Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The adventure continues

Today Ashley and I made these:

Chocolate fudge cupcakes with chocolate fudge frosting and a little buttercream swirl.  OH and they're marshmallow filled.  I think they're even better than the Hostess kind!

EXCEPT.  We kind of...messed them up.  I mean, they taste really good, BUT we put in the marshmallow when the cupcakes were still hot.  Total  rookie move.  The marshmallow filling kind of just melted into the cake.  So instead of marshmallow filled, they're marshmallow INFUSED.

At least they're delicious.

Monday, January 18, 2010

How Can I Bear It?

I would be so great at being wealthy.  Classy and generous.  You would all be getting such great gifts if I had millions at my disposal.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Alan and Cannon are over.  They're talking to Kyle about math and physics.  It was interesting for a while, but now my mind is breaking so I've tuned them out.

We've had a good day.  Kyle and I woke up late and went to Einstein's in Provo.  It made me remember how much I love bagels.  A plain bagel with plain cream cheese is my favorite thing to the world.  Ever.  Better than chicken tikka masala, better than chocolate rice krispy treats (I can't believe I said that).  As long as it's a GOOD bagel.

After Einstein's we went to Alan and Cannon's house because we had nothing we had to accomplish today.  So the 4 of us went to Shopko, went to 7-11 and got Slurpees, tried to hunt down CB and Emily (to no avail), explored Springville, and meandered around Walmart.  We ended up buying the stuff for what we decided to eat for dinner: deviled eggs, bacon, and pita pizzas.  It was my first time making deviled eggs, and they were mostly successful--they were kind of REALLY salty. I just wanted to not taste the mayonnaise.

Ok now they're playing with the insult/compliment generator on Alan's blog so I'm going to pay attention. It's funny.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Here's the thing: I HATE WORKING.  Kyle LOVES it and would work 4 jobs if I let him, which is awesome for me, because having a job makes me hate my life.  Am I spoiled? Am I lazy?  Yes.  I mean, I CAN work, and have, of course.  But having a job makes me feel insecure, self-conscious, untalented, sucky at everything, sad, stressed...etc.  My last job as the English tutor/grader at BYU Independent Study is probably the sole exception to this.  That was a LOT of fun and I felt successful and worthwhile. BUT, let it be known, finding/having a job is one of my least favorite things.

That being said...I have a job!  And it's the best job I can think of!  And I'm really happy about it and excited to start!  I am...a nanny/babysitter type person!  And not for some stranger baby who I don't know, with weirdo parents.  I am watching ELIZA ROBBINS.  Yes, that's right.  The child of my best friend.  The baby whose birth I witnessed.  The infant that I already love and want to take care of and spend time with.  Am I totally lucky or what?  YES.

Celia just got the amazing job that she has had to do numerous interviews and tests for.  It's a really big deal.  I KNEW she would get it because she's exactly what they're looking for. She, unlike me, is an awesome employee.  It's really cool and I'm proud of her.  It's especially awesome for me because she realized she would need some sort of childcare the same week I decided to look for a job.  I call that FORTUITOUS.

So screw you, Cinemark! Forget it, Sam's Club!  Bite me, Bath and Body Works!  I have the perfect job now and I DON'T NEED YOU ANYMORE.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I'm a night person.  That was one thing that was weird for me when I got married--Kyle now has to get up early in the morning for work, so he goes to bed earlier than I do most nights.  Sometimes I can fall asleep when he does, but usually I try for a while and then get up and read/watch tv/hang out on the internet until 2 in the morning.  Late night television is often trashy, but lucky, for me...I love trashy tv.  I am currently watching one of my favorite guilty pleasures, and I just felt like finally confessing to it: For the Love of Ray J.  

Think The Bachelor, except instead of a handsome pilot, the guy the girls are vying for is Brandy's little brother.  For some reason, I totally enjoy this show.  It's trashy, fake, and ridiculous, but so entertaining.  

Although Ray J is insincere, shallow, dramatic, and appallingly cocky, I can't help but like the guy.  I get such a kick out of him.

Even when I'm finally tired, if I see another episode is going to be on, I've been known to stay up another hour to see what happens.  I think I have a sickness.

Please, tell me your trashy guilty pleasures to make me feel better about myself.  I KNOW that there is a show that you are ashamed of.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Love

This Christmas, I got a lot of cake decorating toys from my in-laws and my younger sister.  I was SO EXCITED to finally put them to use--and this weekend I got the chance.  Ashley (who also got some fun supplies) and I went a little bit crazy and had a ton of fun.

