Friday, May 17, 2013

5 years

Kyle and I have been married for half of a decade!  I feel like we have accomplished a lot in these 5 years.  We own our home, we have 1.5 kids, and Kyle has a good job.  Here are some more significant things we're proud of, at least jokingly:

we both have callings we enjoy
we're on our 2nd vacuum cleaner
we have stainless steel appliances
we've discovered our vacation style--no more wasted trips
we have mostly "real grown up" furniture
we've gone through a couple crises to prove our mettle
we've watched so many seasons of so many shows together

Kyle goes to work freakishly early in the morning, so he has to go to bed several hours before his night owl wife.  When I finally get in bed, he is sleeping peacefully and looking peaceful/hot.  I don't stare at him and watch him sleep for long, I promise, but that's when I reflect on how lucky I am to have married someone so amazing.  I don't know anyone willing to serve like Kyle is.  I am a lazy selfish layabout "lately" (I'll blame pregnancy, but it's kind of always true) and Kyle picks up all of my slack without a word of...anything.  He does it all--and that's after waking up at 4 to go to work.  Our daughter is obsessed with him for a reason.  He is SO FUN to play with, and I am grateful for his awesome parenting skills--Ruby obeys him way better than me.  He is a freakishly hard worker and I know that Ruby and I (and soon, our baby) will always be taken care of.  He is willing to go along with my whims, even when they're dumb.  He puts up with my pregnant craziness--without even pointing out to me that I am just being crazy (he lets me realize that later on my own).

I asked Ruby just now why she loves dad, and these are her answers:
--My gma loves flowers
--I want to watch my show

What a punk.  She's not quite getting it yet.  But believe me, she is obsessed with her dad.

I'm pretty self absorbed these days--mostly just focusing on my own physical discomfort and pregnancy ailments (because being pregnant suuuuucks right now), so I don't tell him very often how much I appreciate him and love him.  I'm excited to go out with him tonight on a fun date to see Star Trek and get milkshakes.  Maybe I'll force a sappy moment in the car where I can tell him all about my mushy feelings.


Celia said...

I love you guys. It feels like your wedding was yesterday!

Jaclyn said...

I love this post. I'm so glad you're happy.