Monday, March 10, 2008

A Cool Thing We Did

This weekend, while most of the kids were in Iowa, we had a good time of our own! Friday we had a little no-brain-tumor celebration dinner at Olive Garden with Nieman and Katy P, which was delightful. Saturday we went to Costco and looked at a trashy basement apartment and tried to not get attacked by wild animals (yeah, that happens to be my worst fear, not really something I want to live next door to and deal with every day for a year) and spent a lot of time at Walmart.
Sunday was the real fun! Kyle hosted a very nice Fancy Dress Grilled Cheese Gala. It was effortless and worked out really well. He put on a tux and Katy and I put on dresses and we broke out the fancy cups (funny because we DID actually break one) and we had gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. MMmmm it was massively yummy. We're going to have it again tonight! Adam got dressed up and ate with us too, which was really fun. Some pictures of the social event of the season:

The rest are on facebook.

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Katy said...

Classy and sophisticated people host classy and sophisticated fancy dress grilled cheese galas. And then have the same thing for dinner the next night, minus the fancy dress.