Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

can i drop out? and be happy all the time?

School sucks hardcore, but everything else in my life is going pretty awesomely. I'm pretty happy lately. This weekend was sweet, and next weekend can only be better. All the in-between days are busy and stressful, but there are definitely some bright spots to get me through it. Life is just good.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Life could be a dream, sh-boom sh-boom

Consider my trash KICKED. Midterms are just taking it out of me. Scholastically, I have fallen apart. Today...was a day. And it was hard.

BUT good things are in store. At least it's the weekend soon!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

oh happy day

I just talked to Katy! She called from Portugal. I cannot believe her life. Someday I really want to go somewhere. I don't know when I possibly can though. For now I'll live vicariously through my little sister.

Today I actually woke up and did homework. I never do that, I save it for late late at night. But I am feeling way overwhelmed with work, I hate midterms! But, I can feel better, because my paper's almost done! Now I just have a lot of things to figure out and then memorize. I will be so happy this weekend. Having a short week is nice, but it kind of screws me up when there's so much I have to get done. I'm liable to get sad because of so much work lately, BUT today I'm determined to be happy anyway.

Some crazy realizations have occurred to me, which enable me to NOT BE SAD EVER AGAIN. That is neat.

All I want to do is go eat Indian food!

Good things:
-Kasey is the squirt gun champion
-I got a really nice note from Julie
-Katy is happy and awesome in Europe
-Celia and Marc are happy together
-I will, someday, finish my Edgar Allan Poe studying
-Only 1 day of Tuesday/Thursday classes this week
-I talked to Biz and we're friends again
-I don't care anymore about things that used to make me sad
-Chicken Tikka Masala and Naan soonish hopefully
-My paper's almost done
-Whitney's secret was not what I thought it was...yeah I guess that's good
-Yesterday Celia and I saw 8000+ people that we knew

Monday, February 19, 2007

I actually like Idaho

What a weekend it's been. Some very potentially awkward things turned out to be fantastic. I had such a good time in Idaho! I feel like I made friends with the coolest people ever. And I found out that I'm not terrible at some things! What a self-esteem boost. I got a trophy! An official A.L.B.A. trophy--it is neat. I used a power tool for the first time too...and cut myself. Naturally. And I participated in some ritualistic sacrifices in the middle of Boise, and played with little kids (which I really miss), and talked to a grandpa (which I also miss--I love old men), and brushed up on my Cantonese. And I saw the Shins, which is a lie, but one that I'm going to stick to. I was in the car for 12 hours (in two doses) and never got bored, which is ridiculous. And I played with a tiger, and learned how to play catch at all times, and ate some new things, and pretty much just expanded my horizons. I am well pleased.
Now I am back in Provo, and trying not to be sad about it. Good things can happen here, too.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I am so happy it is raining.

I am just tired. I woke up at 11:30--still exhausted. That's ridiculous! I'm feeling pretty good though, I think. At least school-wise everything is on trackish. As in, I'm not completely insanely behind in anything.

Lance got married today.

Today Raj's restaurant opens! I LOVE INDIAN FOOD. This is a big deal. And Raj is the coolest guy! Does this mean he won't work at 7-11 anymore? Sad! He was the best part about late night Cran-Grape and M&M runs.

Last night was really fun. I'm a terrible cook, but I think I have potential. I guess that could be said about a lot of things in my life!

I feel weird about today. I hope people are nice to me. Maybe something really good will happen.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I like my friends

This weekend was freakishly fun. Micah's cabin is GORGEOUS, it was so awesome to go there with everyone. I hope we go again soon, and plan it better, maybe even spend the night. There's enough beds for everyone, that's for sure. Easy to separate boys and girls--totally honor code appropriate. I would just love to wake up there and pretend it really was my house.

Stake conference was a big deal. I feel like I really got a lot out of it, which doesn't happen 100% of the time. I know it's terrible, but last stake conference I was just really BORED. I feel like I've changed a lot since then though. A lot has happened to me in the last several months. This time was incredible. Elder Uchtdorf (I think that's how I decided to spell his name) said so many things that I really needed/wanted/was interested to hear! Things that I've really been thinking about and focusing on lately. Sometimes stake conference is just a sweet pass to sleep in, but this time, it was a big blessing. HOPEFULLY I'm cool enough now that it'll always be that way.

And turns out I'm not terriblehorribledisastrous at chess. Or throwing a football. What a weekend of self-discovery it's been.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I keep getting wedding announcements in the mail, it's awkward because the girls are younger than me, what is up with that?

You can get free heart-shaped donuts at Krispy Kreme if you go at about 1 AM and you're a girl and you smile nice. Trust me.

So, a number of my dear friends are participating in a play, the name of which I'm not even comfortable repeating, it's all terribly awkward. I've kind of been against it from the beginning, but I have some crazy friends. Tonight was opening night, and I hadn't planned to go, because it would just be one long inappropriate awkward moment, and why would I want to sit through that? BUT Chris kept asking me to go with him, and I knew my friends would be hurt that I wasn't supporting them, so I went. And yeah, it was one long inappropriate awkward moment. But definitely an interesting cultural experience, very much out of my comfort zone, and it provided some unique bonding time with Chris. And my friends were so happy to see me there. Gah, the things I do.

Del Taco was sweet because of all the exciting new developments in THE GAME and I met some people I've been stalking (actually I prefer the term "investigating"). Weird to see them in real life! I hope I see Michael Pugh one he lays dying. Because Kasey has just shot him. That will be a nice day.

Monday, February 5, 2007

i'm glad i didn't die before today

Sometimes my life is so good it's ridiculous. Could I have had a better day? This whole weekend has been awesome. Friday night we set up a sweet hot springs trip, way more people came than I expected, there was some good bonding experiences, some rolling around in the snow, yeah that hurt. There is nothing better than the hot springs, with IHOP afterwards. Saturday was a sweet 8th grade basketball game--those kids are awesome--and lunch with my old freshman friends. They're all married and was weird. And Los Hermanos isn't that good.
Saturday night was weird and very back-and-forth, but I ended up having a really good time. I'm enjoying the blending of my friends.
Today--Sunday--was amazing. I witnessed my first squirt gun assassination--hopefully the first of many. I was really excited to see that kid go down, is that bad? It was exciting. And the fireside with Elder Bednar was so cool. I had no idea that I would get to sit in the very front row! I felt so cool. I didn't know Chris's dad was going to conduct the meeting! That was awesome! And I totally love Elder Bednar, his talk was so awesome, and then I got to shake his hand. And apparently all my friends saw me on tv, it was SO AWKWARD having the camera right in front of my face during the closing song--it was pretty embarrassing actually. Celia just laughed the whole time...I hope people noticed.
And of course, there's always the Sunday night Werewolves/Wolverines tradition. I think tonight was especially awesome. That last 6-minute speed round was sweet. I have such a hard time knowing who to trust anymore. That's why I'll never be successful!
Anyways, I'm loaded with homework. I'm going to be up late.

Friday, February 2, 2007


Ok...Celia is playing Aqua, and I'm immediately back in 6th grade.