Thursday, May 23, 2013

catch all

I think this baby is freaky. In the best way possible, of course.  She just moves so much, it freaks me out.  I made sure with my doctor that she isn't just having seizures in there, apparently she just startles a LOT and then flails around her limbs.  Her thrashing doesn't hurt (yet) but it's bizarre to sit down and just have my entire torso twitch--girlfriend is strong.  And consistent!  She moves ALL THE TIME.  It's better than not moving much at all, because then I would worry, but dag yo.  She is crazy.  And big--I'll be 30 weeks tomorrow.

Something big must be going on developmentally this week because I have been sick as a dog.  And exhausted.  I thought I knew what fatigue felt like--but today it has hit me in a new way.  I don't feel like I can lift my limbs, let alone um care for my toddler.  Right now Ruby is sad because she wants me to dance.  Poor girl, that is just not going to happen.

Ruby is in a new stage, like separation anxiety related.  She is always worried about being left.  She is SO upset when Kyle goes to work.  She sobs when I leave her room for naptime.  She hates when Eliza and Celia leave our house.  It's so sad, because it's not just normal crying.  It's like her heart has been broken as she sobs "I don't want you to leave me!"--which is so hard to respond to!  I want to comfort her but I also need her to go to take a nap so I can go to sleep!  So it's sad, but luckily I have a heart of stone.

My hair is really long. It's insane.  I've had a trashy chipped tooth for months--I haven't gotten it fixed because I'm scared of throwing up on the dentist, with my super sensitive pregnant gag reflex.  I finally got an appt. to fix it though--I still might throw up on him, but I need it to be fixed before Ashley's wedding in June. (I'll be the bridesmaid who is 8 months pregnant.)

Update, several hours later:  Celia knew I was feeling awful today so she took Ruby--she's been gone going on 5 hours, playing and eating and even going to the splash pad.  That means I took a 3 hour nap so I am functioning better.  Also, last night I told Celia that all I wanted in the world was Chex Muddy Buddies.  What did we find on our doorstep today?  A large tupperware full of my favorite treat.  Kyle put it next to me on my nightstand so I saw it immediately when I woke up from my long nap.  Amazing.  Everyone needs a best friend like Celia when they're sick and pregnant.

Tomorrow morning Ruby and I are waking up and heading to the airport to pick up my parents!  This is going to be an awesome weekend.


Karen said...

Can hardly wait to see you! I'll dance with Ruby all day! :)

Christy said...

Love it when you post. Its sad and telling that I'm only just now seeing it. Talk to you in twenty min!

Celia said...

You are the best, and we love Ruby!

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