Thursday, November 29, 2007

I never said what I'm thankful for!

Is it too late? I totally forgot. During Thanksgiving dinner Katy and Kyle and I talked about what we were thankful for, but it was mostly just funny things. I think I'll do one for real.

1. My family, obviously.

They're the greatest. It was so amazing being home again and feeling so happy and comfortable. Mom and Dad do everything for us, I am SO lucky. Mom made me about a billion batches of chocolate rice krispy treats (unfortunately, the last brick was finished today) and awesome meals and bought me presents--obviously those are the material/culinary manifestations of love. She and Dad also gave up their whole busy week to entertain me and Katy and Kyle, spending all that money and time. Dad is probably the funniest person EVER, if you get him in the right mood. We had a blast. It was also super awesome to have Christy and Danny around. We have such fun all together! Us 3 sisters are pretty much best friends, and we're so lucky that Christy married someone who fits right in and can be our brother (but not Christy's brother).

2. Lucy

She goes in the "Family" category, but I think she deserves her own. Having a baby (even one that's not mine) is the most amazing experience! I feel so close to her. I love having her around, I love holding her, I even love when she cries and eats her nasty disgusting baby food--liquid peas and squash...gross. She plays all the time and is the most smiley baby I've ever seen. I really really hope my kids are as cute, because now I know what TRUE cuteness is. I love her.

3. Kyle

I know that's super cheesy and sickening, so I won't say much. I'm just really lucky. And I recognize it. Being around him makes me happy. He's helped me so much in so many ways.

4. My friends

Over the years the kind of people that I'm friends with has morphed and changed, but they're always exactly what I need at that time. (Except Nieman--she's been my friend for the longest, and I will ALWAYS need her). My friends are interesting because they're all so COMPLICATED, with complicated lives and needs. But we love each other and need each other. A year ago I REALLY needed something, and I found them. They've been great and helped me a lot. I'm so happy to live with them.


My trusty steed. What would I do without him? Dad keeps hinting that we'll need a new car soon because Chester's on his way out, but I refuse to consider that as a possibility. I hope he outlives me.
6. Park Place

Ok, I hate Park Place now. It's disgusting and filthy and the management stinks. BUT--remember what it was like last year? Park Place was a safe haven for me. I fled Casa Dea to return to the warm embrace of the scary garage and malfunctioning washing machines and teensy tiny rooms. I need to remember why I loved Park Place. I can rekindle those feelings, I know I can! Plus, how could I ever leave Bishop Mott, the saintliest man in the world.
7. School

I know school sucks and everything, and most people hate it and can't wait to never have anything to do with it ever again--but I LOVE school! I love classes! Yeah, so homework and tests and finals and actually going to class sucks, but what would I do without it? I'm really going to miss school--that's why I plan on NEVER graduating.

8. Books

---are more likable than most people I know. At least to me.
9. Chocolate Milk

Because without it, I wouldn't be me.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Freakishly Long Thanksgiving Post!

Thanksgiving was the BEST this year! We had an awesome week in California, and I never wanted to leave. I'm going to be very detailed, which is going to make this a very long post! You don't have to read it!

We woke up freakishly early--like 3:30 AM. We made it out the door on time, and drove to the airport way before the sun even thought about maybe rising sometime. Lines weren't too terrible, and the new Southwest boarding system made our airport experience completely stress-free. The flight was immensely uncomfortable and we were EXHAUSTED but unable to sleep, which was unfortunate...but it was worth it. Mom picked us up early Tuesday morning in Oakland, and we drove straight to Monterey! We were able to sleep in the car because Mom brought pillows and blankets, because she's the best mom in the world. We stopped at Noah's Bagels and had the best breakfast ever. Monterey was SO fun once we were able to wake ourselves up. I always miss my little cousins when I'm at college, so it was great to hang out with them! We played a lot. Plus Christy/Lucy/Danny were there, which makes things sooo fun. I loved being with Lucy again! We took Kyle to the wharf (where I ate an amazing corn dog!) and the Monterey outlet mall, which is ridiculous but we love it. We also got to wander along the beach a bit--too cold for beach activities, but hey, walking is fun! We played some pool (Kyle and I are both...less good. But I'm even less good than him), watched Hairspray (liked it a lot!), and ate a really great meal at Chili Great Chili, which was a bizarre restaurant but I totally loved it. We went to bed SO early because we were exhausted--which turned out to happen the whole week. When everyone in the house is in bed by 10, it's hard to keep normal college sleeping habits.

