Saturday, October 31, 2015

Comic Con 2015!!!!! Day Two

So, on our second day of Comic Con, we did not take our daughters. Instead, we came with Katy Larson!  We were more timid about getting pictures with random strangers, but it was the best Girls Night ever.

 Most of our time there was spent in line getting a picture with....SEAN ASTIN!!!!!   You're allowed to take a group picture so we all chipped in the money for it. TOTALLY WORTH IT. I don't like how I look in the picture, and the actual experience is like 15 seconds with Sean after waiting in line for two hours, but still WORTH IT.  I TOUCHED SAMWISE GAMGEE.  I was dying. I look so nervous in the picture!  He was really nice and liked our LOTR shirts.

In line to meet Sean Astin.

Right before meeting him!


Right after. I started crying as soon as we left his presence because of FEELINGS.
Then we changed into our Star Wars costumes. People LOVED Katy's Ewok costume that we had made the night before! I was so proud :)

We were starving and left to find food. It was hard to find something that poor Celia could eat! We ended up at Blue Lemon, a normal place full of normally dressed people. Not embarrassing at all...

The 3 of us hang out all the time. Every week, Girls Night is either doing some job together or watching a movie and chatting and eating. It's so fun, but it was cool to do something so different and exciting together!

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