Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Finally some fun!

Today: In about 3 hours, Mom and Christy and Danny and Lucy are going to show up on my front door!  I am so happy.  I have been craving family lately, and it's Mom's spring break, so we are going to party this week.

Tomorrow: Full of shopping! Plus it's my aunt Diana's baby luncheon, which is going to be awesome.  I've never been to the fancy restaurants in the Joseph Smith building before, and all the girls in my extended family will be there.

Thursday: My first ultrasound! Probably won't find out the gender because it's pretty early, but it will be fun just to see Morgi (the size of an avocado now) and find out that my cervix is perfectly competent.

Friday and Saturday will hopefully just be full of relaxing fun.  I better see LOTS of Lucy.  She is nearly 3 and freakishly sassy.  My goal is not ruin any of these events with vomiting.  Christy insists that it's not a real pregnancy until I've thrown up in public, so that's HER goal.

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Jessica Rabbit said...

I like your goal. ;) Send positive thoughts out to the universe! (somebody knows the secret)