Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Power off shmower shmoff.

Last night I went to the English Society's dealio and hung out with THOSE kids. We graded elementary/middle school essays for the national Freedom Festival and ate pizza. I got mostly 7-9 grade, unfortunately--it's the 1-3 grades that are the cutest. Katy got one where the 3rd grader kid used up all the space (besides a killer opening paragraph) by writing all the lyrics to "I'm proud to be an American". Repeated the chorus and everything.
Park Place has seen fit to turn our power off from 9am to 4pm today and tomorrow. My computer's battery lasts about 1.4 minutes. It was supposed to go off 22 minutes ago...I'm just sitting here waiting for my life to shut down. I had to wake up early to shower so I could blowdry my hair, and Katy made toast this morning in a panic. I hate this place. I can't wait to move somewhere with reasonable management.
Yesterday was a good day. Kyle made me a fantastic breakfast, and classes were okay, and I got a free Diet Coke on campus. That tactic really works on me. I'm no more likely to go to the baseball game, but I do look more kindly on them now.
Today is cool because my Mythology class is cancelled! And that's because tonight we're having a special mythology dinner at my professor's house. I LOVE going to the houses of my professors. Last year I had the most awkward time ever watching a movie laying on my professor's bed. In the master bedroom. WEIRD. Katy and Ashley and I were more comfy than the rest of the class, but still...weirded out. I doubt I'll hang out in Sister Thursby's bedroom tonight though.
Uh oh I hear someone stomping on the roof. I better post this quick.


Katy said...

Yeah, there can't be TWO professors who invite their classes to their homes and then have them watch a film in the master bedroom. That's a once-in-a-lifetime event.

karenanderson said...

I don't get how they can turn off all the power for that long? what are they doing? Not more internet???!! I know, take $ out of your rent in protest!