Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our 3rd Anniversary

It's my 3rd anniversary of being married to Kyle.  Good decision, Past Becca.

We made it through my pregnancy (which we only managed because Kyle is a patient and considerate man) and Ruby's newborn months (also because Kyle is patient and considerate and also frequently selfless). Kyle has proven himself to be an amazing father and continues to be an awesome husband.  And he's still very attractive (read: super hot).

My love for him only grows. It's weird.


Jennifer Ricks said...


Katy said...


I meant Ruby, not Kyle. Gross.

forget laundry said...

your little ruby is such a doll- so darling and cute! But you know... I just agree :) happy ani!

Coach Vaughn said...

The top picture looks like I'm saving you from a very funny rattlesnake. I've loved the last three years by the way. :)