Friday, May 10, 2013

things about ruby and her baby sister

I am sucking at documenting this pregnancy and Ruby's adorableness.

Ruby was plenty active when I was pregnant with her, but this baby girl is unreal.  When is she NOT kicking me?  Does she ever sleep?  Does this tell me something about the future and her personality?  Am I in serious trouble?

I'm 28 weeks along now, and I'm already feeling uncomfortably large.  I'm ready to be done.  The pathetic thing is that I know it's going to get so much worse.  I've only gained a couple pounds but I've gained many many inches.  I'm sleeping like crap--4 or 5ish hours every night, so I'm taking a nap every day.  Luckily Ruby is agreeable to this--thanks to her awesome clock that I praise heaven for every day.  I still throw up mostly every day, which is more irritating to me than anything else.  I should be done with that!  Luckily the Prilosec I take every day has kept the crazy heartburn at bay.

Ruby is killing me lately. In a good way.  I find myself feeling so proud of her all the time.  She is independent and clever and grown up and generally well-behaved.  She is really into dancing lately--mostly breakdancing; she has some serious floor moves.  She is soooo excited to have a baby sister--we talk about it all the time.  (That doesn't mean she won't freak out and hate not being the only kid once the baby arrives, but for now it makes me feel better to prepare her.)  (I'm pretty stressed out about having 2 kids--maybe because I'm so dependent on naps right now, and I know that these days of quiet afternoons are numbered.)

She loves playing outside, playing with her friends, cooking in her kitchen, dancing, and cuddling.  She is more in love with her Tigger than ever.  She is quite reasonable about rules and punishments for breaking them and the reasons behind them.  Making Daddy happy is her motivation behind most of her good behavior-- and thinking that her actions might make me or Kyle sad really upsets her.  (Rightly so.)

Baby names.  Literally the only name that Kyle and I both like is Jane.  We're working on a middle name.  I think Ruby and Jane sound like cute siblings.  We aren't totally set on it, but Ruby is saying "Baby Jane" to reference her sister now sooo that might seal the deal.


Kayla @ Freckles in April said...

Had Jones been a girl he would have been Jane. I la la looove the name!

Chelsea Edgren said...

Two things:

ONE! Claira! TOTAL kicker and she is now the sweetest baby alive! Lilly....I thought she was dead most of the pregnancy. Seriously! I went in several times just to make sure she was alive because I hadn't felt her move in 5 days and look at her now! "Intense" is the word her pediatrician has encouraged us to use..

And TWO! Mastering the skill of co-ordinating nap schedules so that two little girls and their big mama can all take an afternoon nap at the same time is totally doable. Believe me! Heaven!

Karen said...

Luminescent photos of the darling girl. And wishing I had a photo of YOUR tummy!

Christy said...

Seriously-post a YOU pic. Love the Ruby pics though-was that just today? LOVE your new header:) Ruby is more adorable every day/

Karen said...

Oooh yay then I can cry out Jane!...Jane!!! Jane!! And she'll be like Ugh Aunt Katy is so weird and then I will be like WAIT TIL YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH TO READ BOOKS THEN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND ME and then she will eventually read Jane Eyre and be like wow, too bad Aunt Katy died in that horrible accident all those years ago, she was right about EVERYTHING.

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