Thursday, April 1, 2010

decision made

Hey, I finally decided on and purchased a diaper bag!  For some reason, this has been a big deal to me, like it establishes my mom-identity.  Probably ridiculous.  It turns out that Kyle and I have to make very few substantial purchases with this baby, because everyone is giving us stuff! It's awesome.  SO I was going to make the most of this baby bag.  After much consideration and advice, I went with my heart and bought a Vera Bradley diaper bag that was on massive sale.  Christy says that it fulfills all the requirements of a diaper bag, so I know that it is functional as well as attractive.  PLUS it even looks like me.  This was a decision that took MANY people to make, which I think is funny.  I got the Cupcakes Green pattern, which was the best of the sale patterns.  It's green, which means it's perfect for me.  Kyle even likes it.

ALSO the next and final Hunger Games book comes out August 24th!  I will now start holding my breath.


Jessica Rabbit said...

I love it. I still remember how long you took to choose a handbag when Kyle offered to buy you one...for your birthday, I think. Anyway, I think you should show off your personality all the time, mom or not!

And I am SO EXCITED FOR HUNGER GAMES. I'm gonna bribe someone to send it to me the instant it's out. Like, someone will wait in line @ the midnight release while someone else hovers nearby with a pre-addressed envelope, and the first person will drop the book in it and yell, "GO, GO, GO!" and the second person will hand it to a helpful helicopter pilot, who will deliver it to a jet pilot, who will deliver it to me.
Let me know if you're in.

Karen said...

So why isn't there at link to show me how cute it is???

Lisa said...

YEAH for cute diaper bags! I'm so excited to see you and everyone else on Wednesday! Anna RAVES about Hunger Games and I haven't read them yet. I guess I should start!