Saturday, October 31, 2015

Comic Con 2015!!!!! Day Three

Our third and final day. We took Ruby and Eliza again because they begged us. This time, we drove part of the way and then took Trax to avoid parking. It was really fun for the girls and a lot less stressful for me, the driver!

The girls loved taking pictures with character that they know, The Disney characters and Star Wars were of course most exciting!

So, we decided to check out Celebrity Row and see how much some of them were charging for a quick selfie.  I saw that Manu Bennett was $80, so I didn't think that there was any way we could afford anyone.  Until we saw DEAN O'GORMAN, who I totally love, and was only TWENTY DOLLARS. OH MY GOSH.  I died!!!!!!  So our girls met Fili the Hobbit, who they don't even know but will appreciate someday. He was SO NICE. I CAN'T USE ALL CAPS ENOUGH TO DESCRIBE THIS EXPERIENCE.  It was so much easier and less stress than Sean Astin, and SUCH a surprise. He was really sweet to the girls and we talked Star Wars, of course.

So many cool costumes!!!!

Hugging Baymax made Ruby's entire life. But I didn't get a picture of the hug :(

Comic Con was such a great experience!!!! Even if I didn't want to go back, Ruby would force me to. I will be there every year from now on! Ruby still talks about it allllll the time.  If I ever mention that we're going to do something really fun that day, she hopes it's Comic Con. Sorry girl, you're going to have to wait a while!

After 3 days of braids, my hair was a little cray.

These are the awesome shirts that I got from a cool vendor called Hexpress. I brought shirts (because I talked to them on Day 2) and they printed the designs I chose!  I'm so pleased with them.

My sweet Leia.  It was worth every penny to spend some time with this girl and have an awesome experience we could share.

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Anderson Girl Comic Con 2016!!!!