We woke up, lazed around, walked on the beach some more, and drove home. We stopped at the Gilroy outlet mall, which is AWESOME, and got some really sweet stuff that I have to forget about until Christmas. We surprised Dad at his office, because he was sad that he didn't get to come to Monterey with us. I had my first cheeseburger EVER, and I actually really liked it! I'm glad Christy made me. But it was an In-n-Out cheeseburger--I don't expect to like cheeseburgers from Burger King. We got to see Grandma and Grandpa for the first time since they got back from Denmark! It's fun to have them living at our house for a while. I showed Kyle around my house, and then showed him around Nieman's house. Mom and Grandma cooked a lot that day! We had the first Squeak game of the week--which continued nearly every night. I do love that game. For some reason, though, I've lost my game! I used to be GOOD--Katy and Christy and I were always about equally skilled. But this week I was terrible! I still had just as much fun, I've just lost my edge.

Thanksgiving! We started working on a freakishly hard puzzle, which we never did finish. We put in a lot of time though! Um...for some reason I can't think of anything we did on that day, other than eat a tremendously good Thanksgiving meal. Katy, Kyle, and I were the kid table. We had a good time. I stuffed myself with turkey and mashed potatoes and Martinellis and mass quantities of rolls, which is what my entire meal consists of every year.

Such a good day! Kyle and I went to Walnut Creek--yes, we braved the crowds of Black Friday. Kyle bought some awesome presents for his family, and we had lunch at my favorite restaurant, Tomatinas, and we had a really great time walking around the cute downtown. For some reason, that little outing was one of the highlights of the week for me. Maybe it's because we got a sweet parking spot, I don't know! Kyle and I also spent a lot of time in front of my fire, reading Harry Potter (He's starting the series, and I was re-reading book 7). That was an awesome activity. MAN I want to go back! We also played lots of Squeak, of course!

Also an awesome day! Christy, Danny, Lucy, Mom, Katy, Kyle, and I went to San Francisco! We walked on the Golden Gate Bridge and shopped for hours in Union Square, got authentic San Francisco Blondie's pizza, wandered around the streets of San Fran, sang "I Left my Heart in San Francisco" a lot (at least I did), and had a blast. My kind beautiful mother bought me an awesome present--I can't wait for Christmas! Then we went to Fentons, which is one of the best things about the Bay Area. Danny gave us a watered down version of the Myers-Briggs test, and I discovered that I am different from the rest of my family! It was very interesting.

I got to show off Kyle at my home ward! Nieman came to our ward and we had a good time together. Mom made an awesome dinner for us, and we just lazed around all day. And we watched Live Free or Die Hard again, because we just bought it for Dad! Still the best movie. Kyle worked for HOURS on the puzzle, while I slept in front of the fire. We played some hardcore Squeak, because Christy and Danny had to leave that night. I still stunk at it, but it was really fun. I'm going to have to get my game back, so I can dominate at Christmas.

Kindergarten day! We woke up at the crack of dawn, which I guess Mom does every day so I shouldn't complain! We had a great day with the kindergarteners. I felt like I bonded with some, even in just one day. My favorite kid is Samuil, the little Bulgarian boy who speaks no English and has a hard time in class. Imagine being a little 5 year old, watching what everyone around you is doing in order to try to figure out and guess what you should be doing? It was so sad! But we worked on an art project together and were able to communicate with gestures and smiles. It was really fun and made me feel good. Then we had to pack :( and go to the airport :( and return to Provo :(

Our flight home was uneventful, but once we hit ground it was interesting. When we finally found Treppy in the parking lot, she wouldn't start! She did eventually, thank heavens, but we had a scary couple of minutes. It was FREEZING and we were tired and I did NOT want to deal with a broken down car! Then the toll machine wouldn't let us pay for parking, although eventually it did. Another near miss. THEN we had to go get gas, which was an experience. I ended up crying in the front seat, terrified out of my mind that I was going to have to watch Kyle get killed! Luckily, the thug was a nice thug. We made it home finally, dead tired and heck of depressed that we were back in Provo. Now we have to make it through a couple miserable weeks, and then happiness again!

This week was full of Lucy smiling, Squeak playing, cozying up in front of the fire, and getting love from Mom and Dad. It was AWESOME and I miss home already!

