Saturday, January 9, 2010

Things That Are Currently Awesome

Coconut Lime Verbena Antibacterial Waterless Hand Foam.  I'm kind of addicted to hand sanitizer.  It was serious a while ago because I REALLY hate getting sick and this has totally helped...and then I went to CA and stayed at Christy and Danny's house. They have to be kind of psycho about hand sanitizer because it would've been REALLY bad if any of them got sick, because Danny was still doing chemo.  Two weeks there really sent me over the edge.  Anyways, last week I bought two of these suckers to add to my collection. LOVE them.  I like foam way more than the liquid, and of course I love all things Coconut Lime Verbena.

Being on Goodreads really pleases me.  I'm not 100% consistent about updating it, but if I'm stressed, it feels SO GOOD to go on there, move things from my "To Read" list to my "Read" list, rate things, see what my friends are reading, add things to my "To Read" list...yeah.  I'm a total nerd.  I just love books more than almost anything and it seems like Goodreads is a great place in bask in that love.

I blogged about this water bottle when Christy and Danny gave it to me, but now I know and love it more personally.  I have hated drinking water for YEARS.  For some reason, through this bottle, I drink so much and it's actually pleasant.  Everyone says that about this bottle but I honestly don't know what it is that changed me.  It's just...awesome.

Call me immature, but this show is just...THE BEST.  We're obsessed with it.  Last night Katy and Ashley came over to start Season 4.  This is the last season we can watch on DVD and I'm already stressed about what we're going to do when we run out of discs.  I love paranormal shiz (LOVE), so add that to Dean and Sam being totally awesome and cute--it's awesome!  Oh and their dad is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who Katy loves and I like because of his character on Grey's Anatomy years ago.  Kyle and I are still at odds on our favorite Winchester brother.  I love Dean the most, but Kyle insists that Sam looks better with his shirt off, therefore making him superior.  I don't think this will ever be resolved.

Katy gave me this dish scrubber when I got married.  I LOVE IT.  Still.  It makes washing dishes a pleasure.  Cute little octopus.

Clementines have revolutionized my diet.  Kyle and I are trying to be healthy, but the thing is, I eat zero fruits and vegetables.  Fruits are too much of a hassle and go bad before I get to them, and vegetables are too nasty.  BUT.  I have discovered the clementine.  Not only seedless and clean and easy to peel (no drippy fingers like with oranges), they are weirdly filling.  One little clementine and I'm good to go until lunch!  Even if it's not a big deal, I feel a lot healthier getting a little fruit in me.


TheMoncurs said...

I used to watch Supernatural religiously and then they took the full episodes off the website and it was really annoying.

Anyway, the guy who plays Sam plays a character named Dean on Gilmore Girls and it kind of freaks me out.

Katy said...

I can't believe that this question is still being debated. Dean is worth like 12 thousand Sams, shirt on OR OFF. There, I said it.

Danny and Christy Leininger said...

I'm so glad I decided that I could read your blog during my blog fast-you are so fun to read! I am pleased that I changed your life with your water bottle. I gave one to mom for Christmas-poor Katy is still being neglected-but she insisted her nalgene open mouth water bottle is her only love...we'll see Katy.
PS-I only saw three episodes but the one with the short hair (Dean?) evokes more passion with the subtle wobbling of his chin then bushy haired Sam does with all of his tears. (my arguments would sound better if I could figure out who is who-but the GG thing freaks me out too.)

The Boob Nazi said...

I loooooooveeeeeeeee the foam. I don't know if I have that one, but I loooooooooveeeeeeeeee the foam.

Laura said...

AH, the Sam and Dean debate, I leave the boys to you,me I want Dad!! JDM is a doll,handsome,sexy and nice(I met him in person).

amanda said...

I think I want that water bottle

Becca said...

Amanda--it will change your life! Do it.

Christy and Katy--while I enjoy your inflammatory comments, Kyle sure doesn't. Watch your back.