Wednesday, May 25, 2011

8 months

Oh man, the time. It is flying.

Ruby is an all-star crawler (SO fast and steady) and stander (not on her own yet, but she can pull herself up on anything in her path super quick) and all-around Superbaby.  She's showing remarkable prowess at walking with help.  No clue when the real deal will happen--hopefully I have another several months before she can actually walk!

This month Ruby got sick for the first time ever.  She was still well-behaved, but there were a couple days when you could tell she was just miserable.  The snotty nose is taking a while to go away.

Lucky girl got to take a bath with Lucy's toys...AND with Lucy!
She is working on FOUR teeth right now.  Yes, four.  And she's STILL a good baby--just not quite as perfect as she has been.  I could have sworn she had an ear infection because she's getting over a cold and kept tugging on her ear, which she never ever does.  That's like, 99% certainly an ear infection, right?  Wrong.  It's a referred earache associated with teething.  Poor bunny.  As someone who has suffered from tooth pain recently, I really feel for the girl.

She went on her first road trip--to Telluride, which is about a 6.5 hour drive.  She was an angel!  I was shocked.  She didn't cry the whole time--and she didn't sleep much either.  She just wanted to play with Alan and Nieman the entire time.

Also this month: champion eating (including feeding herself puffs), desire to be the first female baby sumo wrestler (will.not.stop.eating.), first use of nasal aspirator (snot bulb), switch to convertible carseat (today)

Current common nicknames: Rubindranath, Rubemeister, Ruby Roo, Adorababy. And as always, Girlfriend.


Katy said...

Sweet! I consider Rubindranath my personal property and thus am proud of first crediting! Also WHAT HOW IS SHE SO CUTE ALL THE TIME IT IS UNCANNY. Perhaps she is a golliwog?

Karen said...

Is Adorablebaby from me???

Jennifer Ricks said...

Umm, you have one beautiful little girl! Holy cow!

Also, Timmy pulls on his ears a lot when he's teething too. We finally got one of these, which has been great:

Brian especially loves to play doctor!

Jaclyn said...

Ruby is a adorable - that picture of Lucy laughing with her is a heart melter.