Friday, May 27, 2011

Alan + Kaity

(I hope they don't see this.)
(Especially Alan.)

You know how sometimes you're going along and then are struck all over again with the truth that love is real?  I love when that happens.  I had that feeling when I was going through some pictures today.  These were taken in Telluride.

Nieman was holding Ruby in the bjorn earlier.


She's now holding a coffee table book in the bjorn.

She has ALWAYS had a thing for Carl Sagan.

They're the only couple I know who would read Cosmos out loud to each other on a road trip.

I'm glad Alan isn't jealous of Carl.
These are goofy pictures.  They are sometimes goofy people.  But don't they look so happy? Knowing that they are perfect together, and are getting married in a month, makes me so incredibly happy. Pretty close to giddy.

And this is my new favorite picture of Kaity:

Just a girl with the other love of her life.


Christy said...

Nieman looks beautiful! I can't wait to see her in her wedding dress:)

Cannon said...

This inspired me to go click Alan's compliment generator. I feel better already. Splash drinks all around!

Kaity said...

what a gentleman, that carl.