Sunday, June 16, 2013


Ok, so blogging has been on my mental to do list for weeks now and really stressing me out but it is just sooo hard to find the energy to do it!  The last several weeks have been really crappy due to being really sick again--like first trimester sick-- and insane insomnia.  I've been getting about 2 hours of sleep every night.  Most nights, I am awake when Kyle goes to work.  Sometimes I'm awake when Ruby gets up, so I just don't get any sleep that night.  It sucks.  My doctor prescribed me some phenergan to take at night to help with nausea/help me sleep, but so far it's not working.  The next step is Ambien, which I don't want to take.  Getting dependent on sleep meds doesn't sound appealing--but then again, I am getting pretty desperate.  It might be worth it, and the OB said it wouldn't affect the babe.  Once in a while I get 4 hours of sleep and it's amazing.  ANYWAYS.  I'm pretty tired lately. Luckily Celia takes Ruby just about every day so I can take a nap.

I'm 33 weeks pregnant, and in a week I'm going to California.  Ruby and I will be there 2 weeks (for Ashley's wedding and a Tahoe trip) and then Kyle is coming so he and I can go on a trip together while my folks watch the Rubester.  By the time I get home, I am going to have plenty more to blog about AND I will be having a baby soon so I have posts to get out of the way.  Which I will

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