First we made filled cupcakes.  We filled chocolate cupcakes with a marshmallow fluff mixture using my cupcake injector.  The result was...heaven.  It's like Hostess cupcakes but even better.  TOTAL success.  No pictures.

The most fun we had (and the cutest trick we learned) was making rosettes with some cute tips I got.  We put them on mini cupcakes which were adorable and tasted really good.

We made a ton on Saturday for a party that night, and we had so much fun that today we made more to deliver to Celia.

I have a feeling that Ashley and I are going to be doing a lot of baking in the coming months. Because I can't get enough of this cuteness!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Things That Are Currently Awesome

Coconut Lime Verbena Antibacterial Waterless Hand Foam.  I'm kind of addicted to hand sanitizer.  It was serious a while ago because I REALLY hate getting sick and this has totally helped...and then I went to CA and stayed at Christy and Danny's house. They have to be kind of psycho about hand sanitizer because it would've been REALLY bad if any of them got sick, because Danny was still doing chemo.  Two weeks there really sent me over the edge.  Anyways, last week I bought two of these suckers to add to my collection. LOVE them.  I like foam way more than the liquid, and of course I love all things Coconut Lime Verbena.

Being on Goodreads really pleases me.  I'm not 100% consistent about updating it, but if I'm stressed, it feels SO GOOD to go on there, move things from my "To Read" list to my "Read" list, rate things, see what my friends are reading, add things to my "To Read" list...yeah.  I'm a total nerd.  I just love books more than almost anything and it seems like Goodreads is a great place in bask in that love.

I blogged about this water bottle when Christy and Danny gave it to me, but now I know and love it more personally.  I have hated drinking water for YEARS.  For some reason, through this bottle, I drink so much and it's actually pleasant.  Everyone says that about this bottle but I honestly don't know what it is that changed me.  It's just...awesome.

Call me immature, but this show is just...THE BEST.  We're obsessed with it.  Last night Katy and Ashley came over to start Season 4.  This is the last season we can watch on DVD and I'm already stressed about what we're going to do when we run out of discs.  I love paranormal shiz (LOVE), so add that to Dean and Sam being totally awesome and cute--it's awesome!  Oh and their dad is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who Katy loves and I like because of his character on Grey's Anatomy years ago.  Kyle and I are still at odds on our favorite Winchester brother.  I love Dean the most, but Kyle insists that Sam looks better with his shirt off, therefore making him superior.  I don't think this will ever be resolved.

Katy gave me this dish scrubber when I got married.  I LOVE IT.  Still.  It makes washing dishes a pleasure.  Cute little octopus.

Clementines have revolutionized my diet.  Kyle and I are trying to be healthy, but the thing is, I eat zero fruits and vegetables.  Fruits are too much of a hassle and go bad before I get to them, and vegetables are too nasty.  BUT.  I have discovered the clementine.  Not only seedless and clean and easy to peel (no drippy fingers like with oranges), they are weirdly filling.  One little clementine and I'm good to go until lunch!  Even if it's not a big deal, I feel a lot healthier getting a little fruit in me.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh My

Sometimes it's enough to make me weep.

My Internal Struggle

On the one hand, I love the organization of my links list.  I love the categories I have placed blogs in.  I love the perfect alphabetical order that I try to live my life by (not in a alphabetized cereal boxes way, just in a links and DVDs way. I'm not crazy-- although I have considered applying alphabetical order to my bookshelves, foodstuffs, and craft supplies.  I probably won't though.).  I love knowing exactly what site is where so I can practically click without looking.


I do like the blog roll.  It's so nice to know who has updated. It would be great to find that on my own blog--right now I always need a couple extra clicks to get to the blogs of Amanda, Celia, and Julie, so I can make use of their blog rolls.  I don't do Google Reader and I don't follow any blogs. I deal exclusively with right-side-of-the-page lists.  I don't know why--I guess I'm old-fashioned.

Every day I think about changing my links list to a blog roll.  Every day I resist it.  I don't know what tomorrow will bring.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I highly recommend eating this bread.  I'm just wiping the crumbs of a loaf off my  And my house smells so good from the fresh rosemary. Go make it!

Rosemary Peasant Bread

Also, my months of freeloading are over.  I'm going to get a job.  I'll probably feel like a better human once I'm contributing to society (and our mortgage).  Not that I'm looking for a job that will help me contribute to society--I'm more looking for a crappy temporary part-time job.  Not quite fast food*, but definitely not sitting at a desk.  I just want a fun discount somewhere--and maybe they could pay me too.

*That isn't a dig at you, Celia.  In-n-Out totally doesn't count as fast food--I think we can all agree that it's fine dining.