night Kyle got ready for his first day of work, and I hung out until way too late with Kerry and Morgan upstairs.

I feel like I'm missing a LOT.  I'm sure Kyle will have a better memory so I can fill in the blanks.