Sunday, June 16, 2013

Art City Days

For the first time, we actually participated in Springville's Art City Days. It was awesome.

We went to the carnival--we didn't go on any rides because lines were super long (and I grew up being told that they were terribly unsafe), but we had fun walking around and looking at all the booths.  There was one game that guaranteed a prize so we let Ruby play--she was SO PLEASED that she picked the right duckies to win!

The next day, Celia and I took the girls to the Fun-o-Rama, which was designed for little kids and was freakishly fun.

Ruby and Eliza got their hair sprayed pink, butterfly tattoos, pizza, and snow cones.

They went on a berry ride, a swing ride, a train ride, and saw a fun magic show.  Ruby was thrilled and had the time of her life.  She kept yelling to me, "This is so fun!!"  She still talks about it frequently and can't wait until we get to go again next year!

 I love Springville!  We also have been going to the new splash pad all the time, which is easy for me and a lot of fun for Ruby.  We just discovered a shaved ice place that is just as good as the Hokulia stand in Provo that we have really missed.  So basically, this summer is super awesome.

New bed!!

For several months, Ruby has been sleeping in an adorable toddler bed that Kyle BUILT her.  It was so cute-- it was painted purple and had a white lace canopy.  Ruby has loved it and called it her princess bed.

But, she was rough on it and as Kyle used the cheapest wood he could find, it wasn't super sturdy.  It also used the crib  mattress, which we're going to need for another purpose pretty soon.  So, we decided to get Ruby a twin bed that will be useful when multiple people come to visit and the double bed in the baby room is in use.  Celia and Nathan happened to be trying to get rid of Eliza's old bed, so we bought that and it was easy to work everything out.

It turned out to be really, really sad to dismantle Ruby's old purple bed.  She was upset and so was Kyle--that bed was made with a lot of love.

But we all felt great once we got on Ruby's new RAPUNZEL sheets!

 It also gave us a chance to reorganize and declutter her room, which is always a good time.

It means we had to get rid of this Ikea chair I recovered for Ruby's room when I was pregnant with her--for some reason it made me sad!  That took forever.

Her bed isn't against the wall anymore, which took some getting used to at first.  She's got the hang of it now though.

Now that we've introduced Disney Princesses into the decor, I can't help but want EVERYTHING to be princesses.  She now has a princess poster up on her wall and a princess light switch plate.  I'm just getting started.  It makes her so HAPPY!

Mom and Dad's visit

We had a ton of fun when my parents came to visit for Memorial Day weekend.  That was unfortunately about the same time that my sickness came back with full force, but that didn't ruin everything.  There was lots of shopping and eating out done--my favorite.  Ruby loved playing with her grandparents.

Waiting at the airport to pick up Gma and Baba

This is all I wanted to do.

Ruby made a friend at the Carters outlet in Lehi.

Bunnies at the ranch store in SF.

Ruby went on a day trip to Spring City with my parents on the Sunday they were here. I was REALLY looking forward to it, so it was a major bummer when I was massively sick that day and had to stay in bed.  Spring City is the homeland, and visiting it is a tradition I've always loved.  I'm glad Ruby got to go and had fun though.

Lots of playing with blocks.
 Ruby modeling new clothes from Gma: 


Ok, so blogging has been on my mental to do list for weeks now and really stressing me out but it is just sooo hard to find the energy to do it!  The last several weeks have been really crappy due to being really sick again--like first trimester sick-- and insane insomnia.  I've been getting about 2 hours of sleep every night.  Most nights, I am awake when Kyle goes to work.  Sometimes I'm awake when Ruby gets up, so I just don't get any sleep that night.  It sucks.  My doctor prescribed me some phenergan to take at night to help with nausea/help me sleep, but so far it's not working.  The next step is Ambien, which I don't want to take.  Getting dependent on sleep meds doesn't sound appealing--but then again, I am getting pretty desperate.  It might be worth it, and the OB said it wouldn't affect the babe.  Once in a while I get 4 hours of sleep and it's amazing.  ANYWAYS.  I'm pretty tired lately. Luckily Celia takes Ruby just about every day so I can take a nap.

I'm 33 weeks pregnant, and in a week I'm going to California.  Ruby and I will be there 2 weeks (for Ashley's wedding and a Tahoe trip) and then Kyle is coming so he and I can go on a trip together while my folks watch the Rubester.  By the time I get home, I am going to have plenty more to blog about AND I will be having a baby soon so I have posts to get out of the way.  Which I will