Saturday, January 16, 2010


Alan and Cannon are over.  They're talking to Kyle about math and physics.  It was interesting for a while, but now my mind is breaking so I've tuned them out.

We've had a good day.  Kyle and I woke up late and went to Einstein's in Provo.  It made me remember how much I love bagels.  A plain bagel with plain cream cheese is my favorite thing to the world.  Ever.  Better than chicken tikka masala, better than chocolate rice krispy treats (I can't believe I said that).  As long as it's a GOOD bagel.

After Einstein's we went to Alan and Cannon's house because we had nothing we had to accomplish today.  So the 4 of us went to Shopko, went to 7-11 and got Slurpees, tried to hunt down CB and Emily (to no avail), explored Springville, and meandered around Walmart.  We ended up buying the stuff for what we decided to eat for dinner: deviled eggs, bacon, and pita pizzas.  It was my first time making deviled eggs, and they were mostly successful--they were kind of REALLY salty. I just wanted to not taste the mayonnaise.

Ok now they're playing with the insult/compliment generator on Alan's blog so I'm going to pay attention. It's funny.

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The Boob Nazi said...

I agree. Bagels with cream cheese are amazingly delicious. I prefer cinnamon sugar bagels, however.