I'm sure I forgot some things--I knew I would. And I'm sorry I don't have any pictures, Mom! The internet at Park Place is soooo slow and annoying. Wireless at home is lightning

Sunday, November 18, 2007

3 more days til we go home!

It's been a great weekend so far--unfortunately, tomorrow is ruined (not by church). I have to memorize100 pages of Physical Science, so as to not fail my test and therefore fail the class. BUT that doesn't mean I can't revel in the fun of the last couple days!

After class on Friday, Kyle and I went to Forever 21 to get Celia a sweet birthday present. And we DID. I'm jealous and wanted to keep some things for myself! So to make up for it, I bought myself a coat! I needed a dark one that I can actually wear with clothes (my other new coat is incredibly cool, but not as functional/practical). Kyle found a great one for me! And it wasn't super pricey, so I decided to not eat the rest of the month and just buy it. Then we went to see THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM! It FINALLY came to the dollar theater, and Kyle's been dying to see it. And it was just as good the second time. I swear, he and Jack Bauer are the action heroes of my generation. And he looks like Danny, which is neat. How does Danny feel about him being People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive for 2007, I wonder? And THEN we watched.....MAN VS. WILD!!!!!!!!!!!! The new season started last week, but we missed it. Luckily it ran again last night, so we got to watch 2 hours of the sickest show ever. Sick as in DISGUSTING. This new season is a whole lot nastier. Even Bear Grylls threw up TWICE in one episode, which is a good indication of how we were feeling. I do love that show though.

Today was also a great day. After Celia opened her birthday presents this morning we watched The Shadow (Christy, remember that movie? Alec Baldwin? It's so much better now that we love him from 30 Rock!) and I fell asleep because I didn't get much sleep the night before (I was up til 4 watching a movie on my computer. By "movie" I mean tv show. By "tv show" I mean Grey's Anatomy. DON'T JUDGE ME). By the time I woke up, it was time to go to the store and buy things for the delicious meal that Kyle and I were going to make! So...we made it. And it was GOOOOOD. We made chicken cacciatore and polenta, and it was a wild success of course.

We then had to race to get ready for our date tonight. Kyle's whole apartment got dates and tickets to Belshazzar's Feast at the Tabernacle in SLC. It was pretty awesome. We went to a very fancy Wendy's. (Kyle and I just got frosty's...we were still stuffed from our awesome meal.) Kyle and I drove with Amanda and Jared and rocked out to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack the whole way there. The concert was neat. We got front row ish seats on the floor, so I felt very close to the orchestra and conductor and everything. The concert was a joint effort between BYU and the U--a good idea? I don't know if it was supposed to foster a feeling of camaraderie and friendship or what, but that didn't work on me. I kind of felt competitive still. Oh well. The music was gorgeous--I was very moved by the mournful Israelite parts. The lights weren't on at Temple Square, unfortunately, so we only took a couple pictures as a group. On the way home, though, Amanda got a good one of Kyle and I wrestling/walking. Um...I don't remember why were were fighting.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

This is long because I am BORED

I'm just waiting for Kyle to get out of class. I am STARVING. In Spanish we had to talk about our favorite kinds of food, and I seriously almost died. Tengo mucho hambre.
I'm not sure how to kill time. Facebook is boring right now, plus what if I stalked someone and I was looking at their page and they happened to be sitting by me? They'd know! It'd be so creepy. I'm really paranoid about that. No facebook stalking except for in the privacy of my own home.

In several days, I will be flying HOME with Kyle and Katy. I get to show Kyle the two prettiest parts of California! We're not even going to Concord when we get picked up at the airport--Mom's driving us directly to Monterey, my favorite place in the world. Thanks Scott and Nancy for letting us hang out with you there! I love the beach house--it's huge and it really is directly on the beach. You have to walk like 2 minutes max. I have so many good memories of Monterey. And I LOVE it in the winter. It's a bit chilly, but the beach is gorgeous. We're going to go to the wharf, which will please Katy immensely because she has constant clam chowder cravings, and you just can't get good clam chowder in Utah. My whole family adores seafood restaurant (except Christy and me). Kyle doesn't like seafood either, so he and I will get to enjoy some delicious corndogs! We'll be in Monterey all day Tuesday (man we're going to be exhausted--our plane leaves Utah at 6 AM), and leave Wednesday morning because Mom needs heck of time to cook our Thanksgiving meal. I'm so excited for real food, and a clean kitchen. Thanksgiving is going to be awesome. And Lucy will be there! It's her first major holiday!

