Sunday, June 16, 2013

New bed!!

For several months, Ruby has been sleeping in an adorable toddler bed that Kyle BUILT her.  It was so cute-- it was painted purple and had a white lace canopy.  Ruby has loved it and called it her princess bed.

But, she was rough on it and as Kyle used the cheapest wood he could find, it wasn't super sturdy.  It also used the crib  mattress, which we're going to need for another purpose pretty soon.  So, we decided to get Ruby a twin bed that will be useful when multiple people come to visit and the double bed in the baby room is in use.  Celia and Nathan happened to be trying to get rid of Eliza's old bed, so we bought that and it was easy to work everything out.

It turned out to be really, really sad to dismantle Ruby's old purple bed.  She was upset and so was Kyle--that bed was made with a lot of love.

But we all felt great once we got on Ruby's new RAPUNZEL sheets!

 It also gave us a chance to reorganize and declutter her room, which is always a good time.

It means we had to get rid of this Ikea chair I recovered for Ruby's room when I was pregnant with her--for some reason it made me sad!  That took forever.

Her bed isn't against the wall anymore, which took some getting used to at first.  She's got the hang of it now though.

Now that we've introduced Disney Princesses into the decor, I can't help but want EVERYTHING to be princesses.  She now has a princess poster up on her wall and a princess light switch plate.  I'm just getting started.  It makes her so HAPPY!


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Light switch plate!!! So excited. Thanks for all the angles-you knew I'd demand all the angles didn't you?:)