Friday, May 27, 2011

Alan + Kaity

(I hope they don't see this.)
(Especially Alan.)

You know how sometimes you're going along and then are struck all over again with the truth that love is real?  I love when that happens.  I had that feeling when I was going through some pictures today.  These were taken in Telluride.

Nieman was holding Ruby in the bjorn earlier.


She's now holding a coffee table book in the bjorn.

She has ALWAYS had a thing for Carl Sagan.

They're the only couple I know who would read Cosmos out loud to each other on a road trip.

I'm glad Alan isn't jealous of Carl.
These are goofy pictures.  They are sometimes goofy people.  But don't they look so happy? Knowing that they are perfect together, and are getting married in a month, makes me so incredibly happy. Pretty close to giddy.

And this is my new favorite picture of Kaity:

Just a girl with the other love of her life.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

8 months

Oh man, the time. It is flying.

Ruby is an all-star crawler (SO fast and steady) and stander (not on her own yet, but she can pull herself up on anything in her path super quick) and all-around Superbaby.  She's showing remarkable prowess at walking with help.  No clue when the real deal will happen--hopefully I have another several months before she can actually walk!

This month Ruby got sick for the first time ever.  She was still well-behaved, but there were a couple days when you could tell she was just miserable.  The snotty nose is taking a while to go away.

Lucky girl got to take a bath with Lucy's toys...AND with Lucy!
She is working on FOUR teeth right now.  Yes, four.  And she's STILL a good baby--just not quite as perfect as she has been.  I could have sworn she had an ear infection because she's getting over a cold and kept tugging on her ear, which she never ever does.  That's like, 99% certainly an ear infection, right?  Wrong.  It's a referred earache associated with teething.  Poor bunny.  As someone who has suffered from tooth pain recently, I really feel for the girl.

She went on her first road trip--to Telluride, which is about a 6.5 hour drive.  She was an angel!  I was shocked.  She didn't cry the whole time--and she didn't sleep much either.  She just wanted to play with Alan and Nieman the entire time.

Also this month: champion eating (including feeding herself puffs), desire to be the first female baby sumo wrestler (will.not.stop.eating.), first use of nasal aspirator (snot bulb), switch to convertible carseat (today)

Current common nicknames: Rubindranath, Rubemeister, Ruby Roo, Adorababy. And as always, Girlfriend.

More California

I still can't get over how darling Christy and her family are.  I can't even tell you how great it was to spend time with her and her girls.  3 daughters! Just like my mom.

They're just so beautiful!  All of them! Yes, you too Danny.
But really, Christy had twins 2 weeks ago (in this pic) and is still smokin'.

The forever love of my life, Lucy.


Probably have a lot of this to look forward to

Ruby and I had a blast hanging out with them.

Lydia smiling at me! 
Double whammy

Cuddling with Joyce

Ruby looks pretty solemn in this picture...but the rest of the time, she was  giggling wildly at Lucy's antics.  And pulling her hair.
I can't wait to go back and see them all in June! Those babies are only getting cuter.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I Got High In Telluride

No I didn't, neither in the narcotics sense or the skiing high mountaintops sense.  It was just a funny sticker we saw while on our awesome whirlwind trip to Telluride, Colorado to visit Katy.

Telluride is a really great little town.  An interesting mix of expensive boutique clothing stores and medical marijuana establishments.  My most fave thing was the old-timey architecture.

ACTUALLY my most fave thing was Katy's studio.  She showed us the books she's been working on and demonstrated some cool techniques.  The people she works with are very cool and her studio is gorgeous.  The light and exposed rock walls and cool equipment were so fun to look at.  I loved finally seeing all the things that I've read about on her blog.

Book binding is awesome.  Katy is awesome.  Telluride is awesome.  But I'm still glad she's coming home in a week!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


The next decision in my life:


The bottle green linen is prettier...but maybe the olive is more practical?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our 3rd Anniversary

It's my 3rd anniversary of being married to Kyle.  Good decision, Past Becca.

We made it through my pregnancy (which we only managed because Kyle is a patient and considerate man) and Ruby's newborn months (also because Kyle is patient and considerate and also frequently selfless). Kyle has proven himself to be an amazing father and continues to be an awesome husband.  And he's still very attractive (read: super hot).

My love for him only grows. It's weird.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Joycie and Lyddie

Guys, these girls are hilarious.  They make me laugh all the time.

Moments like this:
So cute

quickly turn into this:
Thinking about it...

Yep. Cannibal baby.

What shocks me is how SMALL they are.  They were both about Ruby's weight when born, and just a teeny bit longer, but she was NEVER this tiny.  Maybe they just have really long limbs or something, because I swear they are so much more delicate than she ever was!  At first I was scared to put them in clothes or change their diapers, but I've gotten used to handling them.  They are so fun and cute.  I don't know how Christy feeds and cares for TWO NEWBORNS.  I am tired just after 5 days of it!  Most of our time is spent feeding/burping/changing the tinies while Lucy entertains Ruby.  They are BFF already and adorable to watch.  I'm having a great time!

(ps Ruby is sick for the first time in her life {we made it 8 months at least} and it is sooooo terrible.  Luckily she has grandparents here to hug her in her misery.  Sick babies are so pathetically sad.  AND we have to be so super careful because if the babies get sick, life is officially over.)