Other things I'm looking forward to while we're at home:
--Kyle's starting Harry Potter! I plan on rereading number 7. That means Harry Potter parties in front of the fire. That sounds paradisiacal.
--TV on DVD! The last couple years, watching whole seasons of tv shows on DVD is the essence of Thanksgiving and Christmas. This Thanksgiving--Heroes, some 30 Rock, mayhap some Roswell season 1?
--My family! All of them. Together!
--We're going to show Kyle San Francisco! I have some good ideas about where to take him. And Nieman will be in town too, so we should probably go to Berkeley. Which reminds me,
--Nieman! She finally decided to come home for Thanksgiving. That means Kyle gets to see her house where I spent most of my high school glory days, plus he gets to meet Montana (angel dog) and Link (devil dog).

Dang, there's this guy who I accidentally keep looking at who's always looking at me and smiling, he totally thinks I'm checking him out but I'm just in a daze! It's really awkward. You know when you have to keep looking at someone because you know they're looking at you? Yeah, I'm fighting that right now. He's sitting right across from me so it's impossible! I wish he'd not look at me EVER.

Ok, man this is long, I'm just bored and have very little else to do while I'm here. Once I get home I have to study like CRAZY for my physical science test. I'm so hating that class.

Anyways...I'm going to get up and go before that guy tries to talk to me.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My boyfriend is brilliant

Seriously. He was studying biochem tonight, and I was flabbergasted. This is the sort of thing that he has memorized:

He didn't just memorize what it looks like, he actually knows what all of those lines mean! He's just so smart. He knows about things that I haven't even heard of--TONS of things that I've never heard of. If someone asked me to recite the enzymes of glycolysis, or of the citric cycle or whatever the heck it was he was studying (a big circley one?), my mind would break. But he can do it! I can't even handle Physical Science 100! It's a good thing I'm getting good grades in my English classes or I would feel way too dumb for him.

Also: We went to Cannon's birthday party! It was most fun. Kyle got us started with a rousing chorus of "For He's a Jolly Good Cannon", and he even got us to play "Light as a Cannon, Stiff as a Board". I felt strong impulses to dance, but I fought them. Kyle did not. The party was a surprise, and I think Janae did a really great job putting it all together. There were so many people! I guess that's because everyone in the world likes Cannon.

Also: The only reason I have a blog is that almost a year ago I had a crush on a boy named Kyle Vaughn who was really dreamy and I wanted to help him figure out that I was cool and he should probably date me.

Monday, November 12, 2007

8 days until Thanksgiving break!

Yesterday was a good day. We got to sleep in, which was lucky because we were all exhausted from the hot springs trip the night before (which was really fun, by the way). Then I got to wear my new coat to stake conference, which is a lame reason for getting excited, but it was really soooo exciting for me! I love it. I went with Katy and Kyle, and we got a bench all to ourselves in the front row of the balcony. I liked that spot a lot.
After Conference, we went straight to eat dinner with Christy and Danny. It felt good to eat food that was real and cooked by someone else! Almost as good as Mom's. Lucy slept the whole time we were there, unfortunately, but I will forgive her because she is adorable and I get to spend a whole week with her soon.

Last night Kyle had to study TONS, and I had to study a little. So we did. When I was done I studied his subject with him, and man it is GROSS (it's for his Immunology class). But it is also soooo interesting! I seriously read his powerpoints for like an hour, and didn't get bored. Diseases are so smart, it's scary. But luckily, he left before we got to the STD pictures. I also got to finally see his acclaimed skills at Doodle. It's his only computer game. I like that about him a LOT. He's really good at it too, and he WILL beat that Greek jerkface who edged everyone but Kyle out of the highscores.

