Saturday, January 17, 2009


I saw Nieman today.  That was great.  I finally got to give her the present I bought in September, a robot onesie from Soel.  She'll need it someday.  

Today we went to Sundance with Celia and Katy.  We saw the gay friend on Mean Girls.  Katy saw someone from BSG.  Celia saw Mariah Carey.  It was cool.  I mean, COLD--freezing cold.   I'm glad we went though.  The best part was probably driving to/from Park City--lots of belting songs to Katy's new video camera.  Yikes.

I've been to the Pennyroyal twice in two days--because I am in love with a turkey sandwich there.   I think I self-actualized while eating it.  That bread.  That turkey.  That dijon.  Dang.

I have a Photoshop problem.  It's driving me crazy.  My edited pictures won't load.  Or send.  The pictures I loaded of Lucy on my last post--those aren't the edited ones.  I edited them, saved them as jpegs, and loaded them--but they showed up non-edited.  It's a problem.  (Mom, I hope you didn't order 50 copies of the unedited picture.  I'm having a panic attack just thinking about it.)  Do all of you Photoshoppers know anything about this?  

These are things that I am obsessed with:

Yes, they are all Anthropologie shoes, and therefore unattainable.  We all dream.

Friday, January 16, 2009

beautiful child

I love these Lucy pictures. 

This is my favorite.
(maybe from the whole wedding)

She's just so beautiful.

Monday, January 12, 2009

this is it.

I've been thinking that I should blog (it's been a while), but nothing could quite make me do it.  Something would make me think "I should blog"  But now, something major enough has happened.  I now NEED to blog it.

24 WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe it.  Tonight's two hours was even better than last night's.  All of my favorite people from all the seasons...working together...outside the government.  Tony's return was, at first, emotionally upsetting.  WHAT THE HECK.  My love for him burned so brightly, only to be doused at his death several years ago.  And now, to see him again--it was like those movies where the kidnapped child is returned 10 years later, and it's just...weird and not as happy as it should be.  But NOW it's all good and I'm so excited.  He and Jack are so cute.  And don't even get me started on Bill Buchanan!  Bill's definitely still got it--and I LOVE his new hair.  Wow.  24's back and better than ever.
Also, after 24 ended last night we watch the end of the Golden Globes.  I was looking it up online, to see what channel it was on, and my Google search came up with a story about Shah Rukh Khan introducing the little Slumdog Millionaire dealio.  FYI, Slumdog Millionaire is incredible and we loved it.  LOVED it.  Anyways, I was totally bemoaning the fact that I missed SHAH RUKH KHAN.  Seriously.  What is that.  But THEN we flipped on the show and IT WAS SRK WALKING ONSTAGE.  It was a little Golden Globes miracle.  I'm so glad Slumdog won.  Totally deserved it.  It was so cute to see Dev crying onstage when they were accepting the award.  I love him.

Um, what else.  I finally (FINALLY) got my wedding pictures!  They're cute.  With some help from Kayla and Pioneer Woman, I am totally going to edit them up to perfectionish.  ADORABLE Lucy pictures!  

Oh!  Today is the one year anniversary of Kyle proposing and me saying yes.  Kyle's been calling me his ex-fiancee all day.  We went to Gloria's Little Italy to celebrate, because they have amazing bread.

This semester is HORRIBLE so far, homework wise.  Like, I am about three times busier than in the fall.  Plus work.  Plus, my family's doing a weight loss competition so I actually work out every day (ish).  This all means that my house is a mess and Kyle is taking care of me!

In between classes, working out, paper-writing, reading tons, and going to work every day, we've been:
--finishing Prison Break season 2
--hanging out with Celia
--saw two movies IN THEATERS
--spent an evening in Salt Lake with Celia and Katy
--actually played Werewolves at Council Bluffs/Emily's house!
--checking out resort options in Jamaica (hopefully this will be confirmed soon)
--freaking out over Caitlin being pregnant 
--shoveling ice instead of snow
--eating an amazing dinner with Scott and Nancy and the kids
--looking at wedding pictures over and over and over again

I need to blog more so I don't have to catch up so much.  I guess I'll never blog about Christmas.  (It was fun.)