Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I'm a night person.  That was one thing that was weird for me when I got married--Kyle now has to get up early in the morning for work, so he goes to bed earlier than I do most nights.  Sometimes I can fall asleep when he does, but usually I try for a while and then get up and read/watch tv/hang out on the internet until 2 in the morning.  Late night television is often trashy, but lucky, for me...I love trashy tv.  I am currently watching one of my favorite guilty pleasures, and I just felt like finally confessing to it: For the Love of Ray J.  

Think The Bachelor, except instead of a handsome pilot, the guy the girls are vying for is Brandy's little brother.  For some reason, I totally enjoy this show.  It's trashy, fake, and ridiculous, but so entertaining.  

Although Ray J is insincere, shallow, dramatic, and appallingly cocky, I can't help but like the guy.  I get such a kick out of him.

Even when I'm finally tired, if I see another episode is going to be on, I've been known to stay up another hour to see what happens.  I think I have a sickness.

Please, tell me your trashy guilty pleasures to make me feel better about myself.  I KNOW that there is a show that you are ashamed of.


Katy said...

Well luckily my guilty pleasures are things shared by a billion other nerds who are ridiculously vocal about it on the internet and whatnot so I don't even have to feel embarrassed anymore. I WISH DR WHO WERE REAL OKAY? There, I said it. Psh. Come back when you have something REAL to be ashamed of, Becca boots.

Kyle said...

Dallas Divas and Daughters.

Danny and Christy Leininger said...

WOW KYLE. So I didn't know that about you Becca. I don't know if i am especially ashamed of a show-although I probably should be- but I am embarrased by how MUCH tv I watch. It borders on obscene.

Danny and Christy Leininger said...

PS Bless you for posting so often.

Becca said...

Katy: I think you really should be ashamed.

Christy: You're welcome, and I also can't think of any show you should be ashamed of.


The Boob Nazi said...

Hmm guilty pleasure TV shows??? (Don't tell anyone.)
Dollhouse. AHHHH Don't tell anyone, please.
And I'm trying to stop myself from staying up late.... And I get to sleep before 1am. But that's better than nothing, right?

The Boob Nazi said...

And by better than nothing, I mean, "better than 2am/3am." haha

Becca said...

HA I KNEW you would like Dollhouse, Julie! Way to go. But definitely play that one close to the chest.

Miss Frazzled said...

I watch Brothers & Sisters for Rob Lowe... does that count?