Something I forgot to write about: the best movie ever. Not best, but really heck of good. The other night we went to see Stardust at the dollar theater, and I knew I was going to love it because everyone told me I would, and man they were sooo right! It was such a fun movie to watch. It was hilariously funny, the romance was really sweet and not disgusting, it was CLEAN, it was just violent enough, and I love Robert de Niro. I wish more movies were made like this! I totally recommend it.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

such a good weekend

The weekend I've been waiting for for ages is finally here! Christy and Danny and Lucy are in Provo! It was so fun to see Lucy yesterday. It was a pretty busy day. After my crazy English test I picked up Christy and Danny in Pleasant Grove--cried a lot when I finally saw Lucy! I didn't suspect that I would get so emotional! MAN I've missed her. We ran tons of errands for Julie's baby shower. Even though it wasn't exactly relaxing, it was really fun just to be with Christy and Danny again. Provo is so sad without them!

We got to babysit Lucy last night while Danny and Christy were at the BYU Singers Concert. Since we had a baby, we decided to make a really good dinner, just to complete the domesticity level. We had pounded chicken (my favorite!), noodles, salad, bread, and juice. And pudding. It was awesome. (We hardly ever eat real food. I live on Top Ramen and Taco Bell.) Lucy is such an adorable child! She was fascinated by Kyle's plaid blazer, and just held on to his fingers. At 6 months old, she seems pretty brilliant to me. She can sit up all by herself! And she has the cutest baby talk. Lately she likes to click her tongue a LOT, and squeals super loud just to hear herself and get attention. Babies rule.

Today Kyle and I went shopping! I never shop with boys, but turns out he is SO FUN to shop with. And incredibly helpful. I finally used my gift certificate at Forever 21! And guys--what a find. I got a beautiful coat, that's yellow and orange and brown and maroon plaid. I know that sounds hideous but you have NO idea how well it works. I'm ecstatic. I can't wait to wear it! And then I bought some heels that I pretty much fell in love with the second I saw them/put them on. It was a hard decision, but I finally decided to just get them. And they were on sale! I HAD to.

I'm excited for things. Tonight is stake conference, which will be good. They'll just tell us to date people, which is fine because I'll be sitting next to my boyfriend. Then we're going to the HOT SPRINGS! My favorite activity is finally in season. We have a new group going tonight, lots of first-timers. It's such an experience. The freakishly long drive (it's 100 miles to Meadow), the creepy gas station attendants, the soft mossy slime, IHOP at 3 in the morning afterwards--it's incredible. Can't wait. Tomorrow Christy and Danny and Lucy are probably coming over for dinner after stake conference, and Christy promised to bring my current favorite thing in the world--Costco's 7-lb 4-layer Chocolate Cake. Guys. It's gorgeous. In between each of the FOUR layers, is HALF A POUND OF FUDGE FROSTING. It's sick but divine. We're probably all going to die really young. Except Danny. He's freakishly healthy.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Really! I'm on it right now! It came today. I'm thrilled. I'm sitting next to Kyle, and we're both on the internet, with different computers. That's never happened before. It's like a whole new step in our relationship. Except right now he's looking at puppy pictures, which is weird, but they are really cute puppies. Which reminds me, I've never blogged about Don Carlos.
Don Carlos is the puppy that I should have. That I WILL have someday. Lately, I REALLY WANT A DOG. It's so weird! I have never had a pet before. I didn't even like animals most of my life, mostly because that's how my dad is. I really want one. Two weeks ago I went to Walmart with Celia and Katy. Outside on the grass there was a family trying to sell their Chihuahua puppies. We looked at them, and fell in love with one that we named Don Carlos. Seriously--IN LOVE. I've made fun of little rat dogs my whole life, but that day I cried because I couldn't have one. Celia was SO CLOSE to buying him. We figured out ways to keep him a secret in our apartment--we wouldn't tell ANYONE but Caitlin and Kyle. I think it was just a weird day. We shouldn't have gotten so attached so fast! Anyways...that's random. But I will have a teeny little puppy someday.

