Saturday, October 31, 2015

Comic Con 2015!!!!! Day Three

Our third and final day. We took Ruby and Eliza again because they begged us. This time, we drove part of the way and then took Trax to avoid parking. It was really fun for the girls and a lot less stressful for me, the driver!

The girls loved taking pictures with character that they know, The Disney characters and Star Wars were of course most exciting!

So, we decided to check out Celebrity Row and see how much some of them were charging for a quick selfie.  I saw that Manu Bennett was $80, so I didn't think that there was any way we could afford anyone.  Until we saw DEAN O'GORMAN, who I totally love, and was only TWENTY DOLLARS. OH MY GOSH.  I died!!!!!!  So our girls met Fili the Hobbit, who they don't even know but will appreciate someday. He was SO NICE. I CAN'T USE ALL CAPS ENOUGH TO DESCRIBE THIS EXPERIENCE.  It was so much easier and less stress than Sean Astin, and SUCH a surprise. He was really sweet to the girls and we talked Star Wars, of course.

So many cool costumes!!!!

Hugging Baymax made Ruby's entire life. But I didn't get a picture of the hug :(

Comic Con was such a great experience!!!! Even if I didn't want to go back, Ruby would force me to. I will be there every year from now on! Ruby still talks about it allllll the time.  If I ever mention that we're going to do something really fun that day, she hopes it's Comic Con. Sorry girl, you're going to have to wait a while!

After 3 days of braids, my hair was a little cray.

These are the awesome shirts that I got from a cool vendor called Hexpress. I brought shirts (because I talked to them on Day 2) and they printed the designs I chose!  I'm so pleased with them.

My sweet Leia.  It was worth every penny to spend some time with this girl and have an awesome experience we could share.

Comic Con 2015!!!!! Day Two

So, on our second day of Comic Con, we did not take our daughters. Instead, we came with Katy Larson!  We were more timid about getting pictures with random strangers, but it was the best Girls Night ever.

 Most of our time there was spent in line getting a picture with....SEAN ASTIN!!!!!   You're allowed to take a group picture so we all chipped in the money for it. TOTALLY WORTH IT. I don't like how I look in the picture, and the actual experience is like 15 seconds with Sean after waiting in line for two hours, but still WORTH IT.  I TOUCHED SAMWISE GAMGEE.  I was dying. I look so nervous in the picture!  He was really nice and liked our LOTR shirts.

In line to meet Sean Astin.

Right before meeting him!


Right after. I started crying as soon as we left his presence because of FEELINGS.
Then we changed into our Star Wars costumes. People LOVED Katy's Ewok costume that we had made the night before! I was so proud :)

We were starving and left to find food. It was hard to find something that poor Celia could eat! We ended up at Blue Lemon, a normal place full of normally dressed people. Not embarrassing at all...

The 3 of us hang out all the time. Every week, Girls Night is either doing some job together or watching a movie and chatting and eating. It's so fun, but it was cool to do something so different and exciting together!

Comic Con 2015!!!!! Day One

Wow. Okay. This year, for the first time ever, I went to Comic Con. I have ALWAYS wanted to go and this year all my dreams came true! Celia and I went to all 3 days and it was MAGIC.  The best part, surprisingly, was taking our girls and letting them experience it too. They loved it. Celia and I loved the attention we got because they were so cute :) Seriously, every few minutes we were stopped because people wanted their picture.  AND the bonus was that I wasn't embarrassed to ask people if we could take a picture of them--because it wasn't for me, it was for the KIDS. Ha. It worked perfectly. The one day we didn't take our girls, I was much more timid.

On Thursday, we went just for a couple hours to explore the convention center because we had NO idea what to expect from comic con.  We dressed up as characters from Star Wars of course. I was pretty stressed about getting up there in traffic and parking in the insane crowds, but it worked out. As we got close to the convention center, the girls started flipping out because there were people in costumes. Before we made it into the building, people stopped us to take pictures of our girls. Right then we knew it would be the best day ever!!

There were so many Star Wars guys to take pictures with. The girls just SCREAMED when they saw someone they were excited about, which was all the time. It made everyone so happy.

We saw this same "Kilted Mandalorian" at the Scottish Games!

creeeeeeeeepy unicorn

BABY!!! From Supernatural :)

They had a Jedi Training session at Kid Con. The girls were upset when one of their Jedi trainers got killed by a Sith.

They have no idea :)

The girls were EXHAUSTED by the end of the day. We got home late after stopping for some In n Out that they fell asleep eating.

Best Day EVER! Except for the next two days at Comic Con!