Friday, June 3, 2011

planning is my favorite

I knooooow I need to blog. It's been days. There isn't much to say though!

This is what I've been up to:

  • hanging out with my mom when she was here for Memorial Day
  • massive Joanns trip--it was epic
  • got my BOTTLE GREEN Toms...and have worn them every day since
  • hanging out with Katy almost 24/7 because she's BACK
  • making bridal shower invitations (2x)
  • making bridal shower decorations (2x)
  • babyproofing the house because Ruby is capable of getting into everything now
  • celebrating with Celia because she's having TWINS
  • missing Lucy and Joyce and Lydia
  • staring at Ruby in disbelief because she's so dang cute
  • ordered and agonized and received my bridesmaid dress
  • found and purchased Ruby's dress for The Wedding (as godchild of the couple, she needed one)
  • planning a crazy, crazy June--2 bridal showers, 2 weddings, Lydia/Joyce baby blessing, 10 days in California


Kayla said...

How is your dress???

Karen said...

Why not a picture of your dress? or adorable Ruby?