Things are so good. Christy and Danny and Lucy are coming SO SOON, which is really exciting. And soon after that, I get to go with Kyle and Katy to CALIFORNIA! CONCORD! HOME! I can't wait. The most exciting current thing is that I have decided that we're making steak tonight. I am so hungry.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cleaning checks sure inspired some exciting/scary events last night. Last night we were all up late cleaning. Katy and I just had to clean our bedroom to finish, but others were doing their communal jobs still. Celia was finishing up the oven downstairs, while Hailey and Caitlin were busy cleaning the bathroom that's right outside my door when I heard some anguished moans--Caitlin had mixed chemicals that should NOT mix in an effort to clean the toilet, and the fumes were AWFUL. We opened windows and turned on fans, but it was pretty strong still. Celia, who had felt weirdly sick all night, came upstairs and walked right through the fumey hallway into my bedroom and passed out at my feet. Just collapsed. At first we thought she was joking, but then her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her fists started contorting and her body was just doing weird things, pretty much seizing, and we started freaking out. We moved her to my bed, and Caitlin told me to call 911 but Celia wouldn't let me, all she wanted me to do was call Kyle and get him over here. Turns out he's the rescuer of my whole apartment. By the time I was done pounding on his door, making him get out of bed, and bringing him back with me, the paramedics were on their way. Then they came, 2 big paramedic men, and did all their important things. I had three men in my room last night. We tried moving her next door to escape the fumes, but she couldn't walk, so the big Fire & Rescue guy carried her! It was so cool! Anyways, we had to stay up with her for a while in #4 to make sure we didn't have to rush her to the hospital, but she started calming down and getting better. So we just cleaned the rest of the night.

The two most important things:
1. We passed our cleaning checks.
2. Mixing those chemicals made our toilet spotless. Totally worth it. We'd do it again.

Monday, November 5, 2007

stranded in the LRC

I just signed up for classes. That used to be exciting, but for the last year or so it feels more like choosing my poison. As I get closer to graduation, my classes are less focused on the sort of thing I'm interested in. I guess that's just because I finally have to take all the classes I've been putting off for 4 years. So, instead of fun reading English classes, I'm in writing English classes. And grammar English classes. Oh well though, it's all still English, so I can deal. I'm also taking another Spanish class, which I actually like these days. I'm pretty bad at Spanish, but I'm still getting an A. I don't really understand the nature of Spanish classes that makes that possible, but I like it. I didn't even realize how terrible I was at Spanish until last night when Kyle the fluent Spanish speaker was helping me with my homework. I think I was too tired to think--I stared at him blankly, unable to remember ANYTHING that I've learned. And yet, I'm probably going to do well on my test tomorrow. Oh well. Inexplicable.

Last night we went to Katy P.'s GQ birthday party. We had all sorts of fun, and we all looked goooood. Unfortunately I have no documentation or proof.

Lucy is coming this weekend! It's all I can think about! I just want to hold her and play with her and love her! (Oh and I'm excited to see Christy and Danny too.)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Total success

Our Halloween party was awesome and exceeded all my expectations. It's all I've done for like 4 days, so now I won't know what to do with myself. Oh yeah, homework. There were tons of people--at one point my apartment was full to capacity, and you couldn't really walk. It was great. The food was great and we had plenty (because we made soooo much) and I was really really proud of the cupcakes! They were my favorite part. And the punch was really good too. I didn't even get any of the real food, unfortunately. Our decorations turned out GREAT. It was worth all the time and money. I'm just sad we have to take them down--we wouldn't, but one of my roommates is really freaked out by them. Pansy. I wish I could even describe all the decorations we had. We went pretty all out.
Kyle and I looked sooo weird--I had facial hair, big thick manly eyebrows, his glasses (really hard for me to see with them on!) and his very distinctive clothes. He looked even weirder with my clothes, blonde wig, flip flops (Kyle NEVER wears sandals), makeup, and painted toenails! The reactions we got were amazing. People had to do doubletakes and were sooo confused. Even our friends were fooled for a split-second. It was funny to switch roles for the night--we got in fights, hit on other people, and answered to the wrong names. He and Nieman had a pretty good time reminiscing about their high school days together in Concord. She kept trying to trick me into messing up, but I'm pretty sure I beat her.

OH and speaking of Nieman. So, I invited my good friend Dave to the party, because he's in my ward and in my English class and he's freakishly awesome and we're friends. I invited Nieman because she's been my best friend for years and we love each other. I had NO plans to hook them up, the idea had not crossed my mind! I wish I had though, because I could take all the credit for them meeting, talking, liking each other, leaving together and hanging out the rest of the night, and going on a date this Saturday! I am very pleased. I like them both so much. I'll probably still take some credit. It was totally proof that it was a REALLY good party.

I took a ton of pictures, but facebook is being stupid and I can't upload them yet. I will tomorrow. Until then, I'm leaving you with my favorite picture of the night.

I don't know why I like it so much. It was just such a funny moment--Poison Ivy trying to seduce Waldo, but laughing too hard to accomplish it. Such a funny idea. People had the greatest costumes tonight.